The Exopolitics United States Network
These sites are being set up to provide information about exopolitical developments within that state
and build connections between states as part of a growing national exopolitical truth movement.

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Also, check out the EUSN/EWN Cities Initiative and start an Exopolitics Talking Group in your town


EUSN is seeking volunteer webmasters to set up sites in new states.   Contact PRG

Exopolitics  1)  the art or science of government as concerned with creating and maintaining governmental policy toward extraterrestrial-related phenomena and extraterrestrial beings.  Exopolitical Science.   2) exopolitical actions, practices, or policies3) the exopolitical opinions or sympathies of a person. 

Disclosure - formal acknowledgement by world governments of the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Disclosure Process - private and public efforts to bring about disclosure since 1947, which intensified in 1991 with the end of the Cold War.

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