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January 14, 2015
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Disclosure Petition VII - Congressional Hearings - Jan 7


WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: support congressional hearings for government/agency/political witnesses to extraterrestrial related events and evidence    

The petition currently has 8000 signatures and requires 100,000 signatures by February 6 to receive a formal response from the White House and remain on the website through the end of the President's term. Of the 73 posted petitions still gathering signatures, PRG's petition is #7 and soon will be #4. It is on a pace to raise 35,000 signatures. 

Spread the word and share the link to the petition info at: 

Congressional Hearing Initiative
Social Media Campaign - Phase II
The social media campaign to ensure the DVDs are reviewed by congressional staff has generated over 750,000 Twitter and Facebook messages with hashtag  #disclosure since Oct. 31, plus emails and messages sent without hashtags. Phase II begins now where the focus will shift to certain committees.
PRG is posting at,, The Disclosure Lobby (Facebook) a list of the approximately 180 members of the seven appropriate House and Senate Committee germane to the CHI. Going forward Twitter, Facebook and email messages should be directed to these Members only.  NOTE: The Senate committee members are listed.  The House committee assignments will be posted soon.
Lecture/Dinner - National Press Club - Washington, DC - Jan 21
On Wednesday, January 21 PRG's executive director Stephen Bassett will present before the McClendon Group at the National Press Club, McClendon Room, 13th Floor, 529 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC. Dinner with the speaker at 6 pm presentation at 7 pm EDT. [Free parking after 5 pm with dinner validation in the PMI Garage on 'G' Street near 13th Street. Metro Center stop at 12th and G Streets.]
Stephen will discuss the Disclosure advocacy movement and will answer questions about PRG's ongoing Congressional Hearing Initiative and the Disclosure Petition before the White House. The working press are welcome.
The McClendon Group (originally McClendon Study Group) was founded in 1962 by the legendary White House correspondent Sarah McClendon (1910-2003).
Lecture - Strafford, PA - Jan 20
Lecture - Red Hook, NY - January 18
Other Developments
A volunteer developer is creating an Android based phone app for PRG. A couple of volunteers who own Android phones of various sizes are needed to test the app during development. Contact PRG if you would like to help.  
CHI Press Releases, Media Coverage, Interviews, Lectures
The media coverage and interview schedule around the Congressional Hearing Initiative will be listed in upcoming PRG Updates and on the PRG website at:
Interviews                  Media Coverage                     Press Releases
Press Releases
Media Coverage
01/12/15 -  Road without End, Billy Cox, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
01/11/15 -  Group petitions White House over UFOs, Michael Brown, Full-Time Whistle
01/09/15 -  New White House Petition Could See Full Government Disclosure Of E.T's, Steve
                Thresher, Neon Nettle
01/08/15 -  Alien UFO, ET Disclosure: Group Petitions White House To Support Open
                Congressional Hearings, Inquisitr
01/08/15 - White House petition calls for hearings on alien life, Air Force Times
01/07/14 -  Petition seeks presidential support for congressional hearings on alien life, Jason
                 McClellan, Open Minds
12/22/14 - UFOs, a demand for transparency, Elias Hazou, Cyprus Mail
11/25/14 - Compaign for extraterrestrial disclosure underway, Alejandro Rojay, Open Minds
11/24/14 - Activist demands Congressional action on aliens - of the extraterrestrial kind
               (expanded article), Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
11/24/14 - Inside the Beltway: Aliens from Elsewhere, Page 2, Washington Times (print)
11/23/14 - Inside the Beltway: Aliens from Elsewhere, Jennifer Harper, Washington Times
01/20/15 - Library, Radnor, PA, 
01/18/15 - Enchanted Cafe, Red Hook, NY, 6 pm EDT
01/17/15 - Pittsfield, PA, 7 pm EDT
11/14-16/14 - Back to the Future Conference, Acquarius Hotel, Laughlin, NV
Media Interviews
01/22/15 - Podcast w/ CsiJuan, Ivoox 

01/13/14 - Fade to Black w/ Jimmy Church, Dark Matter Radio, 4:30 pm PDT
01/13/15 - Skywatcher Radio w/ Angel Espino, Dark Matter Radio, 10 pm PT
01/10/15 - Roundtable Discussion w/ Andrew Fisher & Elizabeth Mulligan, 11am-2pm PT
01/07/15 - Face to Face w/ Sacha Stone, CCN Media Network, 1 pm PT
01/04/15 - Jamie Havican Show w/ Jamie Havican, KGRA, 6 pm PT
12/29/14 - Morning Show w/ James Clary, KSFG 104.1, 7-9 am PT
12/22/14 - Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory, 10 pm - 2 am PT (last two hours)
12/22/14 - Live at Breakfast w/ Liz Green, BBC Radio Leeds, UK, 8 am UK time 
12/21/14 - Jim Paris Live w/ Jim Paris, Blog talk Radio, 7 pm PT
12/17/14 - Nature of Reality w/ Andrew Fisher, Blog Talk Radio, 5-7 pm PT
12/12/14 - TMV Cafe w/ Ed Bradfute, 7 pm PT
11/26/14 - altPOV TV w/ Jack Roth
11/25/14 - HPANWO Show w/ Ben Emlyn-Jones, Block Talk Radio, noon PT
11/23/14 - The Conspiracy Show w/ Richard Syrett, Zoomer Radio, 8 pm PT
11/20/14 - Late Night in the Midlands w/ Michael Vara, LMN Network, 6:30 pm PT
11/18/14 - ROAM w/ John Ilias, Dark Matter Radio, 6-7 pm PT
11/16/14 - Common Ground w/ Kimberley Jaeger, WZLX, Boston, 6-7 am ET
11/15/14 - Sacred Matrix w/ Janet Lessin, Aquarian Radio, 6 pm MT
11/10/14 - The Lantern w/ David Weis, Talk Center America, 7 pm PT (postponed)
11/08/14 - First Contact Radio w/ Josh Poet, KCAA AM1050, pending
11/07/14 - Myth and Reality w/ Alan Plamer, KNXT, Las Vegas, 9-10 pm PT
11/07/14 - Universal Spiritual Connection w/ Lailani Graham, USC Radio/TV, 6-7 pm PT 
11/07/14 - Short End of the Stick /w Mike Harris, Revolution Radio, 11 am PT
11/06/14 - Fade to Black w/ Jimmy Church, Dark Matter Radio, 8 pm PT
11/06/14 - Capital City Recap w/ Mike Cohen, WILS AM1320, 3:50 PM PT
11/05/14 - Mike Siegel Show w/ Mike Siegel, National, 9-10 pm, PT 
Conferences Upcoming
Los Angeles - Feb 6-9
Fountain Hills, AZ - Feb 18-22
Eureka Springs, AR - Apr 10-12
McMinnville, OR - May 15-16
All Conference Links Here
Erie, PA - May 16
Joshua Tree, CA - May 29-31
Laughlin, NV - Nov 13-15
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