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October 21, 2015                            Archived PRG Updates HERE
Crunch Time
In 2013 Paradigm Research Group produced a mock congressional hearing - the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - to put the Congress and White House on notice of what to expect if the first hearings since 1968 were held on the extraterrestrial presence issue. 
On November 5, 2014 PRG launched two parallel projects: the Congressional Hearing Initiative and a full engagement of the 2016 presidential campaign already underway. The progress of these projects can be followed on the status page
We are very close to forcing the extraterrestrial presence issue into the heart of the presidential campaign. Meanwhile, meetings on Capitol Hill with congressional staff are ongoing. The political coverage of the extraterrestrial presence issue over the past year is unprecedented. Disclosure is within reach. 

PRG was able to raise the funds needed to conduct these projects in Washington, DC over the past 12 months. Now $20,000 is needed to keep the pressure on both the Congress and the presidential campaign through at least February of next year.

Time is running out for those seeking the change so often promised but not delivered. The Middle East has been set afire; millions of refugees fleeing that fire could destabilize all of Europe; several more wars are on the drawing board including a new Cold War with Russia; the American political process is collapsing from systemic dysfunction; the American people are toiling to prop up $17 trillion in national debt, $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and $250 trillion in derivative exposure.
It is predicted the American people and corporations will donate in excess of $4 billion to elect 33 senators, 435 congresspersons and one president on November 8/16. How many people think the country will get $4 billion worth of reform and effective governance?  Disclosure will bring change almost without measure and a time when all things will again seem possible. The price tag might just be $20K.

There are almost 20,000 persons on PRG's Updates list. Is there at least one who understands the points being made above who can write that check?

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Congressional Hearing Initiative Status
Status: meetings with congressional staff are underway. A new round of media coverage begins soon. Connection to the presidential campaign is developing. More info  HERE.
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UFOs, Technology & Consciousness Conference - Nov 13-15, 2015

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will speak on Friday with a comprehensive account of the Disclosure advocacy progress during 2015.ERE.
International UFO Congress - Feb 17-21/16
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