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January 5, 2015
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Disclosure Petition VII - Congressional Hearings - Jan 7

The following petition will be posted on the White House Website on January 7, 2015.

WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO:  support congressional hearings for government/agency/political witnesses to extraterrestrial related events and evidence    

The petition requires 100,000 signatures between January 7 and February 6 to receive a formal response and remain on the White House website indefinitely. If not, it will be removed after the 30 days. The petition is being announced three weeks in advance so people can register with "We the People" and be able to sign quickly after January 7. 

Spread the word and share the petition link.  More info at: 

Congressional Hearing Initiative
Social Media Campaign - Phase II
The social media campaign to ensure the DVDs are reviewed by congressional staff has generated over 750,000 Twitter and Facebook messages with hashtag #disclosure since Oct. 31, plus emails and messages sent without hashtages. Phase II soon begins.

The messaging campaign is being run from three websites:,, The Disclosure Lobby (Facebook). Soon PRG will post at these sites a list containing the members of 3 Senate and 4 House committees - approximately 180. Going forward the social media campaign will focus on this list. The message will be the same: open and review the Citizen Hearing DVD sets, meet with PRG's lobbyist to discuss the content, and hold hearings for military/agency/political witnesses to testify.
Lloyd Canning - Contact Art 
While attending the British Exopolitics Expo last SePDTember in Leeds, UK I encountered an amazing British artist, Lloyd Canning. PRG has always supported the concePDT that art will play a significant role in understanding the intersection of humans with extraterrestrials, past and present. Extraordinary art is being created by conactee artists and other visionaries. The value of such works in the post-Disclosure world?  
Lecture - Red Hook, NY
Other Developments
CIA Suffers Tweet in Mouth Incident
Without warning the following tweet recently emerged from the CIA:  

In referring to a 1998 report titled "The CIA and U-2 Program: 1954-1974" the CIA has reminded us that a great number of the UFO reports of that time were classified planes such as the U-2.  Globally there have been millions of sightings since 1947. Perhaps 1 in a 1000 are classified aircraft. And sightings make up only a plurality of the evidence for an ET presence. A CIA tweet is of little consequence, though amusing. In time the CIA will have to account for its historical actions supporting the truth embargo before congressional hearings. That will be less funny. 

Scientific American
In another ground breaking article entitled Will We Find Extraterrestrial Life In 2015?by Caleb A. Scharf, the December 29, 2014 issue of Scientific American makes the case for extraterrestrial life being found this year, what with all that methane floating around Mars and those billions of planets turning up and all. Contactees worldwide will find much comfort in SA's oPDTimism. 
CHI Press Releases, Media Coverage, Interviews, Lectures
The media coverage and interview schedule around the Congressional Hearing Initiative will be listed in upcoming PRG Updates and on the PRG website at:
Interviews                  Media Coverage                     Press Releases
12/09/14 - (PRG) Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVDs Delivered to Congress
 - (PRWeb)  Military/Agency/Political Witnesses Ready to Testify Before Congress
                Regarding an Extraterrestrial Presence Engaging the Human Race

Media Coverage (CHI)

01/20/15 - Lobbyist buzzes Washington over extraterrestrials and a government ‘truth embargo’
               Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
01/12/15 - Road without End, Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
01/11/15 - Group petitions White House over UFOs, Michael Brown, Full-Time Whistle
01/09/15 - New White House Petition Could See Full Government Disclosure Of E.T's, Steve
               Thresher, Neon Nettle
01/08/15 - Alien UFO, ET Disclosure: Group Petitions White House To Support Open
               Congressional Hearings,
01/08/15 - White House petition calls for hearings on alien life,
Air Force Times
01/07/14 - Petition seeks presidential support for congressional hearings on alien life, Jason
                McClellan, Open Minds
12/22/14 - UFOs, a demand for transparency, Elias Hazou, Cyprus Mail
11/25/15 - Campaign for extraterrestrial disclosure underway, Alejandro Rojas, Open Minds
11/24/14 - 
Activist demands Congressional action on aliens - of the extraterrestrial kind
               (expanded article), Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
11/24/14 - Inside the Beltway: Aliens from Elsewhere, Page 2, Washington Times (print)
11/23/14 - Inside the Beltway: Aliens from Elsewhere, Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
Lectures (CHI)
01/20/15 - Tredyffrin Public Library, Wayne, PA,  6:30 PM EDT
01/18/15 - Enchanted Cafe, Red Hook, NY, 6 pm EDT
01/17/15 - Pittsfield, PA, 7 pm EDT
11/14-16/14 - Back to the Future Conference, Aquarius Hotel, Laughlin, NV

Interviews (CHI)

01/22/15 - Podcast w/ CsiJuan, Ivoox 

/13/14 - Fade to Black w/ Jimmy Church, Dark Matter Radio, 4:30 pm PDT
01/13/15 - Gralien Report w/ Micah Hanks (podcast)
01/10/15 - Roundtable Discussion w/ Andrew Fisher & Elizabeth Mulligan, 11am-2pm PDT
01/11/15 - Paranormal Central w/ Jeffrey Gonzalez, Dark Matter Radio, 5:45 pm PDT
01/11/16 - Truth Warrior w/ David, Truth Frequency Radio, 2 pm PDT
01/07/15 - Face to Face w/ Sacha Stone, CCN Media Network, 1 pm PDT
01/04/15 - Jamie Havican Show w/ Jamie Havican, KGRA, 6 pm PDT
12/29/14 - Morning Show w/ James Clary, KSFG 104.1, 7-9 am PDT
12/22/14 - Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory, 10 pm - 2 am PDT (last two hours)
12/22/14 - Live at Breakfast w/ Liz Green, BBC Radio Leeds, UK, 8 am UK time 
12/21/14 - Jim Paris Live w/ Jim Paris, Blog talk Radio, 7 pm PDT
12/17/14 - Nature of Reality w/ Andrew Fisher, Blog Talk Radio, 5-7 pm PDT
12/12/14 - TMV Cafe w/ Ed Bradfute, 7 pm PDT
11/26/14 - altPOV TV w/ Jack Roth
11/25/14 - HPANWO Show w/ Ben Emlyn-Jones, Block Talk Radio, noon PDT
11/23/14 - The Conspiracy Show w/ Richard Syrett, Zoomer Radio, 8 pm PDT
11/20/14 - Late Night in the Midlands w/ Michael Vara, LMN Network, 6:30 pm PDT
11/18/14 - ROAM w/ John Ilias, Dark Matter Radio, 6-7 pm PDT
11/16/14 - Common Ground w/ Kimberley Jaeger, WZLX, Boston, 6-7 am ET
11/15/14 - Sacred Matrix w/ Janet Lessin, Aquarian Radio, 6 pm MT
11/10/14 - The Lantern w/ David Weis, Talk Center America, 7 pm PDT (postponed)
11/08/14 - First Contact Radio w/ Josh Poet, KCAA AM1050, pending
11/07/14 - Myth and Reality w/ Alan Plamer, KNXT, Las Vegas, 9-10 pm PDT
11/07/14 - Universal Spiritual Connection w/ Lailani Graham, USC Radio/TV, 6-7 pm PDT 
11/07/14 - Short End of the Stick /w Mike Harris, Revolution Radio, 11 am PDT
11/06/14 - Fade to Black w/ Jimmy Church, Dark Matter Radio, 8 pm PDT
11/06/14 - Capital City Recap w/ Mike Cohen, WILS AM1320, 3:50 PM PDT
11/05/14 - Mike Siegel Show w/ Mike Siegel, National, 9-10 pm, PDT 
Conferences Upcoming
Los Angeles - Feb 6-9
Fountain Hills, AZ - Feb 18-22
Eureka Springs, AR - Apr 10-12
McMinnville, OR - May 15-16
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Erie, PA - May 16
Joshua Tree, CA - May 29-31
Laughlin, NV - Nov 13-15
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