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February 19, 2015
Congressional Hearings Initiative (CHI) Status
See archived CHI press releases, media coverage, interviews, lectures HERE.
There are two fundamental hooks that could and should draw the political media into the Congressional Hearing Initiative and the congressional committees into hearing discussions. One is political; one is national security.

The national security hook is the evidence and testimony regarding nuclear weapons tampering compiled by Robert Hastings in his seminal work UFOs and Nukes along with the growing number of military witnesses to these incidents. The political hook is the evidence regarding the Rockefeller Initiative compiled by Grant Cameron, which resides on The President's UFO Website.

Without the truth embargo these events would have generated considerable media attention. That did not happen. Without the news coverage, congressional hearings are not likely. The failure of the media in these instances is perfectly demonstrated by the now infamous "cookie story" penned by Washington Post Metro columnist John Kelly after attending the September 27, 2010 nuclear weapons tampering press conference at the National Press Club. One story like this from the nation's "political paper" can and did blunt the impact of many other stories by other papers and prevent follow-up.

PRG is in Washington, DC now trying to get the political media back into these stories and use that coverage to get hearings. There has been progress.  Examples:

02/17/15 - Outgoing Obama Advisor John Podesta Has UFO Regrets - Lee Speigel, Huffington Post

01/20/15 - Lobbyist buzzes Washington over extraterrestrials and a government "truth embargo" - Jennifer Harper, Washington Times

11/24/14 - Activist demands Congressional action on aliens - of the extraterrestrial kind - Jennifer Harper, Washington Times                               
More stories are pending. Also, 70 member offices of five key congressional committees have received faxes providing information on the Rockefeller Initiative. 

Contact in the Desert - Joshua Tree, CA - May 29-31
PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will speak at the CITD in May and should have much to say about developments in Washington, DC. As many as 2000 attendees are expected for this rapidly expanding event.
Disclosure Canada Tour
Ivolve TV Disclosure Content

There is considerable Disclosure related content available at the ivolveTV website. Check it out.
Other Developments
John Podesta Redux
For those who have not been meditating in a cave in Nepal during the past week, advisor to sitting and aspiring presidents, former White House Chief of Staff, founder of the Center for American Progress, and leading member of the Democratic Party brain trust, John Podesta, posted a tweet heard around the world (note the 5300 comments) just after leaving his job as advisor to President Obama. Hundreds of stories were printed about this tweet worldwide, which follows President Bill Clinton's comments on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in April of 2014. PRG is feeling the love.

The Galactic Biodisk
This most intriguing study along with the developing research into panspermia may lie at the very heart of the extraterrestrial engagement of the planet Earth. The implications are staggering, and much more may become known post-Disclosure
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