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June 21, 2016                                PRG Updates archived HERE
"Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together. An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself. The power to mould the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations."  Joseph Pulitzer
The Lull before the Storm
The last ET related comments from the Clinton campaign team came from John Podesta on June 2 at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, a high end technology event with a $6500 fee for attendees. It was not a fund raiser.  Since that event - nothing. There are several reasons for this lull:
  1. the last Democratic primary debate or forum was held on April 25 and no more are scheduled.
  2. Secretary Clinton "clinched" the Democratic nomination on June 6.
  3. Donald Trump, who clinched the Republican nomination on May 25 and began attacking Secretary Clinton immediately, was forced to step back and go into damage control due to various controversial statements.
  4. none of the television news hosts moderating the debates and forums asked Secretary Clinton a single question regarding the ET issue or the Rockefeller Initiative.
John Podesta's strategy is to put out a number of somewhat vague statements that demonstrate the Clinton campaign considers the ET issue to be a serious matter. This is to protect his candidate should the media finally bite down hard on the issue. But these statements are carefully crafted to avoid igniting a media frenzy.
However, if the political media choose to stay behind the truth embargo rope line - particularly the network news operations - he is prepared to coast all the way to the White House without saying anything more. Thus the silence since June 2.
But this is just the lull before the storm. The print media are not contained. Reporters are continuing to put questions to the Clinton campaign and directly to Podesta and getting no response. More articles are on the way. One or more television news venues could make a move at any time. 
The journalistic equation under consideration is whether the convention delegates - particularly the super delegates - should be informed of the full story behind the Clinton/ET/Rockefeller Initiative connection before the convention nominating vote. 
Meanwhile, a plethora of negative developments are stirring around Clinton's candidacy. Time is running out for Podesta's dual strategy. The very nature of candidate Clinton's chief flaws requires her to speak truth to power on the ET issue. The storm is coming and taking shelter behind a wall of no comments will no longer be an option.
New Book by Grant Cameron
The Clinton UFO Storybook: ET Politics in the White House
Canadian researcher Grant Cameron has just published The Clinton UFO Storybook: ET Politics in the White House. It includes, of course, an extended narrative of the Rockefeller Initiative (1993-1996). The book just happens to come out a few weeks before Secretary Hillary Clinton is to be nominated at the Democratic National Convention to be the next President of the United States - a coincidence surely. Who knew? PRG recommendation: get this book. Get it signed by Grant Cameron. One day not far into the future a signed, first edition of this book will be worth mucho dinero. Capiche?
Important Event - Brantford, Ontario, Canada (Toronto) - June 25
Canadian exopolitical activist Victor Viggiani, working with Jo-Anne Eadie, has put together an important event for June 25 as part of the ACE Conference (June 24-26) in Brantford, Ontario, Canada (near Toronto). The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (April 29-May 3, 2013) was a mock congressional hearing. This unusual event is not a press conference; it is a media hearing. A group of Canadian journalists from mainstream venues will question a panel of researchers, activists and witnesses for three hours. All aspects of the ET issue are on the table. The event will be filmed in high definition, and is expected to receive substantial coverage. PRG recommendation: come to Brantford if you can. Could be some history in the making. Note: Stephen Bassett is on the panel.
PRG Funding Needed Now
PRG still needs of thousands of dollars to operate in Washington, DC to press the truth advocacy movement further into the presidential campaign. We need a breakout BEFORE the Nov. 8 election or preferably the July 25 Democratic National Convention.
Once a new president is in the White House, he or she can do nothing if they so choose, because they have the shield of the presidency.
If you have the resources, if you believe the truth embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence is simply no longer acceptable, and if you are tired of being treated by your government as children, then your support is needed NOW.
Support Ending the Truth Embargo
Alien Cosmic Expo - Toronto, Canada - June 24-26/16
PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will present at the ACE Conference in Toronto.
Roswell UFO Festival - June 30-July 3/16
MUFON Symposium 2016 - Orlando, FL - August 25-28
4th International UFO Truth Magazine Conference - Sept 10-11
StarworksUSA Conference - November 11-13/16
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