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July 8, 2015
Press Release
Paradigm Research Group

World Disclosure Day - July 8 - Focuses Attention on the Extraterrestrial Presence Truth Embargo

Paradigm Research Group in 2011 designated July 8 as an awareness day for drawing attention to a truth advocacy movement. This movement seeks the formal acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race - Disclosure.

Washington, DC - In 2011 Paradigm Research Group designated July 8 as World Disclosure Day.

According to executive director Stephen Bassett, "In this instance Disclosure refers to the formal acknowledgement by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, but could well refer to a long list of concerns the truths of which still lie behind walls of secrecy. The purpose of World Disclosure Day is to provide a focal point for people and organizations to come together to assert their right to know and demand extraordinary information being withheld from them by their governments. This will also help broaden public awareness of the Disclosure process and those organizations advocating for the truth on behalf of all citizens." 
On July 8, 1947 General Roger Ramey held a press event at the 8th Army Air Force Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas in which he changed the just released story of a recovered crashed disk near Roswell, New Mexico to that of a retrieved Rawin weather balloon. This was the informal beginning of the now 68-year truth embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence issue. For this reason July 8 was chosen as World Disclosure Day to emphasize the need to reverse that now inappropriate policy.

Since 2001, July 2 has been designated as World UFO Day. This date was chosen as it was a suggested candidate for the Roswell crash event. However, the era of the UFO is over, and now we are in the era of Exopolitics - the political engagement of the past, present and future of extraterrestrial related phenomena. World Disclosure Day thus completes the historical symmetry with these two dates bracketing the annual Festival conducted in Roswell, New Mexico in early July.
Paradigm Research Groups contribution to this truth advocacy movement includes the White House Petition Project, Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and the Congressional Hearing Initiative.

There is considerable material on the Internet regarding the Disclosure truth movement. Search on "disclosure" and "exopolitics" together. Also, considerable resources can be found at the main website for Paradigm Research Group


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