The following information is provided for citizens wishing to express their interest in ending the ongoing truth embargo on the reality of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race to high level government and media contacts. It is not intended for mass contact campaigns, which are no longer needed and counter productive.



An extensive narrative of the Rockefeller Initiative is found HERE.
Documents confirming the Rockefeller Initiative are found HERE


In March of 1993 billionaire Laurance Rockefeller initiated an extraordinary approach to the Clinton administration via the Office of Science and Technology Policy headed by Dr. John Gibbons. A memorandum from Mr. Rockefeller's attorney Henry Diamond dated March 29, 1993 conveyed a request to meet with Gibbons "to discuss the potential availability of government information about unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life." Rockefeller, a friend and supporter of the Clintons, wanted to meet with the President and inform him "there is a belief in many quarters that the government has long held classified information regarding UFOs which has not been released and that the failure to do so has brought about unnecessary suspicion and distrust," and that "Many believe that the release of such information on a basis consistent with national security would be a significant gesture which would increase confidence in government."

Thus began a three-year effort by a notable American to convince President Bill Clinton to essentially be the "Disclosure President" and end a then 46-year truth embargo on providing the full facts to the American people regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. This effort, which included meetings, reports, briefings, a book, draft letters to the President and more, came to be known as the Rockefeller Initiative. First Lady Hillary Clinton was aware of this initiative from the beginning as was a key advisor to the President, John Podesta. The Clintons met with Rockefeller at his Wyoming ranch in August of 1995. President Clinton tasked a close friend, Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, to look into the UFO issue at the Department of Justice and elsewhere. He tasked John Podesta, his eventual Chief of Staff, to reform and accelerate the document declassification process. Mrs. Clinton was kept informed of the ongoing initiative and helped draft a letter from Rockefeller to the President. It is notable that John Podesta, the founder and former CEO of the Center for American Progress, in 2002 and 2003 called for the release to the public of all UFO and related documents in government files. In 2004 Governor Bill Richardson, UN Ambassador and Secretary of Energy during the Clinton administration, made a similar request for documents pertaining to the events in Roswell, New Mexico during July of 1947.

Perhaps due to the storm of scandals that plagued the Clinton Administration and the First Lady, the Rockefeller Initiative was not successful and ended in the fall of 1996 as the election drew near. While Bill Clinton would not be the Disclosure President, he, the First Lady and others deserve credit for taking the political risks inherent in such an undertaking. However, once the Initiative ended, the Clinton team made the decision they would never talk about the Initiative again in service to their future personal and political ambitions, and that has been the case for 22 years. Furthermore, the media, under the spell of the institutionalized truth embargo, have not asked a single question of the Clinton team over the same time frame until a query was submitted to Secretary Clinton's campaign by A. J. Vicens of Mother Jones Magazine in March of 2015. The response from Secretary Clinton's spokesperson Nick Merrill was, "Our non-campaign has a strict policy of not commenting on extraterrestrial activity, BUT, the Truth Is Out There."  Wrong answer.



The Clinton/ET connection begins with the Rockefeller Initiative but expands during Secretary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. This aspect of the connection is fully chronicled at PRG's Congressional Hearing/Political Initiative page. Here you will find hundreds of print articles as well as a chronological compilation of statements by members of the Clinton political team.



Below are twitter handles for hundreds of political media reporters, hosts, editors and producers.  There is also a list of the sitting members on the key congressional committees being approached by PRG seeking new hearings for scores of military/agency/political witnesses ready to testify under oath to events and evidence collectively confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The congressional list will be updated when the new congressional session begins in January of 2017. Further down are a number of relevant graphics with embedded links.


White House Correspondents
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ABC News































CBS News































































































































































Fox News

























Washington Post





















New York Times































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Public Broadcasting





















Other Political Media













































































































































Committees Appropriate to the Congressional Hearing Initiative
[Note: has not yet been updated for the new 2017 Congress]
The social media campaign now needs to focus on these members.
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Select Intelligence
Space, Science
Armed Services

Select Intelligence
Science, Space and Technology
Armed Services

(* on two committees)

(* on two committees)

 Ayotte, Kelly (NH)*
 Blunt, Roy (MO)*
 Burr, Richard (NC)
 Coats, Dan (IN)
 Collins, Susan (ME)
 Cotton, Tom (AR)*
 Cruz, Ted (TS)*
 Daines, Steve (MT)
 Ernst, Joni (IA)*
 Fischer, Deb  (NE)*
 Gardner, Cory (CO)
Graham, Lindsey (SC)
 Heller, Dean (NV)
Inhofe, James (OK)
 Johnson, Ron (WI)*
 Lankford, James (OK)*
Lee, Mike (UT)
 McCain, John (AZ)
 Moran, Jerry (KS)
 Risch, Jim (ID)
Rounds, Mike (SD)
 Rubio, Marco (FL)*
Sessions, Jeff (AL)
 Sullivan, Dan (AK)
 Thune, John (SD)
Tillis, Thom (NC)
 Wicker, Roger (MS)



Blumenthal, Richard (CT)
Booker, Cory A. (NJ)*
Cantwell, Maria (WA)
Donnelly, Joe (IN)
Feinstein, Diane (CA)
Gillibrand, Kirsten (NY)
Heinrich, Martin (NM)*
Hirono. Mazie (HI)*
Kaine, Tim (VA)
King, Angus S. (ME)*
Klobuchar, Amy (MN)
Manchin, III, Joe (WV)*
Markey, Edward J. (MA)
McCaskill, Claire (MO)*
Mikulski, Barbara (MD)
Nelson, Bill (FL)*
Peters, Gary (MI)*
Reed, Jack (RI)
Schatz, Brian (HI)
Shaheen, Jeanne (NH)
Udall, Thomas (NM)
Warner, Mark R.. (VA)
Wyden, Ron (OR)



 Amash, Justin (MI)
Bishop, Rob (UT)
 Blum, Rod (IA)
 Bridenstine, Jim (OK)
Broun, Paul (GA)
 Buck, Ken (CO)
Byrne, Bradley (AL)
 Carter, Buddy (GA)
Coffman, Mike (CO)
 Collins, Chris (NY)
Cook, Paul(CA)
 Cramer, Kevin (ND)
 DeSantis, Ron (FL)
 Desjarlais, Scott (TN)
 Duncan, Jeff (SC)
 Farenthold, Blade (TX)
Fleming, John (LA)
Forbes, J. Randy (VA)
Franks, Trent (AZ)
Gibson, Chris (NY)
 Gosar, Paul (AZ)
Gowdy, Trey (SC)
 Hall, Ralph M. (TX)
hartzier, Vicky (MO)
 Heck, Joe (NV)
 Hice, Jody (GA)
 Hultgren, Randy (IL)
Hunter, Duncan (CA)
 Johnson, Bill  (OH)
Jones, Walter (NC)
 Jordan, Jim (OH)
 King, Peter T. (NY)*
Kline, John (MN)
Knight, Steve (CA)
Lambon, Doug (CO)
 LoBiondo, Frank (NJ)
 Lucas, Frank D. (OK)
 Lummis, Cynthia (WY)*
MacArthur, Tom (NJ)
Marino, Tom (PA)
 Massie, Thomas (KY)*
McSally, Martha (AZ)
 Meadows, Mark (NC)
 Mica, John (FL)
 Michael McCaul, Michael (TX)*
 Michael Turner, Michael (OH)*
 Mick Mulvaney, Mick (SC)
 Mike Conaway, Mike (TX)
 Mike Pompeo, Mike (KS)
 Mike Rogers, Mike (AL)
 Miller, Jeff (FL)
 Mo Brooks, Mo (AL)
 Neugebauer, Randy (TX)
Nugent, Richard (FL)
 Nunes, Devin (CA)
 Palazzo, Steven M. (MS)*
 Palmer, Gary J. (AL)
 Posey, Bill (FL)
Rogers, Mike (AL)
 Rohrabacher, Dana (CA)
Rooney, Tom (FL)
 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (FL)
 Russell. Steve (OK)
Scott, Austin(GA)
 Schweikert, David (AZ)
 Sensenbrenner, F. James (WI)
Shuser, Bill (PA)
 Smith, Lamar (TX)*
Stefanik, Elise(NY)
 Stewart, Chris (UT)
 Stockman, Steve (TX)
Thornberry, Mac (TX)
 Walberg, Tim (MI)
Walorski, Jackie(IN)
 Weber. Randy (TX)
 Wenstrup, Brad (OH)
 Westmoreland, Lynn (GA)
Wilson, Joe (SC)
Wittman, Robert (VA)
Zinke, Rayn (MT)


Aguilar, Pete (CA)
Ashford, Brad (NE)
Bera, Ami (CA)
Bonamici, Suzanne (OR)
Bordallo, Madeleine (GU)
Brady, Robert (PA)
Brownley, Julia (CA)
Carson, Andre (IN)
Castro, Joaquin (TX)
Clark, Katherine (MA)
Coleman, Bonnie Watson (NJ)
Cooper, Jim (TN)
Courtney, Joe (CT)
Davis, Susan (CA)
Duckworth, Tammy (IL)
Edwards, Donna (MD)
Esty, Elizabeth (CT)
Gabbard, Tulsi (HI)
Grayson, Alan (FL)
Gutierrez, Luis (IL)
Higgins, Brian (NY)
Himes, Jim (CT)
Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)
Johnson Henry, Jr (GA)
Keating, William R. (MA)
Kelly, Robin (IL)*
Kennedy, Joe (MA)
Kilmer, Derek WA)
Langevin, James R. (RI)
Larsen, Rick (WA)
Lee, Sheila Jackson (TX)
Lipinski, Daniel (IL)
Lofgren, Zoe (CA)
Maffei, Dan (NY)
Moulton, Seth (MA)
Murphy, Patrick (FL)
Norcross, Donald (NJ)
O'Rourke, Beto (TX)
Payne, Jr., Donald M. (NJ)
Peters, Scott (CA)
Quigley, Mike (IL)
Rice, Kathleen M. (NY)
Richmond, Cedric L. (LA)
Sanchez, Loretta (CA)
Schiff, Adam (CA)
Sewell, Terri (AL)
Swalwell, Eric (CA)*
Takai, Mark (HI)
Thompson, Bernie (MS)
Torres, Norma J. (CA)
Tsongas, Niki (MA)
Veasey, Marc (TX)
Vela, Filemon (TX)
Walz, Timothy (MN)
Wilson, Frederica (FL)






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