PRG 2010 European Mini-Tour II


PRG's second speaking tour of Europe is competed.    Europe is playing an increasingly active role in the Disclosure process and interest in the UFO/ET issue and exopolitics in general is growing rapidly.  The speaking tour had four basic goals: 1) learn more about what Europeans think about the UFO/ET issue, 2)  increase awareness of the Disclosure process underway in the United States, 3) bring new country websites into the Exopolitics World Network, and 4) find new support for the advocacy work ahead. 

Some of the events were public venues, i.e. conference, and had websites.  Others were in private homes.  All venues and the trip itself would not have been possible without the generosity of many wonderful hosts and conference producers.  They are:   Steve Aspin, Anthony Beckett, Janis Cooney, Robert Fleischer, David Griffin, Frank H๖fer, Natascha Jatzeck, Miles Johnston, Metta Love, Ulrike Martin, Belinda McKenzie, Michael and Heather Rice, Sacha Adams Stone (+ Anna and Flor), and Susanne Tennert.

Such generosity can only be properly repaid in one manner - the success of the Disclosure movement.     To all my new friends in Europe my heartfelt thanks.

Stephen Bassett


Leeds, UK - Aug. 7-8 (8)

Leeds Exopolitics Expo



Mountrath, Ireland – Tues, Aug 10
(about 1.5 hours outside of Dublin)
Michael Rice


London – Sat, Aug 14
Belinda McKenzie

London – Tues, Aug 17
Sacha Stone


Leipzig – Tues, Aug 24
Robert Fleischer


Budapest –  Aug 28-29
Metta Love


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