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Open Letter to

Secretary Clinton

Redux, Redux, Redux

Hearing Initiative

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

was held in Washington, DC April 29-May 3, 2013 at the National Press Club

30 hours of testimony over 5 days from 40 Disclosure witnesses before 6 former members of the U.S. Congress

See: Feedback

Disclosure Petition VII - Congressional Hearing Initiative
completed its 30 days on the White House website
Final Count:  13,897     Signatures needed:  100,000

Disclosure Petition VI - Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
completed its 30 days on the White House website

Disclosure Petition V - Roswell

completed its 30 days on the White House website

Disclosure Petition IV - Chase Brandon
completed its 30 days on the White House Website

Disclosure Petition III - Nuclear Weapons Tampering
completed its 30 days on the White House website

Disclosure Petition II - The Rockefeller Initiative
completed its 30 days on the White House website
Final Count:  6937     Signatures needed:  25,000


Disclosure Petition I - Disclosure
Received a formal White House Response on November 4
Final Count:  12,078     Signatures needed:  5,000


Disclosure Petition I was featured on the front page of the 10/18 Wall Street Journal and on the website with video.

Ron James Film has produced new sets of DVDs dealing with Disclosure and other related issues. Proceeds from the sales of these DVDs will help fund the Congressional Hearing Initiative.

DVDs Supporting
PRG's Advocacy Work

The Contact Equation
Taking Drake into the 21st Century

An Army officer, Astronaut, Air Force Officer, and CIA officer say Roswell was ET

UFOs and Nukes Press Conference
 Press Conference Video >>
ET/Nuke Media Coverage

Rockefeller Initiative 1993-96
<< Presidential UFO    Paradigm Research Group >>

Documents obtained from the Office of Science & Technology Policy and Clinton Presidential Library confirm a highly important, little publicized effort to convince Bill Clinton to be the "Disclosure President"

Edgar Mitchell Article
An informative article by Larry Lowe about a great American and leading spokesperson for ending the ET truth embargo.

The Art of Close Encounters
The next major exopolitical development will be the
emergence of contactees of rank and station. This
book is going to help make that happen.

1958 Space Act (excerpts)

Supporting comments by PRG executive director Stephen Bassett on Coast to Coast AM regarding the inability of NASA to publicly reveal anything regarding intelligent extraterrestrial life without approval of the Department of Defense.

 The most common component within all the challenges faced by civilization in the 21st century is the cost of energy.  What kind of energy do you think extraterrestrial craft utilize?

PRG News Coverage Archive
This archive of mainstream news coverage of extraterrestrial related phenomena and exopolitics since 1942 is now 6000+ articles - the largest archive of its kind on the Internet.

Open Letter to the President Elect
Other locations:  American Chronicle, OpEd News

Can you handle the truth?  These people can.
See:  Letters to Barack Obama

Dear Political Media, Roswell is at the beginning of the greatest news story of all time.
Don't think so?

◄   Read these books  ►

Message for the political media.  Do you happen to have a Pulitzer Prize yet?  Would you like one?   The biggest news story in history is unfolding now right before your eyes.  Don't think so?

◄   Read these books  ►

Message for the political media.  Still don't have that Pulitzer Prize yet?  There's still time.   The biggest news story in history continues to unfold right before your eyes.  Don't think so?

◄   Read these books  ►

UFOs and Nukes Television Coverage & Interviews

CNN 9/29/10

Fox 4 News 9/29/10

Fox News 9/28/10

Russia Today 9/28

KNXV-ABC 9/28/10

CBCNews 9/28/10

Fox 5 News 9/28

ABC News 9/28/10

Australia 9/27/10

Fox News 9/27/10


Get Fully Remastered
X-Conference 2010

<< DVDs    Audio Tapes >>


Media Covers Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Kerrang Radio 7/23/08 & the National Press Club 4/20/09

PRG's advocacy work has been covered often.


European Exopolitics Summit Presentations

The final days of the Truth Embargo?

Nov 5, 2008 - John Podesta selected co-chairperson of transition team. Google: John Podesta UFO
Dec 1, 2008 - Hillary Clinton nominated Sec. of State.  Google:
  Clinton Rockefeller Initiative
Dec 3, 2008 - Bill Richardson nominated Sec. of Commerce.  Google:
 Bill Richardson UFO
Dec 10, 2008 - Nobel Physicist Steven Chu nominated Sec. of Energy
Dec 18, 2008 - Physics PhD & energy specialist John Holdren nominated Science Advisor
Jan 9, 2009 - Leon Panetta nominated CIA Director - Clinton CoS during Rockefeller Initiative

Jan 20, 2009 - Sighting at Washington Mall is seen on CNN and covered by worldwide media
Jan 20, 2009 - White House website announces Obama will seek space weapons ban
Jan 21, 2009 - Obama signs EO and PMs re: FOIA, open government & presidential records

Jan 30, 2009 - Denmark releases UFO/ET files to the public

Feb 2009 - It is publicized Canada has been releasing UFO documents for two years
April 20, 2009 - Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell call for Obama to effecuate Disclosure
April 20, 2009 - John Podesta tells CNN he reaffirms his 2002 call for the release of all UFO documents
[See transcript of Podesta's 2002 statement at the National Press Club]

The Internet has given birth to a new kind of journalism
Direct Media
which will have significant impact on the UFO/ET issues

PRG Video Archive
PRG reviewed thousands of video clips and archived 200+ links to the most relevant.  Clips are filed under: Phenomenology, Researchers-Activists, Witness Testimony and Exopolitics.

PRG Quotes Archive
A powerful compilation of selected, relevant quotes from persons of rank and accomplishment.

PRG Salutes the Reportage & Blogging of Billy Cox

No mainstream journalist has written more competently or comprehensively on the many issues surrounding extraterrestrial-related phenomena than reporter Billy Cox - 2005 PRG Courage in Journalism Award

Exopolitics Rocks!
The UK rock group Muse has produced a song, Exo-politics.  

US recording artist, Vyktoria Pratt Keating, has written songs about the coming paradigm shift.  Paranormal Music

PRG Direct Support Network
A free service of PRG in support of researchers and activists. Buy direct and support the work.

Featured Book
A.D. After Disclosure

by  Richard Dolan

UFOs, Exopolitics
and the New
World Disorder

by Ed Komarek

Featured Video
The Day Before Disclosure
by Terje Toftenes

Paradigm Research Group
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UN Disclosure Petition
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Recommended Books


Above Top Secret  Good
A.D. After                    
Alien Agenda  Marrs
Alien Contact  Good

All of the Above  Harris
Dark Mission  Hoagland/Bara

Day after Roswell  Corso

Disclosure  Greer
Exoconsciousness Hardcastle

Exopolitics  Salla
Exposing US Government       
Policies on ET Life
Faded Giant  Salas/Klotz

Firestorm  Druffel
Light at the End of             
the Tunnel
Majic Eyes Only  Wood
Missing Times  Hansen
Need to Know  Good
Secret History of ETs  Kasten

The Threat  Jacobs

Top Secret/Majic  Friedman
UFO Crash at                         
UFO/FBI Connection  Maccabee
UFOs and Nukes  Hastings

UFOs and the National           
Security State - Vol I  Dolan
UFOs and the National           
Security State - Vol II  Dolan

UFOs: Generals....  Kean
UFOs Exopolitics & the         
New World Disorder

UFOs in the Headlines  Simone
UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies     
and Realities
Way of the Explorer  Mitchell 

Witness to                       

Abuse of Power/Secrecy

Blank Spots on the Map Paglen
Family of Secrets  Baker
Confessions of an              
Hit Man  Perkins
Dark Alliance  Webb

Culture of Secrecy  Theoharis
House of War  Carrol

Killing Hope  Blum

Legacy of Ashes  Weiner

Nation of Secrets  Gup

Secrecy: the American            
Experience  Moynihan

Secrets  Ellsberg

Secrets of theTomb  Robbins

Secret History of the              

American Empire  Perkins

The Shadow Factory  Bamford

Top Secret  Stone

Veil  Woodward


Abduction  Mack
An Alien Harvest  Howe
The Art of Close                 
Close Encounters of            
the Fourth Kind
Flying Saucers & Science Friedman
Hair of the Alien  Chalker
Hynek UFO Report  Hynek
Phoenix Lights  Kitei

Secret Life  Jacobs

Secrets in the Fields  Silva
The UFO Enigma 
UFO Encyclopedia  Clark
UFOs and Abductions  Jacobs

The UFO Evidence  Hall

The UFO Evidence II  Hall

Recommended Films

Dan Aykroyd Unplugged

I Know What I Saw

Out of the Blue
Out of the Blue (updated)

Phoenix Lights

Roswell (Movie)

Star Dreams
The Day Before Disclosure
The Hidden Hand
The Secret

UFOs 50 Years of Denial

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Inside UFOs

Recommended Magazines

Atlantis Rising

Open Minds

UFO Magazine (Brazil)

UFO Magazine (US)
Veritas (Australia)

Recommended Journals

International UFO Reporter
Journal of Abduction-

Encounter Research

Journal of Frontier Science

MUFON Journal

SSE Journal

Recommended Media

Alien Seeker News
AOL News  Spiegel
Coast to Coast AM  Noory

Bob & Zoh Hieronimus

Canadian's Exopolitics
Conspiracy Show  Syrett
Conspiracy Theory  Ventura

Eye to the Sky  Andrews
First Contact TV
Hear and Now (French)
Heironimus and Co.
History Channel
In Focus  Roesler

Jerry Pippin Show

Joiner Report  Joiner
Kevin Smith Show
New Realities  Stein
Open Minds TV

Rob Simone
Through the Keyhole  Dolan
UFO Undercover  Montaldo

Vortex Network News
Zland Communications

X-Zone Radio  McConnell

Recommended Blogs
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Abductee Awareness
Alien Disclosure Group
Basil and Spice  Jad'on
Bekkum, Gary
Blog de Void  Cox

Blue Alien  Scaretka
Disclosure 2009

Estimate of the Situation
Exopolitics  Neale
Exopolitics  (Wikizine)
Hammons, Steve
iParty Blog  Sterling
Open Minds Forum
Ovnis USA (French)
Oz Files  Chalker
Paranormal Old Pueblo
Real TV UFOs
Secretary of Innovation
Technorati  Brosnan
UFO Blogger
Warren, Frank

Recommended Music

Cydonia Dan Keying
Element 115

Katy Perry
Fusion Project NGJ

Need to Know
Aynne Pryce
Seeking Apollo
UFO Disclosure Song
Vyktoria Pratt Keating
Zeta Reticuli


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