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Will Jimmy Go for the Hat Trick? ----  Thursday, Nov. 5
(Video) The Rockefeller Initiative: Hillary Clinton & John Podesta on the Road to Disclosure 
On Thursday, November 5 Secretary Hillary Clinton will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. On April 2, 2014 Kimmel interviewed President Bill Clinton. On March 13, 2015 Kimmel interviewed President Barack Obama. Extraterrestrials were discussed.
Secretary Clinton wishes to be the next president. One might speculate as to whether Mr. Kimmel will seek the elusive hat trick and one day be able say he was the only talk show host to ask three presidents about ETs - an outcome, of course, still problematic.
Behind the scenes (and in front) PRG has gone to some length to encourage this hat trick. Press releases, private contacts, many hundreds of tweets to Kimmel producers, the video linked above, etc.
Regardless of what happens Thursday evening, the connection between the presidency of Bill Clinton and the ET issue has been further established in the minds of the political media class across the Nation's Capital. And there are many debates and self-serving talk show interviews to come.

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