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November 29, 2014
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Congressional Hearing Initiative Update

All Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVD sets were delivered to the House and Senate. Direct contact with congressional offices will begin on December 1. Emphasis will be on Members of key committees and  Members referred to PRG by constituents. The key committees are these: House: Intelligence; Science, Space and Technology; Homeland Security; Oversight and Governmental Reform Senate: Intelligence; Commerce, Science and Transportation; Homeland Security; and Governmental Affairs. 

Social Media Campaign
The social media campaign to ensure the DVDs are reviewed by congressional staff is moving forward rapidly. The number of tweets with hashtag #disclosure since Oct. 31 is 
385,800The campaign is being run from three web locations: The Disclosure Lobby (Facebook),, and will continue throughout December. 

Media Coverage
Due to the presidential immigration directive and the pending events in Missouri, most congressional staffers were still in town when the CHI was well covered in the Washington Times on Sunday and Monday, November 23, 24.
               (expanded article)
Given all congressional staff read the political sections of the two major DC papers daily and coupled with the social media campaign, it is fair to say awareness of the CHI on Capitol Hill is well underway.
Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

The Congressional Hearing Initiative would not be possible without the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure held at the National Press Club April 29 to May 3, 2013. The DVD video record of the CHD just sent to Congress will open the door for the necessary meetings needed to establish a consensus for hearings. Presently a commercial quality version of the CHD DVD is available at the CHD website
[The CHD was produced by CHD2 Productions in conjunction with 
Paradigm Research Group, Just Cause Entertainment and IvolveTV.]
CHI Press Releases, Media Coverage and Interviews
The media coverage and interview schedule around the Congressional Hearing Initiative will be listed in upcoming PRG Updates and on the PRG website at:
Interviews                  Media Coverage                     Press Releases
Press Releases
Media Coverage
11/24/14 - Activist demands Congressional action on aliens - of the extraterrestrial kind
               (expanded article), Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
01/10/15 - Roundtable Discussion w/ Andrew Fisher & Elizabeth Mulligan, 11am-2pm PT
12/17/14 - Nature of Reality w/ Andrew Fisher, Blog Talk Radio, 5-7 pm PT
12/12/14 - TMV Cafe w/ Ed Bradfute, 10 pm ET
11/26/14 - altPOV TV w/ Jack Roth
11/25/14 - HPANWO Show w/ Ben Emlyn-Jones, Block Talk Radio, noon PT
11/23/14 - The Conspiracy Show w/ Richard Syrett, Zoomer Radio, 8 pm PT
11/20/14 - Late Night in the Midlands w/ Michael Vara, LMN Network, 6:30 pm PT
11/18/14 - ROAM w/ John Ilias, Dark Matter Radio, 6-7 pm PT
11/16/14 - Common Ground w/ Kimberley Jaeger, WZLX, Boston, 6-7 am ET
11/15/14 - Sacred Matrix w/ Janet Lessin, Aquarian Radio, 6 pm MT
11/14-16/14 - Back to the Future Conference, Acquarius Hotel, Laughlin, NV
11/10/14 - The Lantern w/ David Weis, Talk Center America, 7 pm PT (postponed)
11/08/14 - First Contact Radio w/ Josh Poet, KCAA AM1050, pending
11/07/14 - Myth and Reality w/ Alan Plamer, KNXT, Las Vegas, 9-10 pm PT
11/07/14 - Universal Spiritual Connection w/ Lailani Graham, USC Radio/TV, 6-7 pm PT 
11/07/14 - Short End of the Stick /w Mike Harris, Revolution Radio, 11 am PT
11/06/14 - Fade to Black w/ Jimmy Church, Dark Matter Radio, 8 pm PT
11/06/14 - Capital City Recap w/ Mike Cohen, WILS AM1320, 3:50 PM PT
11/05/14 - Mike Siegel Show w/ Mike Siegel, National, 9-10 pm, PT 
Ivolve TV

A great deal of Disclosure related video has been produced and compiled by Ron James, founder of Ivolve TV. This includes a recent, extensive inteview with PRG executive director Stephen Bassett.
Other Developments
PRG commends the work of military witness Dan Willis, who has compiled a wonderfully compact history of relevant developments going back to 1947. Of particular note is the closing summary and futurist prescription,  Imagine This.
President Bill Clinton
PRG has recently discussed an interesting connection between a previously announced launch of the Congressional Hearing Initiative for March 31 and a Jimmy Kimmel talk show taping with President Clinton just 30 hours later and before he would have known the CHI launch had been postponed.
PRG has been reminded of another Clinton interview. This one occurred in Hong Kong in September of 2005 a few months after the second X-Conference produced in the Washington, DC metro area by PRG.  Both X-Conferences contained presentations addressing the Rockefeller Initiative, which will forever connect Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Leon Panetta, Albert Gore and Bill Richardson to the Disclosure process - a connection to which none of them have ever spoken publicly.
Compare the two interviews. Was the Hong Kong interview another attempt by Clinton to inoculate himself against the inevitable engagement of the Rockefeller Initiative by the media?
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