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December 8, 2015                               Archived PRG Updates HERE
Time is Running Out

I will not get into how the present circumstances in the Middle East and Europe have come about other than to say it is not what you are being told by American corporate owned media. What is important right now is where these circumstances are heading, and it is not good.

The window for Disclosure remains open, but time is running out.

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Saturday Night Live Skit on Alien Abduction

Was this skit funny? Yes. Does it deserve some commentary? Yeah.

First. Good satire works best when its subject is well known such as political figures (pick one). This skit succeeds because the contact phenomenon is now universally known in American culture thanks to reports from hundreds of thousands of contactees. And millions believe these reports. Why? Because they are mostly true.

Second. The skit itself is built on the core information reported by contactees. Whoever wrote the script was aware of this content and may have even researched it in detail.

Third. Can one imagine SNL doing a skit making fun of veterans of war suffering PTSD? Yes, and they have on at least two occasions in "Puppet Class". So, contactees suffering PTSD? Why not? But there is a difference. The government has never denied the existence of war and more recently does not deny the PTSD war can inflict. The government denies the existence of extraterrestrials, which implies contactees are lying or mentally ill. War veterans get sympathy and ridicule is rare. Contactees get nothing but ridicule.

Such is the nature of the process of ghettoizing people, ideas and events. In this regard SNL has stepped through the ridicule curtain and stepped over the line. One might hope that many contactees will openly or anonymously let SNL know this. 

Until Disclosure is achieved contactees have no support from any institution of authority. They are on their own and must speak for and support themselves.

The next to the season two, final episode of the excellent and popular FX series Fargo just aired. In the penultimate scene a massive flying saucer appears without explanation. It just shows up. And so it goes as the entertainment industry feasts on the reality of the phenomenon while doing next to nothing to support the truth advocacy process.

Architects of the New Paradigm Conference - Jan 16-17/16 

It is fitting an important high level conference is scheduled for January of 2016. Who will be the architects of the new paradigm? What do the citizens of nations want. What do they need?  The era of the UFO ended in 1991, and the era of exopolitics began. Now the new paradigm approaches and the real work (real fun?) begins. 

Do you want to be an architect? Are the engineers, scientists, academics, social activists, politicians, philanthropists and serious journalists ready to step up? 
Join me in attending this conference in beautiful San Rafael, CA. Let's talk.
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