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The citizens of this country have been kept in the dark for too long on the subject of U.F.O.'s Members of congress, military personnel/soldiers have been reporting UFO sightings since the 1940's. The people of this country need to know the truth and I believe that you are the president that can make this truth known.

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1/12/2009 5:59 PM
I totally agree. The government knows a lot more than we are led to think. We as a society are ready to know what is out there so please make this happen.
1/12/2009 6:08 PM
There needs to be PUBLIC hearings, congressional hearings, inquests into what this phenom is. Denial only strains the trust between an administration and its people.
1/12/2009 6:24 PM
The US government needs to come clean on the constant denials of UFO existence especially when other countries admit to it!  It makes the US look foolish and/or at the very least like they are hiding something.  I want the truth, no more lies or coverups, just the truth for a change. 
Dustin D.
1/12/2009 7:26 PM
Just to underscore how important this issue is, I'm including a synopsis that hopefully demonstrates just how much evidence there is supporting the existence of UAPs and why the subject needs to be taken seriously.

During the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles the military instituted a mandatory black out of the entire city of LA & fired 1400+ Anti-Aircraft rounds at a single, quoting the military, "unidentified aircraft." This lasted for more than an hour. Despite numerous confirmed hits the craft remained airborne and eventually flew off without ever being identified. (Read the 1942 LA times article []).

In 1948 green fireballs were seen over the south-western skies of the US near nuclear weapons research sites. Famous meteoriticist Dr. Lincoln La Paz declared they weren't normal meteors. In 1949 the USAF started Project Twinkle [] under the direction of Dr. Anythony Mirachi.

The study concluded in a now declassified report that cinetheodolites had tracked 4 objects traveling at an "altitude of ~150K ft" (~28.5 miles!), were "30 ft. in diameter", & traveling at an "undeterminable, yet high speed." Mirachi went on to later criticize a Time magazine article that claimed there was no proof to support the existence of UFOs.

Mirachi wrote, "There was too much evidence in favor of saucers to say they could have all been balloons. 'I was conducting the main investigation. The government had to depend on me or my branch for information.' He said he didn't see how the Navy could say there had been no concrete evidence of the phenomena." (see here [] for more details)

Also in 1948 Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a self-proclaimed skeptic, joined Project Blue Book as a scientific adviser. By 1969 when Blue Book was shutdown Hynek did an about face. He wrote several books, particularly, "The Hynek UFO Report" which repeatedly stated that the attitude of Blue Book was, "it can't be therefore it isn't."

He also gave an interview, available on YouTube [], where he said, "I was there at Blue Book and I know the job they had. They were told not to excite the public, don't rock the boat, & I saw it [with] my own eyes. ... The cases that were very difficult to explain they would jump handsprings to keep the media away from that." He later went on to found the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS).

July 13 - 29th of 1952, over the skies of Washington DC, numerous UFOs were seen by observers on the ground, in the air, & tracked on radar. The situation escalated & General Samford, the Director of Intelligence of the USAF, held an emergency press conference. When asked by a reporters what people were seeing he suggested the lights on the ground may have looked like they were in the air because inversions act like an "air lens" & bend light rays. He added that something similar could have "tricked" radar in to thinking it was tracking aerial targets. (

Dustin D.
1/12/2009 7:30 PM
In 1969 an Air Force scientific report titled "Quantitative Aspects of Mirages []" (Menkello, F.G. Report No. 6112, USAF, Environmental Technical Applications Center) made it clear inversion strong enough to create the visual effect described during the 1952 press-conference could not exist in earth's atmosphere.

1956 at Bentwater/Lakenheath an object was sighted by several military officers on the ground while simultaneously tracked on radar at 2 different stations. The object moved at ~4000 mph and was monitored for several hours during which two planes were scrambled.

When the 1st DeHavilland Venom locked on to the object the UFO shot to the rear of the plane. The pilot tried evasive maneuvers, couldn't break free & eventually had to return to base to refuel.

The 2nd plane encountered mechanical difficulties as it flew within range of the object. The US sponsored Condon Report had this to say, "In conclusion, although conventional or natural explanations certainly cannot be ruled out, the probability of such seems low in this case and the probability that at least one genuine UFO was involved appears fairly high. []"

Astronaut Gordon Cooper claimed he saw his 1st UFO while flying over W. Germany in 1952. During 1957 while filming at Edwards AFB he stated he saw a UFO land in the CA flats and that the film was confiscated by the military. It's hard to imagine what Cooper would hope to gain from such a story. If you listen to his tone in this interview []. I think you'll agree when I say he doesn't sound particularly excitable.

On 1986 flight JAL-1628 there were 3 air-visuals of a UFO the size of an aircraft carrier, 1 air & 2 ground radar confs. This lasted for 30 minutes. Also the FAA chief John Callahan [] admitted he gave the flight data to Reagan's scientific staff & said afterwards he was sworn to secrecy by the CIA.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on 11/24/2007 made an appearance on Larry King Live (youtube vid []) and said that as the panels were floating away from Apollo 11 that he, Armstrong, and Collins tracked a point of light in space, that wasn't a star, that was moving and changing directions.

In 1952 naval photographer, Delbert Newhouse, video-taped a flotilla of UFOs [] while with his wife & 2 small children. He recorded several minutes worth of color video footage. When handed to the USAF it was instantly classified Top Secret. The 1st analysis concluded they were not balloons, aircraft, & unlikely to be birds.

The 2nd analysis by USN Photo Interpretation Lab at Navy's Anacostia facilities was the culmination of a ~1000 man hours of work. There was almost complete consensus it couldn't be birds because there was no fluttering. The P.I.L representative suggested they weren't birds, balloons, aircraft, were "not reflections because there was no blinking while passing through 60 degrees of arc" & were, therefore, "self-luminous.

Dustin D.
1/12/2009 7:31 PM
The third group to analyze the film led by the CIA, the Robertson panel, conceded to Dr. Thornton Page's analysis. His argument was that the images on the film looked similar to seagulls he had seen near his home. This simple ten-second analysis became the official explanation.

In 1969 Page lamented the "excessive levity []" he brought to the Panel's proceeding and how he later thought the UFO subject deserved serious scrutiny.

So in conclusion these accounts demonstrate:

      1. that there is something unidentified in our airspace. Project Twinkle definitively proves this.
      2. it's likely more than just a simple aerial/weather phenomena. The 1956 Bentwater sighting, the 1976 Iranian F16 encounter [], & the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles strongly suggest intelligence, and
      3. in recent years we're seeing many instances where people who have worked in high-ranking positions in the government are whistle-blowing (FAA Chief Callahan,

Astronaut Cooper, Blue Book Dir. Ruppelt, Astronaut Aldrin, Blue Book Scientific adviser Hynek, Lt. Col. Daniel Mcgovern, Gov. Fife Symington, Vice-Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter [], etc) & they're largely being ignored even though many of them have publicly stated they're willing to testify under oath before congress.

If this isn't enough to convince you something's happening in our skies research Big Sur (1964/09/16), the Malmstrom AFB Missle/UFO incident (1967/03/16), Iranian F-4 encounter (1976/09/19), 1909 plane stands still for 15 minutes in MA (1909/12/24), Denison daylight Texas sighting (1878/01), Discovery Mission 29 (1989/03/13-14) and I have plenty more if you're interested.

1/12/2009 9:07 PM
You speak of change, accountability, honesty, and transparency with the American people, this is the issue.  Nothing bigger, nothing.  Just like the rest or time to step up and let us know no matter the consequence.  Real change, lets see it.
1/12/2009 9:52 PM
Now that the Government has lost the trust of the people it would be a good time to come clean. 1952, UFO's over DC on two weekends in a row ......swamp gas. Really.
1/12/2009 9:55 PM
Agreed, lets be honest about this, we want the truth!
1/12/2009 10:55 PM
it is time to learn the truth about who "WE" really are. We are all one. The harvest is soon. No matter what happens in this aspect ,it will not change what will happen. Very soon things will come into fruition so that not one person on this planet you call earth will not wonder if your are alone. You are all loved ! Remember that you are here to learn love !
David Morgan
1/12/2009 11:29 PM
This is the most important issue that the whole world needs to address immediately.


And it's about time the U.S. stopped being childish, treating us like idiots and finally telling the world the truth about the extra terrestrial presence on our planet Earth.
1/12/2009 11:42 PM
UFO cover-up is a conspiracy against the American people, please come forward with the truth.
1/12/2009 11:45 PM
 I am so happy to see all of this support! Get the word out tell people to vote for this.
1/13/2009 1:08 AM
I agree with the above... All of the above. If there is something out there, then I believe we the people deserve to know. Afterall, aren't we the ones financing all of the ABC gov't groups that are hired for the sole purpose of researching what is out there, and keeping it a secret from us? Really funny how that works out, if you ask me.

You cannot deny that there are government branches that are only hired to keep whatever is out there, secret from us. Do the research.
1/13/2009 1:26 AM
Don't be a tool, Obama. Inform the public.
Henry Dover_LA
1/13/2009 1:54 AM
It can not be hidden any longer.
More and more retired army and NASA employees are starting to talk openly about this subject.
The time is ripe !
1/13/2009 2:02 AM
We want to know the truth. We can handle it. it is our right!
The government denial of this just causes more distrust in our leaders..
the one
1/13/2009 2:12 AM
what does the truth do we know its there why dont we figure out why we are human we are meant to think for ourselves that is what they want us to do they are not here to change us but to encourage
1/13/2009 2:22 AM
Talk about Destiny- Here is the chance for human kind's next step in destiny.

Think about all the small troubles that would be forgotten once our nation realized complete truth.

Its time
1/13/2009 2:39 AM
The World wants to know the truth!
The world wants free energy
The world wants peace
1/13/2009 2:57 AM
You Americans forget, that you aren't alone on this planet, so don't saying "The people of this country need to know the truth"...I'm from Slovenia and I know what is going on...
All planet should know this truth and after this our lives will be different...I think that this isn't the only truth which they are hiding from us...(Ilumminati and other stuff) tell all Mr. Obama!

I think that Obama is a good man, with good hart, so he is on good side not evil:)
I support him!

Cheers form Slovenia (Europe - for all Americans who don't know where is Slovenia; probably all Americans - what a shame!!!)
1/13/2009 4:29 AM
President Obama, I hope you will listen to us. We are not alone in the universe. Can you acknowledge this please? It cannot be hidden any longer.
1/13/2009 4:33 AM
Open congressional hearings on this issue is a top priority for many.
Average Joeoe J
1/13/2009 5:47 AM
we are not all sheep, we are not all catholic. most of us know the skies are not empty. most of us realize we are not the chosen ones. this universe is too complex for one superior race. doesn't work that way. this might be pointless. but than again. so is sitting on my ass bitching about disclosure. thank you sir.
1/13/2009 5:54 AM
The Truth is out there... Allow open congressional hearings and permit all the high ranking military officials and government academics/scientists to give sworn testimony to the US congress!
1/13/2009 6:04 AM
I agree.

We have UNIDENTIFIED PHENOMENA in our skies, we deserve to know the truth, we deserve to know WHAT these things are, and WHO or WHAT is controlling them. We have been denied the truth from planets as well. The moon and mars have lots of images that are blocked out by NASA, why? We the people need to know the truth, we CANNOT have a Government that lies to us. If the government continues to lie to the people, then it cannot be helped. One day the people will wake up and take action. There are more people than government, there are people than military, millions upon millions more people.
1/13/2009 6:10 AM
President Obama, if you really want the fighting and wars to stop on this planet, disclose the fact that there are beings from other planets here now. I would bet my life that everyone would stop, lay down their weapons, and listen. You are the leader of he entire world. You have the ability to make this happen. Don't hold the facts regarding this knowledge to yourself and the rest of the ruling elite.
1/13/2009 6:23 AM
We do need the truth to be revealed to us on this issue. It is so obvious that we are not alone in this universe.

When you gave a speech in Henderson Nevada there was a UFO caught on the video footage.. There is also footage of what was really found on the moon during the Apollo Missions (Plural more than 1 mission )... Just keep it real with us on this...

Time for change is correct.. The change is the truth!!
1/13/2009 6:47 AM
I know the world can be a scary place. Especially when everything is not as it seems. There have been secrets kept for far too long and the only way for us to move forward as a whole is to release the truth about everything. That's change. Honesty in the white house.
1/13/2009 7:53 AM
I think someone who has be portrayed as an open minded, common man type president needs to live up to the stereotype. Disclosure is something many people have been waiting for. 

If you truly want to save you economy and the people. Why not use some of that "alien" technology and bring us out of the freakin' stone ages.
1/13/2009 8:05 AM
Just one more voice.  Ready for real change.  I don't expect miracles, just something more than complete denial.
1/13/2009 8:07 AM
Disclosure would unite the world and end all wars. We are on the verge of great discovery and awakening of our collective conscience. Let us embrace this true and meaningful change.
1/13/2009 8:23 AM
Time for truth. Time for action. 
1/13/2009 8:29 AM
Hello from Canada,

As a United States of America President, you have the power and the CHANCE to change the world. Do you a tleast know how many countries are affected by the US? The whole WORLD is affected by your country even if it's a good country, a great place to be, there are still so much lies told. You can change that, we know that there are UFOs out there because we see them, if there is indeed an ET presence on our planet, don't lie to us by saying ''This is all about national security'' Hey, if they can travel to us, do you really think if they wanted us all dead, they wouldn't do it? They would have done it a long time ago, they are friendly and we, the people, NEED to know about the truth, we love you Obama and we hope what you promised to us, changes.

Thank you

1/13/2009 9:02 AM
 We are only furthering the people from the democratic principals that are promised within the word itself!  In a true democratic society, one of the greatest discoveries and understandings, such as UFO's and their origin, is of the uppermost importance to be disclosed.  We the people are the government who hired Obama, now please do your part and reflect truth and us, the people, regardless of the corporation's and military industrial complex wills, for their will is not the will of the people, in fact their will is exactly what has caused almost total destruction we are experiencing right now.  In time of collapse of the old structures and perceptions, the now becomes leadership that is willing to lead into a new state of being, perception, and structure!  The UFO disclosure is the missing piece to all our problems- self identity, purpose as a human on Earth, technology, understanding of human history, truth, and freedom!  It's time for change, it's time for hope and ahh, it's time for disclosure to awaken the slumbering masses that we manifest our destiny! 
1/13/2009 9:05 AM
 The evidence is overwhelming.  Even if 99 percent of all reports are explainable, that leaves many thousands of credible reports.  The government disinformation must stop!  Stop hiding behind a curtain of "national security" on this issue.
UFO Truthseeker
1/13/2009 9:16 AM
I am from the UK and i've been watching your speeches and campaign trail with interest even though i myself don't agree with all the things you say i have to say you have an air of charisma and trust around you unlike "Dubya" Please for the sake of all humanity tell us the truth you don't need to go into pure details like telling us where they are or anything just acknowledge that they exist and are here with us please as a fellow human being. Once more congratulations on the appointment and i wish you all the best in your first term
With the Utmost respect
- Mike

P.S.   I agree with all the things these people say i myself have had 3 occurrences with the UFO's.. i saw three of them near the hills at my house, one near Scotland and another one which i could see bright as day being repaired so i beg of you as a person of power and trust tell the world. Don't fall into the lies of the past administration bring real CHANGE to your country and her allies.
1/13/2009 9:21 AM
Other nations have released their UFO info ,so as a leading nation why wouldn't we?
1/13/2009 9:37 AM
This is incredibly stupid. Our government is treating us like mindless children.

We can handle UFO disclosure. Most of America (and the world) knows that UFOs are genuine. Just release the information already, we're sick of being lied to.
1/13/2009 9:54 AM
If your wondering how to introduce the disclosure, please start by assuring amnesty to those who actually have been withholding the info. we dont want anyone to be harmed over this issue.

But you must start treating us like people who inhabit the planet not people who are plaguing the planet. Things will get worse if you continue to dumb down your countrymen. its time you started to lift things up into the light. People are experiencing ET encounters that are hurting their social life and causing people to turn their backs on them.

Other countries are beginning to take it seriously and i assure you, America should not be the last country to finally open its doors to the public.

its a world wide phenomenon, you cant seriously play that old card that UFO sightings are related to wacko hill billy people. SO MANY retired military personel, pilots even, doctors, lawyers, farmers, EVERY WALK OF LIFE have seen this phenomenon in one way or another.

Please DISCLOSE and create thousands of new jobs in the process!
Daniel P
1/13/2009 10:10 AM
Mr. President,
the people are sick and tired of being treated like children, you acknowledged this in your campaign and it was a major factor on why it was one of the most successful campaigns in American history.

The American people elected you because you talked to them as adults, please don't stop now. We are not children, we can take it.

With Open Government in mind, please ask for open Congressional hearings on this subject; Offer to pardon Government and Military people that would be breaking their security oaths if they wish to come forward with information they might have; Declassify files that have been classified for more than 50 years under the guise of National Security.

I'm sure there are many things that can be done to achieve transparency and get to the bottom of this. You might want to ask Mr. Podesta, I'm sure he has a few ideas of his own.

We're not children Mr. President, and we the people are asking you to tell us the truth. Thank you.
1/13/2009 10:12 AM
Disclosing this information is change I can believe in. 
1/13/2009 10:13 AM
This issue has gone on far too long and is one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed.
Full disclosure would shake things up worldwide and make much of the petty issues that we deal with every day totally pointless.
Would there be serious upheaval in the day to day actions of our species? Absolutely. But the time for that upheaval and awakening is just what is needed. Our world needs a serious kick in the butt to progress into a better race.
Its time for the governments of this planet to admit that they have been lying to us and take responsibility for their actions. The good that will come of this will far outweigh the bad.
There will be social unrest and the transition will not be an easy one, but it needs to take place now.
President Obama, as the leader of the greatest nation on the planet, you must bring this issue into the light so that the rest of the world can join us in what will most certainly be the most important event that has ever taken place in the history of the human race.
The people don't want to be "protected" anymore. We want, no demand, the proof. Good or bad, the time for full disclosure rests firmly on your shoulders.
I have faith that you may be the one who will finally put an end to one of the greatest charades ever forced on the people of the planet Earth.
We who sign this request are not demented or delusional. Many of us have spent countless hours researching this issue and the only conclusion, faced with insurmountable evidence, is that we have been lied too.
Buck up, face the facts, and insist that this veil be lifted once and for all.
1/13/2009 10:18 AM
It is time to disclose the truth about the subject of UFOs. it is a shame how the truth has been suppressed in this country from the public since 1940's.
1/13/2009 10:39 AM
While I don't think that the fear of a widespread panic is unfounded, I feel that full disclosure on this issue would do much much more good than harm. I hope our new president feels the same.
1/13/2009 10:49 AM
 I agree will everybody here please disclose.
1/13/2009 11:08 AM
This a distraction at this time.  We are in two useless wars, let the Fed and others trash the economy, you hired dual citizen warmongers to run this country and we're discussing UFO's.....?
1/13/2009 11:09 AM
Sir:   Not only does the government owe us an explanation about extraterrestrial beings, our government should by law be required to fully disclose all former and ongoing "black ops".
 We as taxpayers fund the government and should have every right  to know what the money is being spent on.
 You as President will be the head of our visible government.  It is your duty to bring the unseen government to light.
1/13/2009 11:29 AM
Mr President,  In regard to the UFO issue, your transition chief John Podesta has it correct. 

In speaking with the Las Vegas Journal, Podesta stated, "I think it’s time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs."
Dustin D.
1/13/2009 11:36 AM
@RonPaul: I respectfully disagree with you. If the government can take on two wars and a depression, I think we can easily allocate resources to take the sworn statements from legal counsel Daniel Sheehan, ex-FAA chief John Callahan, ex-pilot and Gov. Fife Symington in front of the House Committee on Science and Astronautics.
1/13/2009 11:45 AM
The time is now Obama. 

Follow John Podesta's advice, disclose to the world the truth of the matter.  Threats from the ruling elite, and corporate bullies may come, but they are few, the people are many.

We would stand beside you.
Dustin D.
1/13/2009 12:01 PM
To reiterate, at a minimum, there should be public congressional hearings before the House Committee on Science and Astronautics. We need the testimony from the likes of legal counsel Daniel Sheehan, ex-FAA chief John Callahan, ex-pilot and Gov. Fife Symington on the record.
1/13/2009 12:09 PM
full and complete disclosure of technologies is not needed.  just disclose the facts we know about aliens and whether we benefit from their technologies or not.   black ops disclosure is not necessary as long as it is beneficial to our citizens of this great country
1/13/2009 12:31 PM
Need to get disclosure in order for the human race to save the planet, from it self and others.
1/13/2009 12:55 PM
It seems so perfectly logical to me that we are not alone in the Universe.  It also seems logical to me that the UFO sightings and incidents that have been reported worldwide, are not accidental nor misunderstandings.  It seems that the only logical stance one can take is the one being urged by so many around the globe.  We are being visited by extraterrestrials; we are being observed and perhaps even affected by them; therefore we need to be aware -- on a global level -- that they exist and that they are a presence in our world and in our lives.
I know that the government fears that the peoples of the world will be terrified by this disclosure.  But it will happen, sooner or later, and the more prepared for it we are, the better we will be able to withstand that disclosure. 
Therefore, do it sooner rather than later.  Let us start adapting our thinking to it now while we are still capable of looking at it with some dispassion, and not a sense of panic.
Exopolitics is real and we must make it part of our global agenda.
1/13/2009 1:09 PM
I don't see the point. UFO's exist. There are many myths that have been recorded about UFO's. Bible. Ezekiel.

1:15 Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces.

1:16 The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.

And these references from Ezekiel:

10:9 And when I looked, behold the four wheels by the cherubims, one wheel by one cherub, and another wheel by another cherub: and the appearance of the wheels was as the colour of a beryl stone.

10:10 And as for their appearances, they four had one likeness, as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel.

10:11 When they went, they went upon their four sides; they turned not as they went, but to the place whither the head looked they followed it; they turned not as they went.

10:12 And their whole body, and their backs, and their hands, and their wings, and the wheels, were full of eyes round about, even the wheels that they four had.

10:13 As for the wheels, it was cried unto them in my hearing, O wheel.

10:14 And every one had four faces: the first face was the face of a cherub, and the second face was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle.

So UFOs' existed in the bilblical times. I am betting they do now also. However the US Gov.s take on almost all matters is to "protect" us from the unknown when there is nothing to protect us from.
1/13/2009 1:23 PM
Change on the subject of UFO's is just not going to happen. Some of the UFO's is our stuff or military projects.  Others are run by the "Transnational Government".

UFO's are a great way for the Military Industrial Complex to create a new enemy for when they run out of enemies.  Also a good excuse to weaponize space.

Eventually, we will be told that there are aliens and they want to hurt us.  Or there are dangerous comets and asteroids that could hurt the planet.  Then the military industrial complex will have an excuse to weaponize space.

They want a policy pushed, all  they have to do is create the problem and supply the solution which is their agenda.

I'm sure they figured out how to make light pass though objects in space. Just go out and buy and Infrared Filter for your camera or telescope and look up and see what type of heat signatures you get then.

Obama will not disclose because he needs to be re-elected.  Obama is too smart to look like a wacko quite yet. 

Obama will be briefed buy some guy who only knows half  or part the story who really does not know everything and it will stay that way.

Sorry, why do you need disclosure from our government?  Just find out for  yourself..
1/13/2009 1:23 PM
 Dear Mr. President,
     I understand that the elite feel as if keeping these grave secrets will be better for humanity.  Some things the world is better off not knowing.  I am hear to tell you that information is wrong.  Imagine were humans would be if everyone had all the information at hand.  Sure some people will go crazy that is because the governments across the world have created the illusion of "what is".  

   You will now hold the power to shed light on this sensitive subject.  We as citizens of this great country are able to hear and see videos of bombing's, arrests, violent hate crimes, murders and any other acts that involve putting fear into the human soul.  Anything that makes the human being think or causes a light bulb to go off in there head we are disbanded from.  

The time is now, you say you are about positive change.  We will see if you will shed light or continue to provide darkness.
1/13/2009 1:24 PM
The lies, mistruths and over all distrust has gone on for too many decades and administrations.  President-Elect Obama, you speak of a change in government that we can believe in.  Why stop there?  Why go halfway?  What about a change in humanity that we can all believe in.

Why not expose the single most important story humankind has ever had hidden from them?  Would you rather have France or Brazil or England take the lead on this issue and be judged by history as the nation who emancipated our species? 

We all know how much you admire Lincoln, then take a page from his book and find the courage, and the political will to do what many deem impossible.  Even if they won't give you the information you want, even if they deny you the opportunity you are still the are still the Commander in voted by the people of this great nation.  You promised to listen to the people of this nation, here's your chance to make a nation truly great again.
1/13/2009 1:41 PM
 Please tell the American Citizens and the world the Truth about UFO's and that we are not alone. Over a 50 year cover-up is long enough.
1/13/2009 1:47 PM
Keep your eye on the sky.
1/13/2009 1:59 PM
I just wonder how bad things will get, Mr. Obama, before you guys decide that you MUST tell us.
Perhaps, just perhaps, people actually enjoy seeing people, who they consider to be of lower quality, fight to the death for their benefit?

Such an admission would unite the world over night. Big business would be forced to loosen its stranglehold on this planet... Either that or move out of the fossil fuel business and on to another method of control.

Wouldn't you, Mr. Obama, enjoy being able to make decisions for yourself, free of lobbyist influence?

Please do the right thing.

And good luck with your Presidency! It is going to be a tough ride, I'm sure.
1/13/2009 2:01 PM
Having read The Terra Papers, a term paper written by Robert Morning Sky for an Origins of Religion class, wherein he describes the history of the Earth as given in trust to the Hopi tribe in 1947 by a rescued ET, I know a number of things, including:

There are ET's among us.

We were genetically engineered.

Galactic royal DNA was used to create humans.

There are Human Hearted and Lizard Hearted living on this planet.

The Lizard Hearted run most of the world.

Given this, I would like to see this information given to us, honestly and wholeheartedly.  We are royalty, all of us with Human Heart, and as such, we should no longer be oppressed.  We should move towards an abundance paradigm, with robots to do all the work no one wants to do...  We should no longer be lied to.

Thank you for listening.
1/13/2009 2:08 PM
I agree that the U.S. government should finally disclose whether or not UFOs exist during the Obama administration. Whoever reads our comments please push for this to be included. Barack Obama is the best person to disclose whether or not UFOs exist for these reasons; his black, white and asian heritage will allow people the world over to feel comfortable with him making the announcement, and he is ignorant (not "in the know") to the issue and will be able to dodge accusations about being involved in cover ups and not telling the public sooner.
1/13/2009 2:09 PM
I think I understand why the Government hasn't told us already, Mr. Obama. They are afraid that such an admission would cripple the corrupt systems that they have allowed to take over this fine Nation.
However, what you guys may not realize is that the longer this thing draws out (it isn't going away, by the way) the chances only increase that eventually something is going to happen that is going to be undeniable. Something that the "swamp gas" excuses aren't going to work for. And when that does happen, the ramifications are going to be much more extreme when people realize that the Government has spent the last 60 years covering this up and CREATING those same corrupted systems that they are afraid of losing.

Amnesty to anyone who comes forward. Public hearings. Whistleblower protection. These are musts.
The time is now. We can correct the course if we do this the right way. Nobody can be punished, in any way shape or form, for being truthful about something they had nothing to do with in the beginning. Time for this Government to become a shining beacon again.

Guy Mariano
1/13/2009 2:16 PM
1/13/2009 2:34 PM
@ Guy Mariano
We already HAVE the tech (and cures, and many other suppressed techs) in Black Ops.
Have you seen the interview with Gary McKinnon?  He is a Brit that broke into the Black Ops computers and found free energy, antigrav, aliens and other stuff.
But for profit motives, for power, we are kept from this tech.
1/13/2009 2:34 PM
@ Guy Mariano

We already HAVE the tech (and cures, and many other suppressed techs) in Black Ops.
Have you seen the interview with Gary McKinnon?  He is a Brit that broke into the Black Ops computers and found free energy, antigrav, aliens and other stuff.
But for profit motives, for power, we are kept from this tech.
1/13/2009 2:47 PM
I think it's time the truth is being told about ufos and If they;re extraterristral a perogram should be implmeted to slowly release the sensitvie information to the public.
Dustin D.
1/13/2009 2:51 PM
@Amaterasu, Gary McKinnon broke in to the Army, Navy, USAF, DOD, NASA and all he found was what he thinks was a picture of a UFO. He didn't save it to disk. He didn't take a picture of his screen. So all we have is his word. That isn't to say there's nothing to the UFO phenomenon, but please, lets talk about what we know as fact instead of sensationalizing what we don't know for certain.
1/13/2009 2:57 PM
This should have been addressed a long time ago. End the secrecy.
1/13/2009 3:05 PM
 Already 1600 points if we can get this issue at the top of the list no one can ignore it.
1/13/2009 3:06 PM
 we are in the top fifty right now lets make this happen.
1/13/2009 3:09 PM
Let us end the policy and the "idea" that the general public must be protected from information that the "illustrious" few can handle and can then deal with for their own interests rather than the interests of the earth.  My suspicion is that there are many senators and staff in D.C. who are aware of the extraterrestrial presence.  Everyone should have all of the information.  END THE SECRECY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/13/2009 3:11 PM
with all due respect please try not to brief Obama on the terra papers.
The last thing we need on this topic is LIZARDRY sheesh.
you do what this actually want this topic to be considered by the OBAMA administration right? sheesh
1/13/2009 3:15 PM
If you want to close the rapidly widening rift between this (and other) government and its people, owning up to something as clear as the nose on one's face is a good way to start.

We are all in this together as a race.  Do we move forward together, or as disparate groups, constantly lying to and at odds with one another, and never making real progress on this issue?

What is the truly intelligent approach to this matter at this point?
1/13/2009 3:15 PM
@ Dustin D.

Fair enough, Dustin.  Thanks for clarification.  I was under the impression he got into Black Ops (which may be incorporated in that group you listed somewhere...).

Still...  I am certain they have the tech.  Just from my research into Tesla, Reich, Schauberger, and others, I am aware that they have had free energy for a long while now.

So to speak of the tech as being here is less "sensational" and more what I know.
1/13/2009 3:42 PM
@ Lord_Thumbs

I see.  You are all for disclosure - just not the truth?  Did I get that right?
1/13/2009 3:43 PM
Mr. President,

We are patiently awaiting a President who will have the honesty and courage to come forward and confirm to the world what we know already to be true-the existence of extraterrestrials. We feel you are the right man to do so.

Earth is being engaged by intelligences from other worlds and thousands of witnesses the world over are seeing and experiencing them first hand. Swamp gas, weather balloons, crash test dummies and other excuses will not work anymore. This populace is a lot more informed and savvy than those of a generation ago. 

Earth is but a grain of sand  in this place we call the universe and to think we are alone is being naive and arrogant. Imagine what it would be like if black ops shared some of that reversed engineered technology with the rest of the world. We could rid the world of famine and pollution in no time .

It has become so apparent that the "EBE's" are trying to get our attention that its become almost laughable. They are flying over Bushes ranch in Texas for crying out loud. If you do not disclose they eventually will.

Governments should never lie to the people.  They represent the people and secrets are not part of the deal. I hope that you stick to your plan by invoking change-the platform that got you elected

Thank you,,
1/13/2009 3:45 PM
All UFO data should be de-classified and made public to promote scientific inquiry.
It is time for the big changes that will insure the survival, enlightenment and fulfillment of our species.
1/13/2009 3:57 PM
The truth will set us free!
Save planet earth.
Love each other.
Daniel P
1/13/2009 4:14 PM
@ Amaterasu

We're all for Disclosure, we simply don't assume to know what the truth is, and especially not based on a book which doesn't present any shred of factual data.

We're all for investigating the phenomena, clearly something is our skies, and one would only have to look into the MUFON Stephenville Radar Report to understand this and the implications of that fact. Let's keep the conversation centered on factual information rather than speculation.

The Government has studied and has a bigger interest in UFOs, as shown by declassified documents released through FOIA, contrary to what it has officially stated.

The FAA currently rejects all UFO reports and says it doesn't investigate them. Clearly something is wrong with these policies, especially in a post 9-11 world.

Let's end this completely ridiculous policy of denial and ridicule of the subject, have open and honest Congressional hearings and inquiries, and study the phenomena scientifically in the open.
1/13/2009 4:17 PM
Instead of ignoring this issue and falsifying the truth, disclosure would be the breath of fresh air the people of this country have been waiting years for.
1/13/2009 4:17 PM
I would just like to address people who complain this is a waste of time:
There is likely technology that comes with disclosure that would cure a lot of our problems, including energy and foreign policy issues.
Disclosure wouldn't simply mean, "hey yea, umm, UFOs are real. BYE!"
A LOT more would come with it, most likely benefits that would help all of mankind.
1/13/2009 4:28 PM
Dear President Obama,

Not only must we disclose the Extraterrestrial Presence, but in tandem, we must convert the political, industrial and technological landscape.  By integrating international military forces in an exchange to restore and enhance the forests and plant crops to end global hunger, trillions in monetary units can be shifted from weapons and weapons platforms to technological conversion and industrial changeover/diversification. Zero point energy (free fuel-less energy), medical cures, advanced energy and environment savvy homes, new transportation and advanced individualized education should be at the forefront. In this, not only will people know about the infinite number of diverse civilizations in the universe and in our solar system, but we will have paved the way for the beginnings of peace with them as an Interstellar Society on the same page.  God be with you; I am.  And be fearless and full of divine love.   Sincerely yours, Jeffrey Morgan Foss
1/13/2009 4:34 PM
Having sifted through MUCH "available" evidence (and not what the mainstream media is shilling) I DO believe in the existence of "unexplainable" aerial phenomenon and it's associated Coverup by governmental authorities.  It is far past the time to enlighten humanity and begin to DISCLOSE information behind this manifestation. This isn't so much that we're finally sophisticated enough (as a species) but rather we, as living human beings deserve the right to understand the world in which we live.  It is my strong desire, along with MANY others obviously, to have restrictions on government data eased. 
1/13/2009 4:43 PM
@ Daniel P

I approach what I write based on my well-researched opinion, I admit, but given that I have communicated with the author of The Terra Papers, as well as worked with someone who was close to him back when the Papers came out, and given all I have learned about Hopi views, I conclude that the Papers are "for real."

And so, I feel remiss in pretending that I don't feel I have a clue about what all is going on.

If you feel my input is not valid, you're welcome to your opinion.  But just because you think so does not mean that my viewpoint is invalid nor a detriment to the cause of getting it all disclosed.

It is merely a different set of data that is being used to view the Universe.
1/13/2009 4:46 PM
 More Votes!
1/13/2009 4:49 PM
We have a right to know about UFO's. I really get irritated when the government say that UFO information is classified and is a national security issue. What gives them the power to do that? Just because they are apart of government, they're the only ones who get to receive this info? They are the same as us, they are people, and if I'm not mistaken, I thought this was a government RUN by the people. 
1/13/2009 5:07 PM
...This is the best idea....could fix the economy with the secret technologies...there is to much secrets between the government an us....if we don't do this....I expect someone else to do they are....the British The Vatican as well....those of you that do not no what that is, it is the pope....So you got the pope saying its ok to believe in now I'm guessing the whole world is looking at this administration, an what it will do.
1/13/2009 5:15 PM
This should really make it to the top of the list.
It's important to make the truth seen.
1/13/2009 5:16 PM
I and four to six others in Abingdon, VA saw multiple LARGE UFO’s on June 23, 2008 starting at 10:03 PM. I am an ex military paratrooper and Pathfinder as well as a vehicle recognition specialist for Long Range Recon. I have seen and jumped out of just about every military aircraft in service, and have never seen anything like this. Large Black rectangle just larger than football fields, with lights (smaller) on each of four corners underneath, one larger, dimmer set back from front two and centered, with large red beacon rotating in center. First was at about 2,000 ft (I know as I’ve jumped from that level), second in half hour later as we watched it descend through 8,ooo ft to about 4 to 5,000, level out, move east and then begin to rise at about 8 miles out over Bristol, TN. Both moved at 35 - 45 knots going East to West along Interstate 81 and Lee Hwy. First went right over my head on Beverly Drive in Abingdon and others saw them as they passed directly in front of us at an insanely close distance. I worked my rear end off for the McCain camp as a volunteer. You promised change, let's see if you'll bring what you have promised!!

The technology I saw, will emphatically, change the current economic and energy crisis in which we now find ourselves embroiled.

Dennis J. Wisnosky Jr.
1/13/2009 5:30 PM
SOLAR EXTINCTION= MAN' S EXTINCTION. Experts estimate, depending on whom you ask, that the Sun has about 5 million yrs. of Life left, and that Earth (or, at least, Man) has about 3 billion. See, the experts pretty much agree, We WILL Die before the Sun does.

If there are Beings and Technology capable of visiting this rock we call Earth, and They can survive not only the trip, but also, the Environment of this Planet (even if by assisted means), ergo it follows: So can we ensure the survival of the species.

Bear in mind, the estimates could be wrong. Consider if the Sun, en route to expanding to around 300 times it's current size, along with the exponential increase of It's Hydrogen- Helium Solar Thermal Activity- that is to say, as it gets extremely hotter- it could ignite the Combustible Gas atmosphere of Venus.
Or, maybe, it could, with it's increased Gravity and Mass, pull Mercury and/ or other Celestial Bodies out of their Orbits and, say, draw them into itself. If Newton and Keppler are correct, wouldn't that have a potentially catastrophic effect on the Earth, since the Sun "theoretically" controls things like the speed of our Orbit and it's Gravity tethers our planet to the others, so that if one moves out of position or alignment, they all do? Or are we being taught falsehoods in our Schools and Media?
So, potentially, the estimates of our Earth and/ or Man's Extinction due to Solar Extinction, although not expected to give us the precise date and hour of our Guaranteed and Certain Demise, might well be grossly over- stated.

Therefore, if there be no such thing as the Existence of Extra- Terrestrial Beings and these things truly are merely Man- made, Psychological, or Natural to earth in Origin- Disclose as much. Wouldn't Public Interest and National Security of the USA, in part, and the Global Community, overall, be best Served (and that is what you vowed to do- Serve- so put your Oath of Office above all other Oaths you undertake past, present, or future, even if you vowed to put, say, your Brotherhood, or Other, first already).
This is too important an issue, because, we as a people need to concentrate our time, resources, and intellect in real areas of endevour which will advance mankind and ensure our survival from an otherwise Inevitable Extinction.
1/13/2009 5:31 PM
It is not right to leave the decision to the Un-Elect or the Elect who fail to adequately represent us. This decision does not belong to Men who think purely Objectively, either, as they tend to discard Subjective and Relativistic thoughts, which tend to favor the few at expense of the many and morality is purely Perspective- based, and is generally tossed to the wind or the Opinions of the Few tend to be imposed on the Many. The Constitution protects Minority individuals and entities from the Majority, it does not Empower them. Disclose the truth, so that, if there are no ET's, UFO's and the like, we can focus on reality- based Issues. If there are, such Intelligence and Access belongs to the Citizen's of the World and the Spirit of Democracy and the Republican Idea demand as much, as you do not Represent all the Citizen's and Countries of the Earth. Only Tyrants and Dictators naively assume they speak for the Global Community at Large. Even head's of Organized crime Syndicates and Families know not to overstep the Jurisdiction of all the Other Heads. No matter how Powerful and Connected one may be. No one has a claim to Non Earth based Assets and Resources. The US NAVY may have Jurisdiction of Space to Regulate and Control Activities Conducted there, and to protect US interests, but, the Constitution neither dealt with or implied any right with regard to Aliens, UFO's, and Space- neither did any of the Laws or Treaties it honors. Therefore, since States and Government have officially declared a non- interest in the Issue, it falls as a Right of the People, without contest. You have no Right to keep it from us, and doubtful any legal Right to Enforce it's being retained.
Disclose the Information, or maybe, we'll devise a Way to catch one for ourselves. If we capture one of your toys what can you say or do, Officially, you have no such things, they're all in our heads, how are we to know. It's not ignorance of the Law if the Law is: It doesn't exist.
Enough said, I guess.
Except: You could sit on it, but, someday, we may quit asking.
And for those of you who vote it down, who "butters your bread?" There can't be any real opposition to this request as this request will, if Disclosed, either shut us up or prove us right. And religious fanatics can't really be offended. If God made Man God can make beings that are not Man. There were "Sons of God" Rapha'im, Nephalim, the Heroes and Legends of old. All the Pagans believe in Non-Human Beings from Space. Eastern Principles don't conflict with the idea of Universal Life Principles and Extra Dimensional Beings. So, if you Vote this down, you are either the real crackpot here, a ploy to downplay the interest in Disclosure, or suffering from the pure fear that the answer will perhaps not be the one you want, or, will put you out of a profession. Vote it up and Vote it Repeatedly
Even the Founding Fathers knew the Mob rules. History shows that when Governments fail to assist the needs, wants, and desires of their people long enough, dark forces soon move in to fill the void of that absence. They may say to themselves, "Self, if the President's powerless against these "black" operatives at Work behind the scenes, I wonder what the God Father might be able to do." Just saying, it's not uncommon to trade one dictatorship for another. If high ranking officials and their Congressional testimony -that ET's, UFO's, and the like are, in fact, real- are so easily dismissed, what power could this request or you have to change the current paradigm on this Issue? Likely, none. Take away People's Avenues of redress long enough, and what choices are left? Disclose.
1/13/2009 5:42 PM
As you can see, people can see the truth with their own eyes, the fact the government & military denies or hides it is shameful. To be honest, why would anyone trust YOU if you didn't tell the beautiful American people the truth? Your approval ratings may be high now, I'm a supporter but if this doesn't come to surface then I know for sure your approval ratings will decline faster than anyone can say re-election. We're ready...the new Earth is ready...let's do this together as one. In peace, love, light, and laughter forever and always. Blessed be!
1/13/2009 6:03 PM
The majority of the U.S. population believes that alien life exists. There have been too many eye-witness accounts of UFO's. It is rather unfortunate, the approach the gov't has taken in this matter. To disclaim public and military reports of these phenomena and fabricate explanations of these reports. Events such as Roswell and the Phoenix Lights should be thought of as major events in the history of human civilization. Instead we are made to believe some ridiculous story about a weather balloon or flares to cover-up what thousands of credible people witnessed. We don't even understand our own planet, let alone our own galaxy, and the billions of other galaxies. Space exploration should be brought to the forefront. It is vital the future of mankind.
1/13/2009 6:22 PM
Of the people FOR the people......not just the "Elites"
1/13/2009 6:40 PM
Dear President Obama,

Ending the truth embargo regarding the presence of foreign, off world influences and the technologies with which have been and can further be revealed is quite possibly the most brave and important action a person could ever do. Are you able to accept that challenge? Do you have the strength and courage to bring forth the truth that is so evident to millions of people. Or are you just another example of political servitude given to the masses in a phony attempt to placate a false democracy? We are dying out here, sir, under ecomic homicide. PLEASE HELP US! Please listen to what you are being told in these comments and reports. These technologies will provide so much for the world. Let it be known! You were chosen!

Thank You and God Bless the Peacemakers.
Sean C. Markut
1/13/2009 6:55 PM
disclosure is a must.
1/13/2009 6:56 PM
The time has come for full disclosure.
Maybe this knowledge of knowing that we are NOT alone, can positively impact our society as a whole.
C'mon Obama. Make it happen!
1/13/2009 7:01 PM
I personally do not believe there is a government conspiracy concealing UFO presence.   The government is not organized enough to run a successful conspiracy.    People see UFOs because they desperately want to see them.  They believe in aliens the way people used to believe in elves; they believe in alien technology the way people used to believe in magic.  But there is no "magic" fix to our problems.  We have to solve our problems ourselves.  

I don't necessarily believe we are alone in the universe.  But I do think no alien race has made a serious effort to contact us.   Be logical about it.    If aliens with high technology really wanted to communicate with humanity, the government wouldn't be able to stop them.  They would blast their message in loudspeakers all over the planet and make their existence too obvious for anyone to deny.  

Why would you rather believe in aliens than believe in yourselves?    You say alien disclosure and alien technology will create world peace, new jobs, clean energy.  But we don't need aliens to solve those problems for us.  We can solve them for ourselves, with our own technology and our own hard work.    Its time we stopped looking to the skies for answers; we have the power and imagination to come up with our own answers.  
1/13/2009 7:16 PM
swooshmaiden -

People see UFOs because they're real.  They've been tracked on military and FAA radars for decades, and seen by highly trained military people and commercial pilots.  It's not just people wanting to see them.  C'mon, get real.  I suggest to the people who know nothing about the UFO subject to leave this topic alone.  Don't vote up or down because you have no knowledge to vote on.

Aliens aren't going to fix our problems, but I think knowing the truth will humble us in a good way.  It's just a big part of our human history that's never been officially acknowledged, and I believe it should.

Most of what you posted makes little sense.  I think you should read it over again and re-think your opinions.
1/13/2009 7:26 PM
dang, i'm sorry you think that 48% of Americans suffer from some illness which allows them to conjure up aliens and crafts, and even the f-16 fighter jets that follow or chase them off. your are seriously and i mean seriously misinformed and i hope your young enough to have time to reach the truth in the matter.

UFOREALITY ...oops i mean eric thank you for the rebuttal.
1/13/2009 7:38 PM
Disclosure would undoubtedly put this new administration in the history books as the greatest of all time. What president wouldn't want to be part of that? The greatest history in the making, and would for once in many, many years, put our government back into a position of trust and respect for finally being honest about something. 
It would solve the energy crisis and create a bond between all nations of the planet. I think that's pretty monumental myself.
1/13/2009 8:26 PM
i would love for this to happen but it never will. if the government is going to admit to anything how about thier role in 9/11?
1/13/2009 9:15 PM
There is little doubt that our planet Earth and our human societies are being quietly observed by one or more extraterrestrial civilizations. Formal acknowledgement of this fact by our world's government leaders will forever change the dynamics of our Earth civilizations in a way that will be for the long term betterment of all of mankind. It is past time that this truth is formally acknowledged by our world leaders and I urgently request the Obama Administration to do everything possible to bring this truth to light. If we do not live in the truth of the present we will continue to live in the darkness of the past.  
iowa city keith
1/13/2009 9:32 PM
revealing information about outer-worldly intelligent beings will be the biggest story to ever face mankind...everything from our current technology to our ancient history will probably change.   the only way to have a transparent government is to reveal the truth behind the mountain of lies, c'mon Barack, do what no other president could! America believes in you.
1/13/2009 9:44 PM
I think it's time the people know the truth
1/13/2009 10:14 PM
There are generally two kinds of people:
Type A:  Those who don't want to know about that sort of thing and accept any easy answer that explains it away.  (They would have landed on the White House lawn!)
Type B:  Those who are curious about the world.   (Holy heck there's actual physical and radar evidence, military and pilot testimony!  What is going on?!!!)
What type is Mr. Obama?
Star Archer23
1/13/2009 10:46 PM
Mr. Obama,

Though I may not be an American citizen, I do believe that you will have the position and the attention of the global community to (at the very least) give this phenomena the credibility it deserves.
These events and sightings are common place in my homeland (South Africa) and most likely in every other nation on Earth and it would be a pity if some sort of positive conclusion or disclosure of this matter did not come from your term(s) in office.   
Area 51
1/13/2009 11:29 PM
Its time for the truth...
1/13/2009 11:42 PM
Mr. President,
You promised the American People change.  You promised Transparency in government.  You may not be able to keep some of your campaign promises, due to the economy.  But keep these two.  Open the unredacted files the government has on this phenomenon, let the world know that you can be trusted to keep your word.  And perhaps, just perhaps, the stars will be available to man, the stars will be within his grasp.

Bill Widner
1/14/2009 3:25 AM
I absolutely believe there are extra-terrestrial life not only visiting, but currently dwelling here on this rock with mother-in-law comes to mind immediately! However this being my belief, I do feel that the Government has kept this a BIG secret for years...I think it would take a major political figurehead in a newly given position of power(*cough Obama *cough) to bring this to light as a "I just found out and thought it was a need to know issue"...let's hope this President-Elect has the testicular fortitude to do so...

After all, isn't he "The one WE have been waiting for" per BHO himself?
Dems Hate America
1/14/2009 5:24 AM
The stock market numbers are dropping off the face of the earth, people are losing jobs by the thousands, and this issue got 2000+ points??
Now we see where the priorities of the Obama votes lies.
1/14/2009 6:27 AM
I have been researching the subject of ET visitation and UFOs since 1995, and there is an abundance of evidence that we have been visited on numerous occasions.  The Air Force has continued to claim otherwise, and this is an insult to hundreds of thousands of American citizens.  According to a Gallop pole, over 80% of the adults in the USA believe that the government has been withholding the truth about UFOs.   It is time to end the Truth Embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence and release as much relevant information to the American people as possible.  Please support convening congressional hearings to take testimony from scores of former military and agency employees regarding extraterrestrial phenomena.  Please release into the public domain extraterrestrial derived technologies, secretly studied and reverse engineered for six decades, and now essential to overcome the environmental, economic and social challenges of our time.
1/14/2009 6:34 AM
This isn't science fiction its science fact.  Disclosure is long overdue.  The evidence by now is just too overwhelming.  This subject must be taken seriously.
1/14/2009 6:54 AM
Even if/when the truth is revealed, it most likely won't be fully accepted anyway.  People will believe what they want to believe.  We are not alone in this universe, but this UFO conspiracy talk is an immature distraction.
1/14/2009 8:18 AM
This is the greatest story never told. Mr. Obama do the right thing and disclose the ET presence. It will most surely be "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
Phillip G
1/14/2009 8:19 AM
Disclosure would bring a new light to trust and faith in our government.
1/14/2009 8:26 AM
With John Podesta being one of the many people in favor of disclosure we have great reason to hope the truth will come out.  I am also hopeful that having Leon Panetta as the new head of the CIA  will usher in the time of truth.  
1/14/2009 9:09 AM
I think we have the right to any information on UFO's.
Daniel P
1/14/2009 9:31 AM
@ CliffH
People believe what they want to believe until they are shown evidence.
I'm sure even after being shown evidence to the contrary some people will still believe their own crazy theories, but that will be a small minority.
And besides, don't we have people like that already? They are called religious fanatics.
But how is this idea a distraction exactly?
1/14/2009 9:32 AM
I just recently read a whistleblower's statement at and he stated that the military is about 10,000 years ahead in the advancement of technology most likely reverse engineered from extraterrestrials. If this is true and the UFO presence are real, which there is major supporting evidence, than the common person should know. Life is obviously difficult these days in the economic department. We need new technologies utilizing free-energy to rid ourselves of the indirect slavery that stems from the major oil companies and bankers of the world. Please help by taking action and making the world a better than ever before place to dwell.
1/14/2009 10:41 AM
And while we're at it, let's expose the oft-cited executive summary of the Condon Report for what it was ... preordained poppycock.
1/14/2009 10:44 AM
Mr. President Obama,
Common dude you can do this...It's in your hands... Plz don't turn us down.
1/14/2009 11:21 AM
Although i am NOT AMERICAN i have taken my time to ask you MR. OBAMA to get all the files the American government  have on ufos and aliens and share them with the public people.
1/14/2009 11:52 AM
What are you so AFRAID of?  Thinking about the beauty of our universe is soothing.  Grand Canyon, Milky Way Galaxy, Colorado River, People On Planets.  Birds live in trees.  People live on planets.

How many planets are contained in one Hubble photo?  More than we can count.
Quo Vadis
1/14/2009 11:56 AM
I agree with everyone here....

I think you will find it a bit different sitting in the driver's seat and receiving the daily intel briefs...... mind blowing isn't it? The longer you wait to disclose ,the more chaos it will cause. They are here and have been for a long, long time. We have been making trips to deep space for a long time. What is the total number of known underground bases now???? How about the vast underground tunnel systems throughout our entire nation? And the list goes on, and on, and on........ The time is now for disclosure.
1/14/2009 12:32 PM
For a cosmic perspective, check out Cosmic Awareness Communications at Forecast for 2009 now available!
Ron in Moab
1/14/2009 12:36 PM
We the People... have been ignored and disrespected by the federal government and their stand regarding disclosure of the UFO presence.  You, Mr. President, have the opportunity to reverse this truth embargo and allow us, as a nation, to take back the reins of sovereignty.  

Only full disclosure of the reality of the UFO/alien presence will do.  By some estimates (Roper Poll) the number of Americans taken by force every year by the aliens exceeds the population of the State of Iowa!  Should any nation on Earth carry away American citizens we would go to war!
Do not allow this to continue, Mr. President.

Ron in Moab
1/14/2009 12:39 PM
You are voicing that which many uninformed folks say.  I invite you to contact your local MUFON group.  We are working to reveal the truth about UFOs to people just like you, many of whom are curious yet uninformed.
1/14/2009 12:39 PM
The Disclosure process should be initially private. The implications of disclosure need to be weighed heavily. Prominent scientists, theologians, politicians, and anyone else that might be considered important to the issue needs to have input. 

Once the implications have been laid out and discussed, the public should be informed of the reality of what some of us already conclude, SOME UFOs are extraterrestrial and they have been on earth for a long time.

It could be that the government is desensitizing us to the reality of ETs through television and movies, but there needs to a more concerted effort to disclose the facts to the world. There will be some information that cannot be shared, due to national security concerns, but the majority of the people (from polls I have seen) already believe we're NOT ALONE, so it's not going to a shock to reveal some of the info.

These advanced people could offer us some assistance with our healthcare, pollution, poverty, etc...

It's worth the effort to investigate.

As Michio Kaku said on the Peter Jennings special about UFOs, 'Let the investigation being...' (paraphrased)
1/14/2009 12:43 PM
We the people deserve to know the truth! It is time for disclosure on all facts and records about UFOs and alien technologies that have been kept hidden for so long. Enough is enough!
1/14/2009 12:49 PM
Mr. President-Elect,
Please, disclose the Non-Terrestrial issue.  End the misinformation and ridicule by informing the world of who they are, why they're here, how long they've been here, what they have been doing, and how the world can benefit from this knowledge. Other nations have begun to release information, it is time for the US to make the ultimate step and help lead the world into a new era.
1/14/2009 12:49 PM
You can add me to this list, I agree with all.
1/14/2009 1:00 PM
Let's move the world into the future
No more lies and secrets from the people!
1/14/2009 1:02 PM
Dear Elected President Barack Obama,

What a challenge is about to come for you and your leaders as for the world;  might you and your leaders be Blessed and guided to lead with righteousness this wonderful country.  Elected President Barack Obama,  I know UFOs and extraterrestrial beings exist, they are many different species too, I have seen their spaceships,  I have seen them and being with them too; the ones that I met, look exactly like us but more technological and physically evolved, I have been in their spaceships and they have visited me too on a few occasions in the past. It is a reality that someday we have to face with wisdom, truth, cooperation and peace. They don't want to intrude with our free agency and with our destiny, to the contrary, they are happy for us to evolve if it is in peace, as they did themselves sometime in the past in their own planets, but they will prevent a future catastrophe induce by us, by our greed and lack of love that could severely affect our own evolution and that could affect as a consequence other worlds of existence too. Mr. President, someday humankind will be ready to understand this, and perhaps it is about time to take the first steps with caution and wisdom as I said;  there are extraordinary groups of good hearted honest people and scientists all over the world many of them well prepared, as governments too that might  have the capacity to deal with this unstoppable future for our race. We need to be  prepared in order to participate in something that will lead us to discover that we are not alone, neither have been in this magnificent beautiful infinite universe and that we will be able to be part of a peaceful universal community that lives in space too. God Bless America and our Planet. 
curious george
1/14/2009 1:07 PM
I would venture a guess that there are the same number of people in America that voted for you who believe that there are UFOs and extraterrestrials in our world. By not addressing this issue you are going to prove that you are NOT running a transparent government. We are certain that the technology has been discovered that would enable the US to be energy independent. At the very least; admit that this is something that requires an HONEST and independent scientific evaluation of the premise.  
1/14/2009 1:15 PM
Dear President Obama

I was proud of my country when you won the election. I was a advocate for democracy in the sixties and you help all of  us show the world why  America is so precious.
I witnessed a UFO flying disk (there were actually two) in daylight on a beach with a friend. Till this day I don't know what we witnessed.  I have never personally witnessed anything like it since. But there are millions who have witnessed these things and if the government has any information on this I personally would love to know. It  is my personally belief because of  a great deal of collaborating information from released classified documents, that the military was well aware of this problem  and very interested in these type craft.

Nothing could help  this world in understanding the  insignificants of all our augments like the realization we are one among many intelligences species in the Universe.

Humility is a wonderful thing humankind deserved to get a good does of it.
If the government has knowledge about visitation from other solar system for some time the very fact that nothing horrible has happened to us speaks volumes for why the knowledge should  be public.
The news would bring more joy than horror. This news would shout to us to get our act together there is a whole universe waiting for us  we need survive. 
If here  is nothing in the documents than it's time for there  release anyway. Why are there so many secrets in our archives anyway?
President Obama Sir,  I know you have a great deal to do, but releasing all the govern ment knowledge on this subject, by the end of your first year, would be a fine gesture. There are many American citizens including myself  who have witnessed these objects and wonder what is this going to be solved and when is the government going to release all it knows? But like everything else transparency is the only way it would be believed. The are people on your team that have a good deal of knowledge of this subject maybe you could get their take on the UFO subject and releasing all government knowledge.

Thank You For Your Service

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
1/14/2009 1:19 PM
Mr. President,

I would much rather hear the truth from my own Government than to have the truth unravel around us as other countries begin to release this information.  Far too many Government people have lied to us for too long a time at the cost of many innocent Americans in the name of a national security where no real security existed anyway.

I feel that UFO’s and the knowledge of them is the least of the worries of our people today.  Telling us the truth will remove one great deceit from the Governments plate.  This will be a big step in the direction of the kind of change we really need as a nation.  I want a Government that does not lie to me, not about anything.  I want politicians that are honest, even to a fault.  I am tired of political pork, backroom deals, and politicians getting away with murder, and worse.  All of this must begin with a President of true courage and a deep commitment to our beloved Constitution.  We the People are ready for such a man and such a President now!  I pray that you will be the answer to our Prayers.

Are you up to this kind of challenge?

1/14/2009 1:21 PM
There is enough irrefutable evidence available (dating back from thousands of years ago to present) to show that UFOs - ETs are a fact.   Open US Govt files for full Disclosure now.  
We, the people, are not going to "panic."  We are not going to commit mass suicide because everything we ever believed will be changed by such Disclosure.  Humanity will embrace the fact that we share this Universe with other beings and civilizations.

So, why would the US Govt not Disclose?  Fear by the military of what it doesn't understand and can't control?  Fear by the military to tell the public that it cannot "protect" us from ETs?  Or is it that Govt and military already have contact and are benefittng in ways that they'd rather not tell us (new technology, weaponry...)? 

Disclosure Now.  Please.   Thank You.
1/14/2009 1:22 PM
This one needs to go in a category! People would have to search "ufo" in order to find it. If it was in a category, maybe someone who wouldn't normally be looking for such a thing would stumble upon it and vote it up!
1/14/2009 1:28 PM
Hundreds of U. S. Government and contractor personnel are willing to testify before congress on this and related issues if given immunity against prosecution for violation of nondisclosure agreements.  Major, radical advancements in energy production and a plethora of other scientific, medical and technological developments await disclosure.
1/14/2009 1:35 PM
When I was younger, I saw photographs of aliens in "ice blocks" along with individual Medical records (not Autopsy Reports). They were of a dark greenish blue hue though some were shades of reddish orange. Their skin was mottled with these colors as if they were burned and/ or freezer burned and I cannot be certain which was outer flesh tones and which were inner, but, as the reddish- orange seemed less dominant, I assume that was the inner portion. I could not pretend to gauge their heights as there was no point of reference in the photo. There were about 9- 11 of them. If they were real, how tragic for them. I don't know whether they were ET's or Genetic mutations, or, a secreted actual natural species of Earth.

I don't know how he came to be courier for the items which were chained to his wrist by about 1 foot of chain. But, I do know he was transferring from the West to East. He was the Master Sgt. of the 1st FF for the USAF. He was not apparently subject to any reprimand for his nephew having opened the case and seeing the contents while he was distracted. It lay on our table while his back was turned talking to his sister (my mom), but, I imagine it was because they did not want a Court Martial or other Records to risk further leaking the incident.

He did state, after I had already handled and passed the contents around to my brother and sister (whose memory of the event isn't as good as mine as it was over 20 years ago this year), that, yes these beings were real, as he understood it, without having seen so himself- so he claims- they had been captured years before he was assigned to his base and that they were assisting us with various projects, and we were educating them as well. The rumor is that they are allowed limited contact with their kind, and that insofar as he knew, they were all either becoming weak over the years or dying.

I don't need to reveal his name or the base's locations here, as I'm sure you can easily find all that out, but, he retired honorably from the USAF a few years ago and has since gone on to become Mayor of a small town in Michigan.

They are real- I've seen them, I don't need you to confirm it. Unless, the USAF falsified the briefcase contents and had them couriered from base to base by an Officer with high clearances who was believed to have only had enough travel time to reach his destination with contents they believed would remained sealed. Unless they fabricated secret Propaganda media and transferred it to the second base (Langley- I believe it was) for their use, then, I can't imagine why in their right minds they had any vested interest in doing as they did. If it was Propaganda, it begs the question, to what end? To submit to the UFO community at large to perpetuate the myths using real or falsified data.? And, if that's true, why were they never used? The pictures were on Polaroid style film, only there was no white puffy border around it. This was in the early 80's. Does the film sound like any product you're aware of?

More questions than answers. How long until we stop asking and go catch one for ourselves?

1/14/2009 1:37 PM
Dear President,
It is better to announce than to have everyone be surprised by others' disclosure of themselves without introduction.
Best wishes for your Presidency.  I will do my best to support you.
Fernando V.
1/14/2009 2:00 PM
As a Submariner, I will not reveal how, as officially and non- officially I can neither confirm nor deny any allegations, accusations, or, suspicions you may have, as I was neither there nor did the events take place or occur, to the best of my belief, knowledge and/ or abilities, so help me God. However, I have working knowledge of the capability of a mechanism, by and through, means of said mechanism, it is not only possible, but also has been attained and is attainable, whereby a craft or vessel may, with propulsion slowed or disengaged, turn said craft or vessel from a heading of 0 degrees to a full 360 degree rotation, to return full cycle or circle to it's heading of origin. The mechanism as an incorporated cooling system to offset the heat generated by turning said craft or vessel load. The mechanism extends about 6 feet beneath the center- line midship location of the keel of said craft or vessel. Further I speculate my beliefs not- such classifications are beyond the USN Ultra- Top secret Ultra SCI- SAP Classification Range, as such said crafts, vessels, mechanisms, and coolant systems, as described herein, can not and do not exist. Nor have I ever had any provable contact with such creations, real or imagined.

However, the application of such mechanisms, in say the Bargeing and large craft or vessel industries would be immense and generate vast wealth in such markets to even design, patent, produce and distribute such mechanisms, as to date they may only turn a water craft or vessel in an arcing motion and while in motion, requiring areas and distances that cannot be obtained, requiring the vast tugging industry to move about the movable parts of the vessel, or lock and dam mechanisms to flood a controlled area allowing for such room to turn. Even the 6 foot extension, which could bog down in shallow areas, thus, sticking a craft or vessel "in the mud" could be overcome with a shortened mechanism. However, to allow barges and the like to turn their components "on a dime" would vastly improve the shipping industry.
Real or imagined as the situation herein proposed may be, if such similar secret projects were in fact sequestered away in Government supplies, archives, and industries-- what viable interest could be attained from their withholding. Advance Mankind and enhance his survivability.
Disclose now.

1/14/2009 2:19 PM
Mr. President,
This could be one of the most important issues you may address at this point in our history.  We are not alone here, we never have been.  The universes are teeming with intelligent life.  Please let this ridiculous cover-up end here and now.   We The People have every right to have the truth spelled out for us (at least those who don't already know).
Thank you, Mr. President
1/14/2009 2:27 PM
This is very, very sad.
1/14/2009 2:46 PM
 I've seen reports of ufo's hovering above cities....aren't those just the high altitude  surveillance blimps we we told were going to be used for security.
1/14/2009 2:46 PM
 i've seen reports of ufo's hovering above cities....aren't those just the high altitude  surveillance blimps we we told were going to be used for security.
1/14/2009 3:06 PM
The one single thing that can change life on this planet forever.
Greetings from Norway!
1/14/2009 3:20 PM
I too agree with the sentiments posted regarding the topic of UFO disclosure.
Any "hidden" technology under the guise of keeping UFO related events secret; might well be of the greatest benefit to our people.
1/14/2009 3:23 PM
What good will it do us to have this out in the open ?  It will only serve to make more people nervous about 'what's out there..' and worrying about if their intent is to eventually take over or destroy humanity.  There are more important things that need to be addressed on this planet than disclosure about ET's. Why go around with your head in the clouds -- better to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and stay focused on the changes we need to address on planet Earth.  They aren't waiting for us to address them anyway.. when they want to make themselves known they'll do it.  Let's show THEM we're an intelligent species that's focused on saving this planet and making peace amongst ourselves!
1/14/2009 3:29 PM
This subject has been discussed for years and most people know of the UFOs and ETs. Our government just needs to get honest with everyone and tell them the truth, as they all know it.
1/14/2009 3:46 PM
The fact of the matter is that there's no concrete evidence to bring to court, just here say under oath and photographs. The bottom line is that the amount of suspicion on the subject has reach an undeniable peak, and these military bases holding the suspected evidence, need to be investigated beyond what we already know,  not as just a report, but to see it for yourself. The danger involved with this situation threatens no one if it hasn't already threatened the world, and the "illegal actions" taking place behind closed quarters are not illegal for an extra terrestrial living under different moral circumstances. Society should be informed carefully on the notion that there are three reasons why society DOESN'T know in the first place.

1. The overwhelming amount of fiction watched by American citizens has caused society to lose grasp of reality, and the moment something considered fiction by the mass becomes real, a major portion of the mass loses balance of there own reality. This should be STRESSED to the American People.
2. Threat by extraterrestrials is a controlled issue taken up by a larger body of control in the galaxy that you are well aware of, and should be taking advantage of if you haven't already.
3. Extraterrestrials have different moral values that is estranged  to the average human being, and the things going on in these bases that are considered illegal, are held in the confidence of the United States Government.

if these ideas don't appeal to you, we have a very serious problem that goes over the president's head.
1/14/2009 4:14 PM
I support the efforts of the Paradigm Research Group.
1/14/2009 4:15 PM
Our government has lied to u for far too long.
The American people are no less capable of dealing with the truth than the members of the military-industrial complex.  No more manipulation of the citizen.,  Remember the citizen?  He or she is the one who bears all the burdens, pays all the bills, and constitutes all the "boots on the ground".

1/14/2009 4:20 PM
It is incredibly stupid that we the people have to beg our employees to open the Books
1/14/2009 4:24 PM
There are people, USAF Psy Op's Dis info agent provocateurs and genuine believer's alike, who personally do not believe there is a government conspiracy concealing UFO presence and true Origins of said UFO's Technologies, Sciences, and perhaps, Biology Based Semi- or Intelligent Beings. They believe or falsely claim that government is not organized enough to run a successful conspiracy.

Clearly, they have no clue as to how detailed and exacting the Government really is. They look at the under funded low tech public side of it's vast departments, agencies, and industries and see no way to make heads or tails of the mess. They don't see the true art form being danced before their eyes. Just as the Head of the Mafia would have a vast cover operation to conceal it's deeds.
Gotti family excluded, as a top 10 crime family of NYC it did a horrible job of concealing itself. The Martinez family did a much better job- one of them, they homosexual one, resides in NJ and runs every State South of there for the family, including Chicago. I'm from Paducah aka "Little Chicago" so you can't tell me nothing about it that I don't know already. All the Roads, Rails, and Rivers there connect like a hub to every corner of the Country. I've seen corruption at every level. You don't think the DOT isn't paid to turn it's head. Please, it's a Supplemental form of income. From Citizen's through to their Government, from favoritism to profit motivations, everyone is a spy, informer, and criminal pretending to be Law abiding in one form or another. Crime and law are wed at the hip. Each is utilized as a cover up for the other.

Look at BUNGE: They own all those Brand name products, then advertise as though these products aren't from the same overall owners and are owned by other companies who are in competition, yet, no matter which Brand you buy-- BUNGE gets paid, from the Company you chose to purchase from, which are all monopolized and owned by the Umbrella Corporation, allowed by Laws, Contracts, and words after words, to somehow convince you that since they don't exactly do what the other units in the structure do, then somehow, they're not the same thing. even among the smaller units, one may package and ship the product, but, the labels are listed for some other unit company elsewhere, someplace that that product, package, and label might have never been, except, maybe, they printed the label and shipped it to the packager.

1/14/2009 4:25 PM

And breaking up their Company into smaller Companies, and from them smaller and smaller units still, allows Umbrella & Dummy Corporations to bypass Monopoly and Anti Trust Laws against despite the Prices of items produced and packaged from the same source, having only the difference of Labelling--generic off brand vs. Brand name vs. the generic of another Brand name still which in itself is also vs the Brand name of the other Brand name.
And so, for the same product or services a Company can change the name and get 4 wholly seperate prices which all are either higher (gouging), lower(undercutting), or the same (stifling competition-- except there is no real competition. Which mutilate Anti- trust Laws.

No one else can afford to compete, unless, the pay out a percentage to either one of BUNGE's smaller units, or, BUNGE itself, either way, BUNGE effectively holds a monopoly. Just look at Ma Bell, who broke into the 9 separate phone companies, as per Monopoly Laws that don't really work, and yet, not only did Competitors have to pay to use the actual physical lines and hubs laid out already by Ma Bell, and continuously laid out by the 9 schism Companies of it's former selves, which line laying and Trans Oceanic Cable laying no one could even begin to compete with, made a fortune from Cables alone. And each of those 9 schism Companies all broke into smaller units still, and all of these units and all 9 schism Companies and all the other various internal and outsourced creative organization concoctions of the entities all paid out to the now reformed and re- named, Ma Bell.

The rich get richer. And you think that the Government which oversees all of these Legal and Illegal ventures aren't that organized. You are either impaired in some way I can not help, or, lying. People see UFOs because they desperately want to see them. They believe in aliens the way people used to believe in elves; they believe in alien technology the way people used to believe in magic. But there is no "magic" fix to our problems. We have to solve our problems ourselves.

I don't necessarily believe we are alone in the universe. But I do think no alien race has made a serious effort to contact us. Be logical about it. If aliens with high technology really wanted to communicate with humanity, the government wouldn't be able to stop them. They would blast their message in loudspeakers all over the planet and make their existence too obvious for anyone to deny.

Why would you rather believe in aliens than believe in yourselves? You say alien disclosure and alien technology will create world peace, new jobs, clean energy. But we don't need aliens to solve those problems for us. We can solve them for ourselves, with our own technology and our own hard work. Its time we stopped looking to the skies for answers; we have the power and imagination to come up with our own answers.

1/14/2009 4:27 PM
2920 points in favor of this idea and we wonder why our country is in such dire straits.
If all these people would channel part of their energy into something constructive, it would be at least a start in solving our problems!!!!
Bryan R
1/14/2009 4:33 PM
President Obama -

I hope you are 'able' to get the truth.  Hopefully, with Leon Panetta, an 'outsider', at CIA this information may be shared with you at least.  

While there is much hyperbole in the UFO culture, the fact that enough unexplained events exist to support the fact that seemingly 'intent' flying objects we don't understand exist needs to be acknowledged.

I don't think the truth will be shared even with you.
1/14/2009 4:36 PM
Follow up Post:

People do not see because they need to believe, they believe because they can see. If they couldn't why would their machines and technologies capture these things too? Because a Radar or Computer or Photographic equipment have Psychological problems or simply have a need to believe??

Be real about it, it's not that we don't see what goes on, we just don't know the origin of it.

And as for helping ourselves out of our problems, are you not following how organized and secreted Citizens and their Governments Public (Lawful) and Private (Criminal) really are??? We don't have an energy crisis or anything else, they simply give us crappy dirty stuff, so, they can filter in the better stuff that they really use already, slowly and over time so as to maximize profits, not that they need the currency, but rather, the power and control that come with it. Whether they have good intentions, bad ones, or none at all.

Maybe, that's a bit extreme, but, it's only based off of very real observations of how "organized" Citizens and Governments really are. And if anyone believes they don't contribute to the Machine, you are either in a rare few select isolated cases, or you are fooling yourself.

But, don't be too hard on Government, it's just a cover to make you forget, they are Citizens too.
1/14/2009 4:37 PM
I am more than ready for this.  Years ago I put up my website where I published the ufo photos that I have taken in Jefferson City, MO.  Most of these ships are at roof top level and very close to the camera   As a result of this publication I have had to suffer much persecution from the powers that exist here.  I did everything I could to get this information to the public.  If the gov. will make public their information and recognize the phenomena our work can receive the study it needs.
1/14/2009 4:51 PM
 Disclosure is one small part of the change that must come. If it comes about through President Obama's efforts, so much the better, as the sooner it happens, the sooner we can create the collective mental framework, or paradigm, that will enable us to tackle all manner of challenging issues that we as a civilization currently face. 

Disclosure represents a mindset, an opening to possibilities; to a universal context, to a sense of connectedness with the galaxy and spirit and life force and with all it's forms. 

Disclosure is truth. We are ready. 

Mr. Obama, the American people — all the world's peoples — hunger for truth.
1/14/2009 5:06 PM
It is time, our world and culture are ready for the truth concerning our place in the universe. Please take this request seriously
Dan Finnegan, West Dundee IL
1/14/2009 5:18 PM
One last thought on this:  If you don't believe they are keeping Secrets about everything under the Sun from us, break a few rules to prove it. Either the E.P.A. (and not the local one as their doubtless paid to fudge results and turn their heads-- sorry I trust no one) or have a fringe group of environmentalist scientists, without permission or notice, snake a core sample of the saturated soil from well beyond the fencelines, near the open fields, of the DOE's TVA -Martin Marietta- Cambridge, Tn. site-- or better still, come at the soil from the River there, and see what you find.

As far back as the years prior to 2000, they have conducted secret open air bomb tests where by bombs were relieved of their conventional warheads and loaded with over 14 diseases, which included: Ebola, Malaria, Typhoid Mary, Smallpox, Scarlet Fever, Bubonic Plague, Yellow Fever, something called Black death, and HIV/ AIDs strand IV (AIRBOURNE PATHOGEN) That's right, AIRBOURNE

The soil is so saturated that they had to request in their 2001 Annual State of Security Report to the Vice President of the United States, funding and Authorization to obtain by Eminent Domain or Purchase, thereof, additional land and the purchase of additional fencing so as to increase their perimeter  by 1000 as the soil was so saturated with contaminants, they were fearful that the current EPA probes around existing fencelined perimeter would discover their excessive levels.
additional property to increase the perimeter by 100 feet on all sides was APPROVED.

1/14/2009 5:19 PM
One last thought on this:  If you don't believe they are keeping Secrets about everything under the Sun from us, break a few rules to prove it. Either the E.P.A. (and not the local one as their doubtless paid to fudge results and turn their heads-- sorry I trust no one) or have a fringe group of environmentalist scientists, without permission or notice, snake a core sample of the saturated soil from well beyond the fence lines, near the open fields, of the DOE's TVA -Martin Marietta- Cambridge, Tn. site-- or better still, come at the soil from the River there, and see what you find.

As far back as the years prior to 2000, they have conducted secret open air bomb tests where by bombs were relieved of their conventional warheads and loaded with over 14 diseases, which included: Ebola, Malaria, Typhoid Mary, Smallpox, Scarlet Fever, Bubonic Plague, Yellow Fever, something called Black death, and HIV/ AIDs strand IV (AIRBOURNE PATHOGEN) That's right, AIRBOURNE

The soil is so saturated that they had to request in their 2001 Annual State of Security Report to the Vice President of the United States, funding and Authorization to obtain by Eminent Domain or Purchase, thereof, additional land and the purchase of additional fencing so as to increase their perimeter by 1000 as the soil was so saturated with contaminants, they were fearful that the current EPA probes around existing fencelined perimeter would discover their excessive levels.

Further they disclosed that their own testing found that while nearby water table levels were high there was no current cause for alarm and that private research conducted in cooperation with neighboring medical services and providers whom they declared they paid sufficiently and contracted to secrecy, as per DOE requirements, and through imbedded investigators imbedded within the same with the approval of those same medical services and providers, as well as school, and other facilities within the neighboring towns, and those nearby across the River, had concluded that the health of the men, women, children, pregnant mother's and babies had not been found to have had any significant impact.

1/14/2009 5:20 PM
The environment and the water tables, well as, the air content levels, were all satisfactorily, unaffected. However, they insisted that constant and vigorous observation was required, as these conditions could easily change quickly over the continuing years. As winds which carry the saturated soil, and the saturated soil itself would easily lead to the innevitable contamination of the water table beneath the soil, as well as, heavy monitoring and controlled access to the River bank, especially, as it eroded away revealing more and heavier contaminant- saturated soil.

The program was hailed a success and requested it's annual permission to continue with the program. BTW: to open air bomb test the missile is after loaded with the diseases, released from the air onto the open fields in the back areas of the site where it is set to "explode", or discharge without explosion (as the conventional warhead is removed), the diseases contained within into the open- air upon bomb contact with the soil surface. The heavier contaminants fall to the ground where they accumulate and saturate over time, while the lighter contaminants and AirBourne aspects release into the atmosphere. from that the Environmental impact, Dispersal Patterns, and and Short, as well as, Long term effects are meticulously studied. They outline the program and how it was done in simple terms the Vice President can follow.

What's more, their UFM (Unaccounted For nuclear Material) inventory portion of the report cited 14,000 pds. of Unaccounted For weapons grade Uranium nuclear Material. Next to the high numbers of remaining stores, it was only a fractional amount. The funding and authorization for additional fencing, continued open air bomb testing of diseases and acquisition of additional property to increase the perimeter by 100 feet on all sides was APPROVED.
1/14/2009 5:22 PM
1/14/2009 5:27 PM
Not only does our government need to formally acknowledge to the American people the extraterrestrial presence, we need to know about their specific interactions so that we, the people, can decide for ourselves as to how WE want to interact back with the extraterrestrials.

Our government also needs to disclose what is going on at our North and South poles, which is being kept under a big secret.
1/14/2009 5:40 PM
Little green men ? Call who? Ghostbusters?
What if they do exist?
1/14/2009 5:56 PM
Looking forward to Disclosure. We're all ready for it. Time for the truth.
1/14/2009 5:58 PM
Mr. President, 
You campaigned on the slogan "Yes We Can". Now, you can take action by allowing the release of information pertinent to disclosue of the UFO issue. Respectfully.
1/14/2009 6:09 PM
First I would like to say that I understand why the government would decide to cover up the existence of extraterrestrials and the fact that they have indeed visited Earth.  I understand your concern of a pandemic of terror and chaos, much like the broadcast of War of the Worlds in the early 1900's that many people believed to be true, and in fearing that the world was under attack by aliens, went into a frenzied panic.
But, this must come to an end, what is a democracy without truth?  I have strong reason to believe that the world will soon be exposed to the existence of aliens, and what do you think will cause more panic, the government revealing the truth, or the truth itself revealing it?  If you do not act soon you will be too late.  Take this advice and let the public know the truth.
Agent X
1/14/2009 6:36 PM
Make it so!
1/14/2009 7:31 PM
How about a simple - yes, these are secret government projects and please stop reporting their appearance. That would work.
Or, we really don't know what they are and people who see them really aren't crazy just because they saw something that we can't explain or identify.

Of course, if it's more than that, we all want to know that too :)
1/14/2009 9:02 PM
Since UFO's and Zerp Point Energy Generation go hand in hand, we could have free (except for initial cost and maintenance) electricity if the government would allow the technology to develop instead of keeping a secret because of the weaponization possibilities. Brown gas can propel cars easily but it is suppressed to.
The energy crisis is government caused and could be government solved by disclosure.
1/14/2009 9:32 PM
Dear President Obama,

Human history has been severely distorted by the truth embargo regarding the Ufo Et Phenomenon. President Eisenhower warned of the Military Industrial Complex attaining power that would allow them unjust power and influence over the government and congress. The President and Congress must have control and oversight regarding all issues related to Extraterrestrial contact with mankind. The very fate of mankind could rely on your becoming the disclosure President. Human history can only advance if truth is it's guiding light. It would serve the world to have you immediately request briefing by men such as Stephen Basset and Dr Stephen Greer who can provide you credible evidence to investigate the issue. God bless you in your term in office.

J. Smith
1/14/2009 10:23 PM
Hi Steven Bassett.
1/14/2009 10:24 PM
I am not a  fan of Obama i did not vote for him but he can win me over if he does this. It is  time to  do this 
1/14/2009 10:26 PM
Please disclose all knowledge about extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects and their role in our nations history for the last fifty years in full.
1/14/2009 10:26 PM
 In your own words Mr. President.....  "Yes We Can!"
1/14/2009 10:27 PM
I agree, the president needs to shed light on the subject of UFO sighting, we can do this via the the internet
Eon Blue Apocolypse
1/14/2009 10:28 PM
Come on guy!  We can do this!  Stephen Bassett speaks the truth!
1/14/2009 10:29 PM
The truth is out there!
1/14/2009 10:29 PM
Full disclosure of the existence or non-existence of extraterrestrial beings and/or visits is long overdue. The American people have, ironically, paid the government to keep this information from them. It is time they receive a return on this involuntary 'investment'. Release and disclose ALL information NOW.
1/14/2009 10:29 PM
It's time to make this information public.
1/14/2009 10:29 PM
Disclosing this information is important change
Eon Blue Apocolypse
1/14/2009 10:30 PM
1/14/2009 10:30 PM
I think the public can handle the truth, I wish the government was truthful about what is known on this subject,
1/14/2009 10:31 PM
On Coast To Coast right now.  Now is the time, now is the moment we tell Mr. Obama that we JUST WANT THE TRUTH, we want full disclosure and it is as important an issue as any facing the world. 

Stop saying "the people will freak out", stop saying we are not ready to be in the know.

We know.  We want to know more, and we will be a repressed, hopeless society if we can't get on the same page.  If there is nothing of significant importance to humanity, so be it.  If there is something that might scare us, it is time we grow up and accept reality as it really is, and not continually have crap fed to us, while the knowledge we so yearn for is stashed away in the freezer.

And THEN you can work on a playoff system for college football.
1/14/2009 10:33 PM
It's time for the Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people start treating We The People like Adults! So many other Truths are being and have been kept from Us -- this should be a start in ending that practice.
1/14/2009 10:34 PM
Tons of people believe in their existence.  Let the world know what the government knows.  This has all been covered up long enough. 
1/14/2009 10:35 PM
Let the truth be told, too many special interest groups have kept the truth from the people of the world for too long.  Its time we took our place amongst the "people's" of the universe.
1/14/2009 10:36 PM
As an American citizen I believe we are ready for the truth. More important the technology's we have from reverse engineering will change the world now that we need it the most
Scotty in Hawaii
1/14/2009 10:36 PM
Open the page of transparency please Mr. President to this very critical issue to the American Public.. Thank You.  Scotty in Hawaii
1/14/2009 10:36 PM
Mr Obama, UFO Disclosure? YES YOU CAN! You will be stonewalled, misdirected, and lied to by those who falsely call themselves 'patriots'. The time for disclosure is now. Please, do not handball this issue onto the next elected President thinking it's not your problem, it's not important or that no one cares. The stark reality is that it is your problem, it is important and it concerns every human being on this planet. The truth regarding ET Visitation is our birthright, our entitlement. Not that of the selected few who wrongfully believe they can make decisions for all of humanity. Disclosure is the choice of the people.
1/14/2009 10:36 PM
It's obvious UFOs are real.  Why is all information regarding extraterrestrials such a secret, Mr. Obama?
1/14/2009 10:37 PM
listening to coast to coast am right now, just signed up after the request of tonight's guest. tell your friends to sign up, just for 3 minutes of their time they can hopefully get the president elect to actually acknowledge the presence of extraterrestrial life.
1/14/2009 10:37 PM
The American people are ready for disclosure.  We already know that UFOs are real and not from our own planet.  It is time for the governments of the world to disclose this.  

In addition the US should take the lead role in this before other governments decide to do it.
1/14/2009 10:38 PM
its time for the government and you as are president to take a stand to clarify the existence or not of UFO'S .       
1/14/2009 10:39 PM
Congratulations Mr. President elect Obama on winning the Historical Election.

I look forward for you to make the greatest courage & leap in US history & come clean 
disclosing & telling US citizens that UFO's are here & have been here. We(on behalf of many)  want to be able to have contact with them. Please put a STOP on the military to try to shoot them down so humans can have open contact & learn from these advance beings. It's time to end this prison planet type atmosphere once & for all & we hold you in high in hope & regard to do this!  

1/14/2009 10:39 PM
After 60 years of being lied to, we have a right to know the truth about E.T.'S.  Hopefully this year we will know the truth.  It will be the biggest thing in human history.
George Bush
1/14/2009 10:39 PM
I would have done it.
1/14/2009 10:40 PM
Dear Mr. President,

By hiding the truth from us those that are oind the hding arre not protecting us.    The corporatocracy is running a shell game that the common working man cannot win.  They continue to jack up the gas prices and withhold valuable information that could very well save the planet.

Please disclose all information; we deserve to know the truth.

Juanita Rogers
P O Box 102
Cheboygan, MI 49721
1/14/2009 10:40 PM
It is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’…

We are not alone, nor will YOU be when you, Mr. President Elect, stand up to those who have been holding onto this secret all these decades and say “It’s time to end this, NOW!”

Thank You Kindly, and my best regards, wishes, and prayers are with you.

1/14/2009 10:41 PM
The TR3B is a triangular government aircraft that uses mercury based plasma in a centrifuge up to 300,000 RPMS compressed to 25,000 atmospheres. This creates a gravitational dimple that allows the craft to levitate without any lfit or verticle propulsion. This technology resembles the pyramid and eye. A fitting image to congure up to the unsuspecting "UFO witness". They won't tell us the technology they have, the "Majik". They want it for thier own military industrial complex. How else can we muscle nations into accepting our fiat currency, also bearing the eye of illumination.

This technology single handed could bail us out of the financial crisis. This could be what the internet bubble was to the 90's. Could you imagine traveling to the moon on a cruise, or getting to Tokyo from New York in a matter of minutes with virtually no G-force. It is time we take back what is ours, it is time we know the truth. I care not from where this technology hails, be it aliens or Nazis or inner earthlings or just brilliant minds like Thomas Townseed Brown. We need to know the truth, we die for this flag, we own this nation with our loyal blood. Its secrets are our own. We demand to know. We damnd our voice to be heard. The illusion is over. We could profit from this technology.

WE NEED 100,000 PEOPLE TO MARCH PEACEFULLY ON AREA 51. Lets see them ice us all. WE WILL FIND THE TRUTH. "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. " ALT
1/14/2009 10:43 PM
Mr. President,

It was an honor to vote for you. Now that you are going to be taking on the mantle of the office of president I hope you will also take on the task of giving the American Citizens the light/truth on the issue of 'ET's' (multidimensional beings) & any other issues pertaining to FULL & truthful Disclosure on the subject of 'Aliens'.  The world is not our own, but we share it with many life forms & the public need to know the truth so a better future relationship between the public & our companions whom we share the earth with can be achieved. with respect-
1/14/2009 10:44 PM
It's about time. 

People argue this issue isn't important, and should take a back-burner to the economy.


If we were to have disclosure, the economy wouldn't matter. The technology that would come from it would herald a new age for humanity.

Enough is enough!

Tell us what the heck is going on, lets use the technology to better ourselves as a species.
1/14/2009 10:45 PM
how vain can we be ?
even columbus wasn't so stupid as to think as we do.
we are not alone
1/14/2009 10:45 PM
It is time for full disclosure.
Purple Crow
1/14/2009 10:46 PM
I've had experiences myself, both public UFO (multiple witness) sightings and ET contact and have been doing my best to keep honest those who have had contact with UFOs/ET's within the government for decades now.  I've had former military agents leak information to me and I followed the Gary McKinnon case VERY closely.  (Look it up)  It's time for the truth to come forward just as its been done in the UK.  Enough secrecy and cold war tactics denying the senseless fears that the military has regarding the occupants of these alien craft, otherwise this will become a civil war against the government for an end to secrecy regarding the years of LIES that we have never fallen for.  It's over, the gig is up!  No one can stop the inevitable, even the pope has stated publicly that we are to PREPARE for contact because it's inevitable , so it's best we are far more aware of what our own governments know about UFOs and ET's before contact become a global unstoppable event against the will of the assorted governments of the world.  No one wants to hear from the government "We knew all along but didn't feel you needed to know" because that leads to even MORE civil unrest, trust me on that one - it's time to COME CLEAN!  Admit what we already know now and let's get the show on the road.  No more underhanded secret deals behind our backs, it's time to end the secrecy to a technology that can save this world from its own inhabitants.  We're ready!  Bring it on!  Read all the comments on this page and others everywhere regarding UFO/ET disclosure!  NOW IS THE TIME!  DISCLOSURE NOW!  We're ready... other nations are WAY ahead of you!

Purple Crow
1/14/2009 10:47 PM
We have ancient, artificial structures on Mars and our moon.  NASA has lied to us for 30 years.  It is time to return the space program to the people.  
1/14/2009 10:47 PM
Please disclose we need to know !!!!
1/14/2009 10:47 PM
President Obama:

We have felt for many years the we are not alone in the universe.  It is time for all people of the United States know the truth about the UFO sightings around the country and to reveal the truth about Area 51.  With the revelation of the microbes on Mars that NASA is about to release tomorrow (Jan 15th), it is truly time to know the truth. 

Seer of Dreams
1/14/2009 10:48 PM
Let the truth come out.
1/14/2009 10:48 PM
I think the universe does supports unlimited forms of life. space travel and technology can help us find new solutions to help all mankind.
1/14/2009 10:48 PM
The lies have gone on for FAR TOO LONG!!!! It is time to remove the veil once and for all. E.T. activity is being recorded every single day around the planet. We know we aren't alone in this universe. We know beings from other worlds have been visiting us for many millenia.  The way that the government has been treating this subject is just like the mother catching the child with his hand in the cookie jar.

Us: "We know that you have information on this issue."

The Gov't: "We don't know what you're talking about. Aliens don't exist. It's just your imagination."

What will it take for the Gov't to come clean? Does one of these giant triangular craft have to malfunction and crash land in the middle of a major city? There will be no way to hide the truth then. The lid can't be kept on this forever. Soon, something is going to give.
1/14/2009 10:49 PM
I agree 100% on this issue: PLEASE MAKE A FULL DISCLOSURE on the subject of UFOs of ET origin.  ET's visiting Earth are REAL.

This is the single most important issue in the history of humankind, period; NOT the economy, NOT the environment, NOT third-world starvation, NOT human rights. 

Generally, the press and mass media are spineless to do this on their own.  But I will give credit to CNN, and ABC to a lesser extent, for at least attempting to tackle this subject professionally that others are all too quick to mock -- exactly what the conspirators want.  Are some mass media outlets just puppets?

Mr. Obama.. I guarantee you, if you have ANY shred of doubt whatsoever on the validity of the UFO-ET REALITY, you will quickly lose it ALL once you start to use your power to attempt to seriously make inquiries into this subject.  The Pentagon and military-industrial complex will move to block your efforts as well as forces unknown.  This is a fact as others in senior governmental positions have found out.  Speak to your colleagues such as John Podesta, who has advocated disclosure on the UFO subject.

If the United States does not disclose, another nation will beat us to it.  And we will lose that legacy forever.  There is no second chance to do this.  How will it look if someone such as China initiates formal disclosure?

Thank you for your sworn service to us.
1/14/2009 10:50 PM
I don't care how bad the truth about this subject is, our tax payers dollars pay for the collection of whatever information the goverment has and we have the right to know.  Disclosure now!
1/14/2009 10:51 PM
Mr. President:
    to not disclose is in my opinion, a crime against humanity. This is the most important issue of all time. Those who have kept the ET presence secret have and are on the wrong side of the human family.
There is ET technology that could save this planet from environmental  ruin. Please, you cannot allow us to perish on this planet when there are technolgies that could save the human family-which includes you and your family.
1/14/2009 10:52 PM
Well said everyone...its time to know what we already know. Thanks George Noory!
1/14/2009 10:52 PM
It is time to tell us the truth; everything the government knows. 
1/14/2009 10:54 PM
what is wrong with the truth? ...nothing. truth will set us free,...
1/14/2009 10:54 PM
Yes, time for disclosure is way past due!   One way to gain the trust of the people again would be to provide us with truth for a change, and this truth is something so many of us have been wanting for such a long time.

You ran a campaign on HOPE and CHANGE, and I feel you are the right person to be leading our country.    I and so very many others believe in you, so please don't let us down...lift us up instead, ok?

Can people throughout the world take the truth?   YES, WE CAN!!!
1/14/2009 10:54 PM
I totally agree. The government knows a lot more than we are led to think. We as a society are ready to know what is out there so please make this happen.
1/14/2009 10:54 PM
How could we possibly believe that we are the only ones in this vast universe, in one huge milky way galaxy of millions?  Of course this issue should be discussed, but do we really need confirmation from the government of this?
1/14/2009 10:54 PM
Mr. Obama,
The American people deserve to know the truth.  I've seen fighter jets converge on unidentified flying aircraft in the night skies before.  Since these craft are real they must NOT be denied because either we have a serious breach in our national security or the American people are being kept in the dark about the greatest and most profound truth that they could ever fathom.

Disclosure would change EVERYTHING.  If you really want change in America then let's quit telling people with legitimate sightings that they are crazy. Lets have the truth come out finally, regardless of the consequences, the American people DESERVE the Truth.

James C.
Nowhere, KS
1/14/2009 10:54 PM
The citizens of The United States are intelligent and mature enough to accept the truth about UFO's . Before 2009 ends , Please tell us The Truth .
1/14/2009 10:55 PM
somebody should call and make sure every one knows to vote up on this one and not any of the others so we get all the points in one
1/14/2009 10:55 PM
Come on Coast to Coast Listeners, TAKE ACTION, let your Voices heard & put to work for you.

Together we have the REAL Power to put an end to this Embargo...
1/14/2009 10:55 PM
In time disclosure of evidence that intelligent experiential life exists will unit humanity.
1/14/2009 10:55 PM
and it's too bad we cant dig this
1/14/2009 10:55 PM
Oh yeah, got the info about this site from Coast to Coast! George Noory rocks!!!!!!!
1/14/2009 10:58 PM
President (soon-to-be) Obama:
             With so many pressing issues before our country, the outcome of many of which will impact the lives of untold billions of souls, this particular issue is absolutely paramount. Oddly enough, it is one that receives practically zero serious contemplation by those in a position to guide the minds and hearts of we deserving billions. 
              I fervently urge you to seize this moment in Mankind's 
journey to search for the truth of this great unknown. You could certainly begin a process of exploration that will ring out through the ages.
              God bless your new endeavor as President of the United States of America, and thank you for this opportunity for us to communicate our thoughts.
--Jeff Mills
1/14/2009 10:58 PM
I agree.  On a related note, how about we work *with* the Chinese, the Russians, Indians, French, indeed the rest of the world on a manned (and womanned) mission to Mars to lift their respective economies and that of the world at large?

Isn't it time to *think* large?

How about a Citizen's Briefing Book idea category "Mars Mission" folks?
1/14/2009 10:59 PM
There is no greater need now then for disclosure, all we have to do now is let them  know we are ready for thier help and an evolutionary boost.
1/14/2009 10:59 PM
If there is something out there the American people have a right to know. I vote for disclosure.
1/14/2009 10:59 PM
Just tell us what you've found.
1/14/2009 11:00 PM
Tim in New Hampshire
1/14/2009 11:00 PM
President Elect Obama,
I worked from January 2008 to June 2008 working on your campaign during the primaries. Mostly on a volunteer basis. I traveled the country from New Hampshire to PA, NC, KY and SD on my own dime. I've seen UFO's!! Even while I moved from one state to the next working on your campaign. Please look into this issue!
1/14/2009 11:00 PM
The issues that are addressed with Formal Disclosure are very relevant to some of the major problems we have at large on this planet. 

In particular, ENERGY.  If the US Government is in possession of technologies and energy sources that could provide a new, sustainable future for EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET, then we should all know about it.  No longer will we be dependent on fossil fuels and OIL.

It's only a matter of time. Some of the most credible people alive today are willing to testify to an extraterrestrial presence on this planet. Military and government intelligence officials are stating this to be true. Congressional hearings are desperately needed to bring transparency to this inevitable paradigm shift.  I believe, you, President Obama, can and should be the one to bring about this monumental paradigm shift and usher in a whole new era of understanding, knowledge, technology and social change that will benefit every man, woman and child on this planet.
Solar Tim
1/14/2009 11:01 PM
Tell the truth about UFOs NOW!
1/14/2009 11:01 PM
TRUTH!!!  It will set us all free. To know what is out there because i have seen with my own eyes. PLEASE tell Our Nation we are ready to hear what we are dealing with. It is apparent that they exist because millions have seen them no more SECRETS! Be the light for the world!

All these people are right,    the time is NOW!    Disclosure    NOW!  America deserves to hear the truth! Prove to ALL Americans that you care about the Nation and the world's future.
1/14/2009 11:02 PM
America "wants to believe."
1/14/2009 11:02 PM
 hey  this  isn't  in the most pop section it goes from 5350 points to 5120 points what is  up with that  they are not showing this  post to the  public
1/14/2009 11:03 PM
Dear Mr. President-Elect Obama,
             It is time that we the people know the truth.Please disclose so we can know the truth.                        
1/14/2009 11:04 PM
The world needs to know the truth!
1/14/2009 11:05 PM
has anyone else noticed that this is by far the most popular thread on this site? i hope it actually has some effect if and when it actually reaches obama's desk.
Honesty is best
1/14/2009 11:05 PM
We need this disclosure, now.
Please fully brief the President, and let him reveal that which has been concealed.
1/14/2009 11:07 PM
 it doesn't have the most points though and we need to  fix that
1/14/2009 11:07 PM
We the people of this nation needs to be informed of all information regarding UFO’s  Pass, Present and Future we are looking to you to help this county move forward with honesty.


1/14/2009 11:07 PM
Mr. President Elect,

The world knows about UFO's, I have heard about it since childhood. It's all over the movie screens around the world & in ancient tablets & wall paintings, UK & the Pope is leaking it out, it is now the US turn to do this.

Don't be scare people are going to revolt, we just want the truth & the rest is HISTORY. People are ready for this Truth, 90%  of the people I know either have seen the UFO's or believes in them. 

We demand an End to ALL Wars, policing the world, & DISCLOSURE OF UFO'S & ANNOUNCEMENTS of NESARA/GESARA NOW!!!!!!
1/14/2009 11:10 PM
I personally have no faith in soon to be President Obama or his ability to force the release and disclosure of all the facts about the E.Ts and the technologies most Americans already know exist or to do other than continue the plans for the overthrow of the United States of America, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, as their Globalist CFR backers intend.

However, while I believe the worst about 9-11, Waco, our Government, Military, FBI and CIA, I pray daily to be proven wrong and I invite Mr. Obama to show me and others that he is our President and worthy to be our Leader.
1/14/2009 11:10 PM
Way to go George Noory!!! You have the best show.  It is time we know the truth!!!!
1/14/2009 11:10 PM
I want to believe
1/14/2009 11:10 PM
We need to be able to ask questions
1/14/2009 11:12 PM
Thanks Coast to Coast! 
1/14/2009 11:13 PM
As a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist I have been regressing hundreds of people (for 18 years) to actual encounters they have had with extraterrestrial beings and to the details of UFO sightings they have had.  There is no doubt in my mind (or in these people's minds) that highly intelligent beings are coming to earth and doing various processes with people.  We know the UFO phenomenon is real, and we want the truth to be acknowledged and known to the world. 
1/14/2009 11:14 PM
The hidden information surrounding this subject can resolve a large number of issues we are facing at this time.  By admitting to the existance and releasing the information regarding alien knowledge we would have access to ways to bring the world together and solve energy and global problems.

The funding for the information was obtained from the public and information should be made available to all of us immediately.

1/14/2009 11:16 PM
who cares about this crap, get a life.
1/14/2009 11:17 PM
Let's see  & hear the truth which has been covered-up for much too long! 
Fluffies mom
1/14/2009 11:17 PM
It is way past "Truth Time".
1/14/2009 11:18 PM
this has gone up by 2000 points in the 20 min ive been on here. 200 people is nice but i think we've got to do better to get any attention.
1/14/2009 11:18 PM
1/14/2009 11:21 PM
Mr. President, the technology from extra terrestrials currently under lock and key in top secret government labs can be used to solve many of the world's problems now. It is time to make that technology available to us now!
1/14/2009 11:22 PM
Please give us the truth.  Let the world know whatever the outcome. Erase the guessing and  the world will work together to keep our garden earth healthy and create better lives for all life for generations to come.
1/14/2009 11:22 PM
 Thanks for informing me of this over at

1/14/2009 11:22 PM
1/14/2009 11:23 PM

Please remember to "VOTE UP" this issue using the button at the top!  It is just like a "digg" and the only way to get this subject noticed by President Obama.
1/14/2009 11:24 PM
There will be NO trust of the government when such a major issue is left unanswered to the satisfaction of the people. When I was a Marine, when I discovered that CIA director Bush told President Carter that he did not have the clearance to know the answer, I was and still am furious. I never supported later President Bush since then. I hope that we can get better information from Mr. Podesta.

This issue has vastly important implications on too many problems to discuss in any one forum. The technology we have received from the ET's will help us with climate issues (including which way the climate will be changing- hotter or colder). We can gain energy independence thru either algae farms and maintain the oil and  internal combustion engine system OR we can clean up everything with new technology which would match up with Tesla and Dr. Henry Moray and ET's. Energy is critical to the solution of poverty and food distribution. Energy is critical to balancing out the needs for developing sustainable economies. There will be radical increase in available clean energy for 1) movement of products and populations 2) insights and energy  for diagnostic and healing.

We will revise what is valued so that we can sustain the wonderful growth in valuing human beings. We can radically redefine human relations as there will then be "OTHERS" against whom we may compare our own civilization and experiences. We will see human beings as having more in common. We will have tremendous growth in education as we discover the truth behind history. We will have tremendous growth in education as we discover new places to explore and new relations to consider. The ultimate political and tourist travel opportunities are amazing.

We will be able to radically reduce our need for military power to keep people in line as we see each other having more in common. We will have the energy to handle universal health care. We will be able to move toward the hope and change of the universe as envisioned by Gene Rodenberry in Star Trek. There are likely to also be dangers out there, too. But we are not very likely to find anything as troublesome as the Borg. Space requires a very cooperative population to make exploration possible. We need to know either way.

Government would change and so would private enterprises. As much as I want a smaller government, it would grow because there would be such radical changes in relationships. How to regulate interstellar trade? Of course, all the free energy can be weaponized in small packages. People being what they are, this will increase the need for government intelligence and policing agencies. But the lack of trust in government will not be reversed without disclosure.

We need to:
1) end the secrecy about UFO situation,
2) reduce the complexity of the government and society in general
3) return to Constitutional government,
4) have real representation from our elected officials, and
5) get back to individual freedom, responsibility and self sufficiency

1/14/2009 11:24 PM
We need to know!
Leroy 1
1/14/2009 11:25 PM
I believe our government knows more about visitors from space and flying machines than their telling the public .  These flying machines are powered by obviously some thing else than what we have in use today . The united states needs to start using this alternative power source to get our country off fossil fuels and weaned off imported oil . Tell the Arabs to keep their  crude .   Lets use it to power our  SUV's , Lincolns , home energy .
1/14/2009 11:25 PM
the vote count is going up at about 1 point per second. even at that rate it will only reach about 9000 by the end of coast to coast. got to do better.
1/14/2009 11:28 PM
In the early 1990s while my parents were in the Air Force, we were stationed at the now satellite-base; Loring AFB Limestone, Maine.  Riding my bike to school, I stopped at the top of the bike trail that cuts through the woods that then curves right into the school.  I looked up giving out a heavy sigh because I hated school when suddenly, I saw a classic disc shaped, silver object hovering over what looked to be base personnel housing.  I would say it was about 150 ft away from me.  The sun's light was gleaming off the top of the shiny object, it didn't emit any sound and the bottom 1/4 of the object was rotating clockwise at a steady pace.  I knew I didn't have much time left before the the top of the hour plus I wanted to get a closer look at this UFO! I speed down the hill and stopped at the bottom before the trail curved and looked up at the same location as before and the object was gone! So many people around the world has seen strange objects moving in the sky.  The rest of the world has disclosed the existence of UFO and or E.T.'s except the U.S.  Now is the time to change that!
1/14/2009 11:28 PM
Mr. Obama, it is necessary in a free and just society for information to flow freely between the government and the people. A free flow of information inspires trust in the government, and makes it harder for corruption to hide itself. To promote the well being of our nation, I strongly suggest you disclose any information you have about extraterrestrial life forms and objects. 
Can you help us build better tomorrow, Mr. Obama?
Yes, you can.
1/14/2009 11:30 PM
I think that the point has been made clear in these comments: Americans do not deserve to have the truth side skirted.
1/14/2009 11:30 PM
Enough with the lame explanations over the years;  'We the people' deserve to finally know the truth that has been suppressed by our government.
1/14/2009 11:33 PM
We need to know the truth. So we can use the info to help us use the technology to help with the energy crisis. By this I mean let the back engineering information out so everybody can learn faster on energy and technology can grow faster.
1/14/2009 11:35 PM
Please give us the best news we could have in over a decade in that we have alternative power generation. The ET sources have very high tech means to generate high level power and we should have that available as we are burden with the outrageous costs now for power and petroleum sources of energy.
We could have mass transits systems running on cheaper power and the grid which is deteriorating needs to come down and local power plants utilized.  Cars can run on power from ET sources we have read also. Homes will be small power plants that can sell excess power to the local grids.
1/14/2009 11:36 PM
This subject MUST be brought to light. !!!!
1/14/2009 11:38 PM
The truth is out there and we desire to know.  Wow!  If we could duplicate that technology.  Talk about no dependence on foreign oil. :)
We believe in you!
1/14/2009 11:39 PM
With all respect, please do not presume to think any president or politician should betray their duty to their office by lying, in fact or by omission, about any subject, including the "UFO" issue. Please do what you promised. Tell us the truth. All of it. Thank you for the forum.
1/14/2009 11:41 PM
I want to believe
1/14/2009 11:44 PM
Witch Doctor
1/14/2009 11:49 PM
In July 1947 something crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.  The US Army Air Force, 551st Bomb Group, (the group that was staffed with atomic bomb delivery), initially were staffed with the 'clean up' of the debris. 

If you were to consider the death bed statements, notarized, first hand witnesses to the crash site, statements from  people how handled the debris as evidence for a murder trial.  The defendant would be convicted.  Yet, the government for 60+ years has denied the existence of this incident.

President Obama, I did not vote for you. You have been duly elected as President.  You have both the power and responsibility to get the truth on this and countless other similar events.  You also have the responsibility to report to the people of the US what the truth is.  I wonder if have the ‘stones’ to request the information or will you be told that it is above your pay grade and you don’t have a need to know.


1/14/2009 11:51 PM
President Elect Obama,
Give us the answers we have long awaited for.  It's not Santa Clause we're protecting.  This is information that will give Americans the opportunities it needs to approach lifes most intricate questions with hope that the technology it delivers finally gives us the answers to propel America forward in the race to a Greener WorldPlease Consider Our RequestsThe Answers Are In The Heavens!
1/14/2009 11:55 PM
I forgot to express my thanks to the people who brought your website to the attention of so many people...

Again, please be open and honest with "we the people", Mr. President-Elect Obama!  People will support you through thick and thin...if you will support us!
1/14/2009 11:56 PM
The time is NOW!  Let's be the first to fully disclose what we've known for the last 60 years.  It's TIME for CHANGE... -You DA MAN, Obama!  
1/14/2009 11:57 PM
Thanks for this I agree wholeheartedly.
1/15/2009 12:04 AM
Ufo disclosure must happen.  Regardless of exactly what the government knows, I think most people want more transparency on the issue.  There has been so much bad information, disinformation, and lies surrounding the subject of UFOs that the actual truth may very well be quite different from what many of us think.

If the government's UFO files are quite interesting and provocative (and incriminating), then disclosure will be an extremely delicate process.  Those that were involved should be given amnesty, and we the public, despite the overwhelming desire to be angry with the government, need to be calm and have the maturity to forgive.  Any technological secrets that could be used for the benefit of humanity should be made public for further research and development. 

It is also possible that, after disclosure, the UFO phenomenon remains unexplained.  If that is the case, then complete control of the UFO subject should be turned over to science, as opposed to the long list of governmental agencies with unfounded national security concerns.
1/15/2009 12:06 AM
Astronauts know the truth and they are AMERICANS
1/15/2009 12:06 AM
EVERYBODY GET 1 FRIENDS TO VOTE it can make a difference
1/15/2009 12:07 AM
Everyone knows we have an alien presence.  The only people that are not aware of this, are the presidents and heads of other countries.  If you can believe anything the gov. ever says, you won't get any truth on this subject.  We present evidence of undeniability, and it is answered by an excuse that a 3 yr old wouldn't believe.  Chinese lanterns, flying at  speeds and maneuvering the crafts unlike anything that we or any other country has the knowledge to build, give me a break!!  Swamp gas, weather balloons, ball lightning, where does this stop?  No one believes these excuses, but it does manage to infuriate the public.

We are not sheeple, as the government would like us to be, and do not feel that we are living in a country that is by the people and for the people.  
I'm not a contactee but have spoken to many that are.  In every conversation with contactees the messages are similar.  They are here to help us, not hurt us in any way.  They have been visiting and monitoring earth 1000's of years.  They will not let us continue to destroy our planet.  There are many different species, from many planets.  They don't want to eat us, or use us for their personal needs.  They are here to teach us how to fix our dying planet.  The knowledge they possess  is light years ahead of earths. 

Stop the cover-up, quit trying to assault them with fighter jets.  You will never win and the sightings and contacts will continue, until the governments of the world are truthful in disclosure. 


1/15/2009 12:14 AM
This is not an Orson Welles' movie.  No one has been hurt or killed by a UFO so let us in on your secrets.  A lot of people have seen them with their own eyes and know that they are real so why do you keep secrets about it? 
defend rights for firearms
1/15/2009 12:16 AM
Tell friends to vote on this topic tell everyone create extra account if possible this needs to hit the top. just have everyone vote on this on issue. we can do this
1/15/2009 12:18 AM
With the help of a brilliant website called, I have seen a lot of videos on UFOs, Aliens, etc. I know that we are not the only intelligent beings in our galaxy. I am a twenty two year young man and I can handle the subject. I am sure that many of my fellow Americans, older or younger, can also. Mr. President, you have always talked about the CHANGE, well the CHANGE has crawled to you.
1/15/2009 12:19 AM
This is the time...Let the truth be known. The continuing insult to the intelligence of all people must stop.
1/15/2009 12:21 AM
Some Unidentified "Flying" Objects are vehicles of our ANCESTORS. They are way more spiritually & technologically advanced and have wisdom to share with us. They have already shared, sometimes under duress, some technology with us which is being used in the MILITARY sector or to make "toys"- I agree w/ Dr. Alfred Webre that this info should be put in the EDUCATION sector with a potential of solving ALL our energy problems. It's for real; what are we going to do with it?
1/15/2009 12:26 AM
We are ready for the truth.
1/15/2009 12:27 AM
(if there out there they need to be found.)
in reguard to UFOS why dont we send somebody
to the moon and mars, and get th ET'S imput
on who they are why they are comeing here too
earth and what they want.  the human race is in denile
of  people liveing in outerspace and yes there are bad ones
as well as good ones. lets get there imput from the ET'S
we are decendents of a extraterestral race. and there are
more than one kind of ET. about 75 races that we are in contact with
and millions more after that. lets send somebody openly no secrets.
1/15/2009 12:32 AM
(if there out there they need to be found.)
in regard to UFOS why don't we send somebody to the moon and mars, and get the ET'S input on who they are why they are coming here too earth and what they want.  the human race is in denial of  people living in outer space and yes there are bad ones as well as good ones. lets get there input from the ET'S we are descendents of a extraterrestrial race. and there are more than one kind of ET. about 75 races that we are in contact with and millions more after that. lets send somebody openly no secrets.
1/15/2009 12:45 AM
Hurry up Mr. President Obama
You need to let the masses know NOW regarding UFO & disclose. Good or bad your people need to be aware. Pointless ignoring it or hiding it anymore.
You need to move into FREE energy provision for the entire planet, its possible, you already know that too.

This will end the corportocracy wars, power struggles, greed, gluttony, tyranny and corruptions. Wealth will be attainable and redistributed to all, it CAN unite the planets people. This will make America Great and respected again. A new breed of human can evolve. Our children’s children will be born to world of peace and heightened states of living and consciousness. Will YOU Mr President instigate this possibility and be remembered as THE most greatest and respected president of all time.

I man once said "I have a Dream."   This does NOT have to be a dream Mr. President. YOU can make it reality. You have the power, opportunity and duty to make it happen. Do it for your people you serve. DO it for mankind.

End the wars NOW.

God Bless and good luck.

PS (congrats BTW)
1/15/2009 12:50 AM
President Obama, don't be afraid that the American people will hold it against you or any of your predecessors, for keeping the information about UFO's a secret. We all understand national security.   Just think of how much you will be revered for bringing this change to our world, and the peace of mind you can bring to us all.
1/15/2009 12:50 AM
Right on Kirby! (from Ireland)
That was a beautiful letter. Thank you.
Obama you better listen to him! heheheh
1/15/2009 12:57 AM
As this is OUR planet and WE are the one that have to live on it. everyone should know of and about all of the non earthly entities. We have a right to know, about all about them, their intentions and the technology they have given humanity.
1/15/2009 1:00 AM
If you want to bring the world something it has never seen, something that will be remembered for all eternity, bring about FULL disclosure & the people will love you for it.
1/15/2009 1:01 AM
I guess I can vote up saying "if there are aliens, please tell us."

But.... there probably aren't.
1/15/2009 1:01 AM
 Just checking up. It's awesome how well this is going thanks to everybody at for getting this thing up and running, Coast To Coast for getting the information out there, and everyone coming to vote on this important issue. I hope real change can happen.
1/15/2009 1:01 AM
REALLY?  Of all the issues facing the new Administration, THIS is your top concern?
Not mine.  If they are out there, they have maintained their anonymity for a reason.  Otherwise its just swamp gas and a waste of money chasing lighting bugs.  
1/15/2009 1:07 AM
It was early evening and already dark. I was walking down a country highway  with my best friend. We were on our way to pick up his dog from the veterinarian.  Suddenly, high up in the sky, there sped a large, beautiful object, glowing with many colours and perfectly defined in shape and details. It moved steadily and quickly and we watched it until it disappeared.  The year was 1952 and although I have never seen another, that one time was sufficient for a lifetime interest to be activated in UFOs. The one that I saw was a strangely beautiful, mechanical object but definitely not of the world that we knew.
1/15/2009 1:08 AM
don't think anyone expects this issue to be addressed immediately or that anyone thinks its more important than the numerous issues facing our country right now JustJohn. I think it is more about the fact that there are huge amounts of data and evidence that shows that people have been seeing something and the government is insulting these people (including senators, military, scientists, etc.) by not looking fully into their claims or dismissing these sightings as obviously false natural ocurrances. Rather or not this actually brings disclosure isn't as important as letting the new administration know that there are still large numbers of people in the country who know that something is really is going on. This surely won't be the end game in the disclosure movement but it is a step in the right direction.
1/15/2009 1:17 AM
Please disclose. We need to get out the technology. GOD BLESS YOU!
1/15/2009 1:25 AM
I agree too! I believe in change for this country, we need
1/15/2009 1:40 AM
Obama Tell the people what is going on! Tell them about the Illuminati.  Obama you are a good person, please. For us.. do this. if you care.
Disclosure needs to be done.
we are not crazy.
1/15/2009 1:52 AM
What's in Area 51??????????????
1/15/2009 2:32 AM
User-added image
1/15/2009 2:39 AM
Enough is enough!
Full Disclosure please!
1/15/2009 2:39 AM
The financial structure that has paid to keep this secret is being paid for by us, "The People." A large majority of Americans KNOW that this is real. President Obama needs to be informed of all relevant information regarding the ET presence including the reasons why reverse engineered technology that can solve many of our current energy problems wasn't disclosed long ago.

We deserve to know the truth about the Alien presence and how it pertains to our existence on Earth. We are ready for this knowledge and we want confirmation by you Mr. President. Please don't turn your back on us as many of the previous administrations have. Transparency is essential to regain our trust in government.

"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

1/15/2009 2:42 AM
Full Disclosure please.
1/15/2009 2:43 AM
The general population is entitled to relevant information with regard to the Extraterrestrial presence. There is bound to be a lot of people who do not believe that we are currently being visited, but the truth remains that we indeed are. It is a strange and complex phenomenon, but continuing the current policy of denial and suppression is rapidly becoming absurd. The amount of information as well as certain aspects of contact may hold national (and international) security implications, but we need the basic disclosure of the reality of extraterrestrial beings. It is a natural and necessary step in the evolution of our planet.
Jeanne Young, the younger
1/15/2009 2:56 AM
Since 2003, from the Panhandle to Arkansas, down through Central Texas, to Houston, Bryan, and Huntsville, I have watched the nightly VTOL (vertical take-offs and landing) ascents and descents of craft, which travel horizontally and usually without sound. These are disguised with the red & blue flashing lights of normal aircraft once aloft. Why are cities all around Texas being surrounded by these aloft 'monitors'? People can and will deal with the truth, but the lies and illusions must STOP.
1/15/2009 2:58 AM
Mr. Obama,  We the American people want and deserve the truth about ET's and UFOs and or  Terrestrials what ever the case may be.  We have been fed lies for so long by OUR Government.  We the People want you to get at the Truth and not to take NO for an answer from those who think they are above the Constitution  and Laws of this fair land.   Soon to be  Mr. President.  Bring forth the Change,  Accountability,  Honesty and a  Transparency You  said, that would be brought forth in your Administration.  Mr. Obama, Bring It ON.
1/15/2009 3:01 AM
I believe the time has come for the people to know the truth.  This topic has been a hot topic of debate for too many years.  The clock now expires and I feel we are ready and deserve to know the truth about Extra Terrestrials  and UFOs.
1/15/2009 3:03 AM
I would like to know what the government knows about this subject.  It's time for full disclosure. 
Thank you.
1/15/2009 3:05 AM
It is past time for the release of any and all information concerning UFO's.
1/15/2009 3:12 AM
Mr. President,

I am a retired military officer and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that ETs are currently here on our planet and that much of thier technology is being used by our "Black Ops" units (just make a surprise visit to Area 51). 

The tipping point has been reached and far too many Americans now know the truth.  To keep hiding the truth relative to ETs and their technology from "we the people" for military reasons is an insult to our intelligence not to mention being totally unconscionable. 

ET technology is the answer to our energy problems and can help the U.S. usher in world peace.  We must stop killing each other here on this planet or we will never be invited to join the Galactic Federation.  Please give us Full Disclosure Now!  

Steve Motley 
1/15/2009 3:37 AM
Disclose now please!
1/15/2009 3:38 AM
As our representatives, you are criminals against us as long as you delay referendum on disclosure. There is no denying this, only the splinter in your mind that it is inevitable.
1/15/2009 3:42 AM
Please give us the truth, finally.  We already know what that truth is...
1/15/2009 3:45 AM
3 things in this world can not hide for long, one is the sun,  two is the moon, three is the TRUTH!!!!   you people think of us as a lower life form that can't handle the truth... i am as equal as you   we both equally live we both equally die   Mr. President Obama, it is time!!!
1/15/2009 4:18 AM
Full disclosure of evidence proving extraterrestrial activity is occurring would be the right thing to do.  Honesty would be great for a change.
1/15/2009 4:51 AM
We want the truth now.
No, we DEMAND the truth NOW!
1/15/2009 4:52 AM
For the greatest good of all of mankind we must know the real truth of other intelligent life
1/15/2009 4:53 AM
Whatever the truth is on the UFO issue, we should know.  Something is going on, and it should be addressed.
1/15/2009 5:01 AM
keep voting folks<--------------
tell your friends to vote<<---------------
1/15/2009 5:08 AM
let's get this done so we can move ahead. 
1/15/2009 5:10 AM
legalize weed is first 
come on folks
vote it up to the top
do it
1/15/2009 5:14 AM
I think we're smart enough to know the truth and to deal with the consequences of that truth pertaining to extraterrestrial life forms in our presence.
Full disclosure of what the government has in its files of past and present UFO contacts will bring mankind together sharing the knowledge that we are not alone and that maybe we can hope for a brighter future.
1/15/2009 5:22 AM
We know it's true, Why hide it ?????????
1/15/2009 5:38 AM
Please trust that we the people can handle the truth about UFOs, Mr. President elect Obama.  Thank you.
1/15/2009 5:47 AM
Lets hope its true !
1/15/2009 5:52 AM
Please disclose as much as you can without compromising our national security. NASA needs to answer many questions and so does the military. Thanks for being my president.
1/15/2009 5:52 AM
Ik als nederlander ben er van overtuigd dat er buitenaardsen zijn die deze wereld van een afstand in de gaten houden , waarschijnlijk om ons te behoeden voor totale zelfvernietiging waar wij allemaal aan meewerken.
de mensheid is gezien het aantal oorlogen en machtsmisbruiken nog zeer primitief , de machthebbers willen geen inmenging in hun aardse zaken .
alle antwoorden om de aarde gezond en vredig te maken liggen om de hoek , de buitenaardsen kunnen ons helpen , zij zijn vele miljoenen jaren op ons vooruit .
Wij willen de waarheid nouw.
We want the truth now.
1/15/2009 5:53 AM
Open the books on UFO experiences and contacts.
1/15/2009 6:03 AM
I believe you are the president that will come forward with the truth regarding the UFO phenomenon. Previous goverments have lost trust with its peolpe and this would gain the new leadership trust with its people again regardless the answer. Thank you.
1/15/2009 6:04 AM
Untill the truth comes out and people are aware we will never be able to move beyond our personal petty differances. We need the truth to help us see the bigger picture. We are ready. Stop stunting our progress for our future. Be the president every one hopes you will be and treat us like adults.
1/15/2009 6:12 AM
The truth will set us free, that is if we are suppose to be free.
1/15/2009 6:16 AM

The idea that the US government is capable of covering up the exsistence of alien life is extremely far fetched.  Even if they could, what possible motive would the government have to keep something like that from scientists and universities? 

There is life out there, but the idea that the US government is capable of covering up contact with intelligent life is magical thinking. 
1/15/2009 6:21 AM
Mr. President,

I voted for you for change as this website is named after and disclosing this information would bring a new era of change to the world and could even bring people together knowing we are not alone in this Universe. We are one people on a little planet called Earth and would then stand as one not as an American, European, or where you come from but as a human, as an Earthling. You made history becoming the first black man to become President. Make more history and become the first President to prove we are being visited by another race and we are not alone in the Universe.

Thank You Mr. President.
1/15/2009 6:26 AM
Simply put, we can handle the truth. Please demand it.
1/15/2009 6:28 AM
The UFO disclosure will be the first step to a world of peace and abundance. Obama is capable of taking this step and I believe he knows he needs to.

Extraterrestrials can help us human beings in the right direction. We need this more than anything! It's not only about telling people the truth, more importantly it's about the door that then opens up to extraterrestrials to help us all! They really come in peace. And it's about time we start doing the same thing!

Dear Mr. President, please help making 2009 a year of truth and love!

Thank you.
1/15/2009 6:36 AM
Thousands of people make reports yearly of strange lights performing impossible maneuvers that traditional earth-bound aircraft, commercial, military, etc; could never accomplish. While most of the world's governments try to deny the reality of their existence, they blame the sightings on natural aerial phenomenon, the planet Venus, swamp gas, weather balloons or mass hysteria.

Following many of the famous UFO events including, the UFO crash in Roswell New Mexico in 1947, the Phoenix Lights Mass UFO Sighting in 1997, the Chicago O'Hare International Airport UFO Sighting in 2006 and the Stephenville Texas Sightings in January of 2008, our military and government leaders continue to tell the general public that there's nothing to the UFO phenomenon.

Will you seek to end the truth embargo that our government and military has instated regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life?

1/15/2009 6:42 AM
So many unimportant issues are in front of this lets make it number one
1/15/2009 6:44 AM
1/15/2009 6:48 AM
There are certainly many important issues facing the American people and some may say disclosure of extraterrestrial presence is way down on the list, but I disagree.  If you are the President of change and transparent government and are going to convince the American people that you are a different kind of leader, what better way than to disclose what more than 60% of the public believes is an ongoing government cover-up. 

More importantly, acknowledging the presence of extraterrestrials and working with them should open the door to use their vastly superior technology to help solve many of the problems we face, such as ending our dependence on oil and coal.
1/15/2009 6:55 AM
If the President makes this truth known, the name of Barack Obama will go in the history books described as the president who made the greatest change for all mankind.
New Earth
1/15/2009 6:59 AM
President Obama,

It's time to stop treating the American people like children. Many of us who have experienced indisputable sightings as well as communication are well aware of the truth regarding visitation. The numbers continue to grow. It's time for the government to grow up and take the appropriate measures to disclose this worldwide phenomena so that our country can move into this new era from a place of leadership.

We are a population of intelligent adults and deserve to be treated as such. I impress upon you President Obama, to please break the molds of past presidents and allow the people of this planet to move forward in the light of truth.

I wish you all the best, the tasks you are facing are formidable....unlike any past president has had to face. I have great faith in you to do what's right and I know that when history is written you will be among the greatest leaders our world has ever known.
1/15/2009 7:08 AM
We all are living with some big questions that are not reviled to the public.
And i believe the government is holding those big answers back.
And that is something we people need.
The question are we alone in the universe, needs to be answered.
Too much evidence from the public is denied, nevertheless is then researched by the government.
This is not something we can except.
I totally agree with obama on his statement that he needs to take care of people on this planet.
But the people are still living with those big questions.
So We NEED this reviled.
I know that the government is concerned to the fact they need to answer alot more questions once they have answerd this one.
But we have the right to know.
We can not accept a government lying to the people.
As obama said,  "We are the ones we have been waiting for"
Now lets see some change, we have waited long enough.
1/15/2009 7:09 AM
 The Government works for us.  We choose the people who we think will run the government the way we want.  The elected officials are our voice but our voice is not being heard.  We want the truth about U.F.O's and we are turning to you President Obama  to bring us out of the dark and into the light on this issue, to lift this band on information concerning U.F.O's.
1/15/2009 7:31 AM
The people can handle it.  UFO's are out there.  I've seen one from a distance, and I know two other people who've seen them up close.  They/we are normal people who don't report this stuff due to past history of traditional ridicule.  Our government has recovered technology that we can all benefit from...a new technology revolution to quickly propel us into the future, and help solve our problems of the economy.  This is so profound, Mr. President Elect Obama will undoubtedly become the greatest presidents. 
1/15/2009 7:37 AM
Mr. President,

Use your power to make the world really free of
Manipulating and Lies.
Listen to the people of
the Disclosure Project.

We need a real Change !
Good luck and thanks !!!

1/15/2009 7:38 AM
Dear Mr.  President (-Elect)
The human race has come to a critical point in it's evolution. In a few years time we will usher in the golden age and we will be re-united with our brothers and sisters in the rest of the universe.  This is our universal right and can not be denied any longer.

The issue if there is intelligent life out there needs to be resolved and all information on this issue needs to be put in the open for the masses to begin their journey. There have to be a lot of changes to make the shift into the golden age go as smoothly as possible.

If you want as many people as possible to make the shift in 2012, then those changes need to happen as quickly as possible, so be the change humanity so greatly desires.

Much respect and love to all

1/15/2009 7:45 AM
The people of this country want to know the truth and as president you can make this truth known.  It is the law!
1/15/2009 7:45 AM
What are they afraid of? GIVE US THE ALIEN TECH ALREADY.  Its about time!!
1/15/2009 7:48 AM
Mr. President, I am not sure what the reason for the concealment; but if at all possible, release the truth.
1/15/2009 7:50 AM
1/15/2009 7:52 AM
the truth will set us free, but first it will piss us off.. i'd say go shine a light on us. and i'm not even American
1/15/2009 7:56 AM
who's up for voting everything else down?
1/15/2009 7:57 AM
With the acceptance by most that the planet is in trouble, I believe now is the time to release this information.  If not the USA giving the truth to the world, then who?  It may help defuse religious battles that have raged on this planet for centuries.  It may hold the key to an energy alternative.  It may bring us all together as humans.
No matter the extent of information or lack thereof, ending all the speculation alone will be a bonus. 
We deserve the truth... we can handle the truth.
1/15/2009 8:01 AM

FORMER astronaut Edgar Mitchell is one of only 12 people to have walked on the moon.

A highly-intelligent scientist, Edgar caused a sensation at a UFO conference in America this month when he claimed he has seen proof that aliens exist.

In 1971, Edgar became the sixth person to walk on the moon. Now 68, he works as a consultant to the hugely popular science-fiction TV series The X Files.

In an exclusive interview from his Florida home, Edgar told John Earls why he is convinced there is life on other planets and that aliens have, in fact, landed on Earth.

"I AM an American astronaut and a trained scientist. Because of my position people in high places confide in me. And, as a result, I have no doubt that aliens HAVE visited this planet.

The American government and governments throughout the world have thousands of files of UFO sightings which cannot be explained. As a scientist, it is logical to me that at least some of these will have been witness of alien craft.

As a former astronaut, the military people who have access to these files are more willing to talk to me than to people they regard as mere cranks.

The stories I have heard from these people, who are more highly qualified than me to talk about UFOs, leave me in no doubt that aliens have already visited Earth.

I've been interested in the subject since I joined NASA 40 years ago. Probably my most visionary moment was when I actually landed on the moon with Apollo 14.

I felt an overwhelming sense that the universe itself is in some way a conscious being in its own right. This means that all life-forms, whether on Earth or elsewhere, are all part of one giant consciousness.

So when I learned that aliens really do exist, I wasn't too surprised. But what did shock me when I started investigating extra-terrestrial reports a decade ago is the extent to which the proof has been hushed up.

1/15/2009 8:01 AM
User-added image
1/15/2009 8:08 AM
In all our hopes and fears belongs a truth needing to become known. A failure to regard this truth as part of a larger picture that includes the universe,  would leave humanity unable and unprepared to imagine a future beyond the limitations of the present. With so many challenges to face here and now, a narrow perception imbued upon us by our nations leadership would stifle the ability to creatively and collectively grasp a broad and forward reaching belief that all problems are not insurmountable. Without  inhibitions on the truth we as a nation will remain just and noble. With our minds open to the ideas of truth, we could maintain our high ideals with integrity. Disclose what is or isn't known about all celestial, extracelestial, extraterrestrial or terrestrial phenomena that has been reported or observed to exist.   
1/15/2009 8:08 AM
It is time for truth.
Government is not my momma to decide what I can know about.
We are adults, we are paying for this, and we are tired of lies and deceit.
Yae Yae
1/15/2009 8:09 AM
Truth to the world will bring peace to the world .
1/15/2009 8:10 AM

I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to comment on perhaps the most important and long term significant issue regarding the direction of the human race and destiny of planet earth.

There is no doubt that intelligent life has been and is interacting at some level with earth's life forms.  If this is true and the information is being discretely withheld from earth's citizens by governmental forces it would be criminal to suppress it negatively spin the information.

Imagine the technology available and physics driving the UFO propulsion concepts.  In my estimation I believe that some aspect of the government definitely is aware of the situation and has no intention of disclosure primarily fueled by national security interests (technology weaponization) and economical impacts of new and potentially free energy sources that could be an outcome of disclosure. 

Unless we as citizens of a republic democracy take diligence in pursuing every effort to live in harmony and peace with each other and nature we are eventually doomed.  In lieu of the mounting and over bearing evidence that the alien presence cannot be dismissed as something other than it is and "negatively governmental spinning" of the information via the major media networks is prompting many citizens to intelligently question this important issue.

Although I have never been presented with hard evidence I do believe that the circumstantial best evidence available would be more than sufficient to convict one in a U.S. court of law.
Levi in NY
1/15/2009 8:14 AM
LOL yeah, the government should also tell us where Bigfoot is, and what happened to Atlantis, and disclose all their secrets about the Invisible Pink Unicorn.
1/15/2009 8:19 AM
 Let us know. Denial is Dumb. The Problem is folks, this topic is not being covered up by the entire US Government.  Here is where the problem lies.......the Truth is that a secret, quasi-government, covert in ALL aspects are running this country, let alone the world.  Think of the group, the Bilderbergs.  They consist of all high-level, rich, executives, ceo's, etc that set the laws that govern society.  Appeal to them. Obama is just going to prove he is another Puppet!! No president has really ever done anything mind-blowing of the sort. They take it all away from us.  I want to thank everyone from the Disclosure Project,'s and all those disclosure initiatives, and i hate to sound closed-minded because i am not but we are definitely running into another stone-walling!! This won't work, but i hope it does!! Let's give Obama a round of applause for becoming the country's 44th puppet.  Please prove us wrong!
1/15/2009 8:28 AM
In my opinion disclosing the information of intelligent extraterrestrial life forms and their technology which is presently held classified by the U.S. government and bringing this technology out into the public domain should be done ASAP. All other topics should be subordinated and should benefit from having access to this technology.
1/15/2009 8:29 AM
Open up our "X-Files"!  The universe is way too vast for us to be the only planet with life on it.  The time for the TRUTH is now!  Thanks!
1/15/2009 8:31 AM
it is time to move forward in the human race!
1/15/2009 8:31 AM
This issue needs to be made public.
1/15/2009 8:33 AM
Mr. President, it is time for UFO Disclosure and for the Human Race to be brought into the inner circle of this most important issue. THE PEOPLE can handle the truth and deserve the truth. The UK, Mexico, Argentina, France and other countries have already released their disclosure documents on the UFO issue and it is time for America to follow suite. Thank you...
1/15/2009 8:37 AM
The is a ton of suppressed technology from the Roswell UFO crash that could be used to help our country, if someone would all anyone who had taken a security oath on this topic to speak out.
1/15/2009 8:40 AM
Hoping for total disclosure UFO facts!

Thanks, Mark (The Netherlands)
1/15/2009 8:47 AM
c2c here too. There are many of us out here. Mr. President, do the names Stephen Bassett, Richard C Hoagland, Steven Quayle, Stan Deyo, Phillip Corso and the list goes on and on mean anything to you? If they didn't before they will soon.

I believe that you need to work on the FULL Disclosure of this phenomenon. There is far too much evidence out there to ignore. These days almost everyone has a camera, either on their cell phone or in their possession at all times and the evidence is mounting. Soon there will be no way to avoid the fact that we SHARE this earth, not own it.

I think that if we don't come around and get a bit more enlightened whom ever we share it with will make us. I wish to do it on our own terms, don't you?

Please Mr. President, do the right thing. I believe you have it in you! You can make a difference for all of us.

Welcome to your new world. Thank You ahead of time for what you are going to do for all of us in this Great Country.
1/15/2009 8:49 AM
hi, i am henk welder from holland every body must vote fore ufo disclosure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
waarom is de wereld zo tegen aliens zij komen om ons te helpen,niet om ons te doden.
dit zou het einde van alle oorlogen, ziektes enz maken. 
1/15/2009 9:02 AM
The US must be the first to disclose on extra terrestrials in order to maintain it's status as a world power. Should China,Russia, or any other country beat them to this announcement, that country will lead the world into a new era!
1/15/2009 9:14 AM
Mr. President please tell us the truth.  Those of us who have seen have no doubt.  We the people of the Earth need something to believe in and something to unite us.
1/15/2009 9:16 AM
Hey everyone, they are actually already intervening. The proof will not be in pictures or video. But something that is already there. The world is being move to a form of collective control. The ego empire is falling and the advanced technology is coming.

there may also be revelation to come on
1/15/2009 9:18 AM
Well, seems like a lot of people agree on this issue.
Now is the time for everybody to know the truth.

Time for change, make it true.

I truly hope you spend attention to this matter, as you can see we can't wait to know.

Kind regards,
Robin from the Netherlands

1/15/2009 9:21 AM
Read on Obama's web site and look to the very end regarding Advanced Beings. You will also notice a lot of the strategy that is now unfolding.
1/15/2009 9:23 AM
Even if you are put under pressure by the few, still tell the world the truth. Obama this is your responsibility! I am very positive when i look at our future!

with love
the arrival of the duke
1/15/2009 9:24 AM
1/15/2009 9:27 AM
Mr. President:
We need to know the truth.
Thank you.
Dave Cash
1/15/2009 9:35 AM
The truth and nothing but the truth, soon please. 
1/15/2009 9:37 AM
I totally agree.
1/15/2009 9:43 AM
Mr. President,

       As an American citizen, an Army veteran, and Human being I implore you to take this topic of disclosure very seriously. Please consider the positive ramifications this would have not only in America, but across the globe. Other countries have taken the steps, and have begun to release information, so why not us? Please, sir,  for the sake of truth consider full disclosure on this subject. Thank you.
1/15/2009 9:47 AM
It's a matter of science. Why not? If we paid for the capability to monitor such activity, don't the citizens deserve a report on the government's findings?
1/15/2009 9:56 AM
Last year THE VATICAN(!), for Heaven's sake, suggested that ET's may indeed exist, and that, if they reveal themselves, we should embrace them "as brothers under God". 

How can anyone really explain the technological explosion that started in the '50's? Printed circuits? Fibre Optics? Etch-A-Sketch?
And now, with Global Warming, the crush of over-population, destruction of the world's seas and forests, couldn't we use a little help from these "Brothers" to get us out of this mess?

1/15/2009 9:56 AM
RonPaul: think about what wars are essentially about. Resources. Oil. Competition. Consider the effects of knowing we're not alone, that there are others who have reached much further. Consider the benefits of ultra-advanced technology and how it would yield competition for resources totally unnecessary and what it would mean for medical science and the treatment of disease. We could become a race of explorers, lacking nothing in the material and with no further use for war and armed conflict. 
1/15/2009 9:59 AM

Check this out.  This was discussed during the Clinton administration.  This fellow John Podesta, is now leading Barack's Transition Team.
1/15/2009 10:03 AM
Come on, this site is for real policy debate, not sci-fi.
1/15/2009 10:05 AM
I really hope this gets disclosed.. Many eyes will open, and many lives will change.
Other technology would end the fossil fuel pollution and the destruction of our environment and eventually Life on Earth...
Nothing is more important than UFO Disclosure.. Please do this !!!
1/15/2009 10:07 AM
If they exist, why not share the data?  Think it would be exciting step for mankind.   But its ramifications on religious institutions would be odd.
1/15/2009 10:20 AM
All funding and activities of Black Ops, extraterrestrial contact, and R& D of extraterrestrial technology should be publicly disclosed. Their secrecy is unwarranted.
1/15/2009 10:26 AM
I agree will everybody here please disclose.
 Now that the Government has lost the trust of the people it would be a good time to come clean.  We can handle UFO disclosure. Most of America and the world knows that UFOs are genuine.  It is time to disclose the truth about the subject of UFOs. it is a shame how the truth has been  suppressed in this country from the public since 1940's. All us AMERICAN'S Citizens have been kept in the dark for much to long on the subject of U.F.O's.  I believe that you are the president that can make this truth known we believe in change.
    Thank You,  Gilberto  De La Curz Jr.
1/15/2009 10:36 AM
Copaetic, you might be surprised what you will learn if you took the time to look closer.
There is an extraterrestrial presence on the planet.
There are a lot of powerful people who have strong reasons to keep it a secret.
There is one really good reason to let the public know: it is the truth.
Please, President Obama, don't let us down.
1/15/2009 10:42 AM
So many here ask why this would be kept from public knowledge. The most important reason is maintenance of control and geopolitical status quo. Public knowledge and official disclosure would have unforeseeable consequences, but it is certain it would change everything. Those at the top does not want change. Think about it.
1/15/2009 10:43 AM
Listen up, kooks. The people of the coming Obama administration are no idiots. You are wasting your time, and the time of others as well. 
1/15/2009 10:43 AM
We're counting on you President Obama. Disclose so we can use the technology to create jobs, fix our environment, and save ourselves through the coming cyclical Earth changes. We are worth saving.
1/15/2009 10:44 AM
Can we just have f***ing disclosure my god all you people in the government are so f***ing immature.
F***ing 50 years. you've been keeping this from us.
1/15/2009 10:45 AM
I hope this discussion thread illustrates the massive failure that is science education in the US.  These comments are simply devoid of critical thinking skills.

You can't prove an unknown with another unknown.  If you see lights in the sky, you can't say it was aliens, since you first have to prove alien life exists, visit earth, and forget to turn off their brights / turn signals after they've entered the atmosphere.  Proof isn't a personal testimony; it's just another claim.  And yelling "BUT WE ALREADY KNOW, JUST ADMIT IT... RABLE RABLE RABLE" inherently means that you have the proof to make such a claim.  Well, do you?  Do you have said proof?  Are you in possession of the life form or ship?  Has it been analyzed and verified by accredited professionals?  Has their analysis been peer-reviewed and published in the academic journals? 

Because if the answer is no to any of these and still make the claim that you "know", then you're being academically dishonest.  Your belief does not substitute for real science.  And until it can actually be considered actual science, stop trying to distract government administrations with this pseudo-science so the people with peer-reviewed research can accomplish their work.
1/15/2009 10:46 AM
I am sure when this policy started, the country as a whole might have been very disturbed by the fact of UFOs.  They would have viewed it as terrifying, dangerous, too far out there, and against the Bible.  I do not know if there is any danger involved from these UFOs but I (and I'm sure most others) would rather know the truth and be prepard than to have the details too late to prepare.  As a Christian and an avid Bible reader I also know there is room to believe that they fit in His creation.   Mr. President, perhaps this embargo policy may have been appropriate many years ago, but we and the world have changed.  We have grown able to appreciate, if not understand, that we may not be alone living on a flat earth.  We are not children any more and should be able to deal with new situations.  With all the other economic and political problems you and we have to face now, this disclosure may also serve as a distraction of sorts.  Please consider this and search your heart for the truth. Thank you.
1/15/2009 10:47 AM
END THE DECEPTION  Its time that all of that power in secrecy gets shared through disclosure.  Its time that the people have true representation.  Its time for the oppressive control to end.  Its time for truth.  Its time for the revolution.  The breakthrough is inevitable... Will you be the leader to usher it in?  DON'T BE THE PUPPET  Kermit would have been better than Bush... I hope such a reality will not come out of your leadership. 
1/15/2009 10:49 AM
Change we can believe in?  Then be the President that goes down in History that actually changed the long standing truth embargo and reveal to the world officially that we are part of a greater universe amongst brethren from across the stars.  This will unite the world, open ours eyes, and start world peace.  We are not alone, and we can better ourselves, becoming more mature humans in all sorts of ways.
1/15/2009 11:04 AM
Just think.... what a way to make history!!!!!!!!  Granted... there are other important issues, but this would really give the new President a place in history.... also... if he does not do it China or Russia will!!!!   THX!!!
1/15/2009 11:05 AM
If this site is sincere and does what it says, and the president will take this serious.
We can expect a disclosure within a week.
1/15/2009 11:06 AM
1/15/2009 11:09 AM
 We The People are ready for Disclosure! 
1/15/2009 11:12 AM
Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny.
---Robert Heinlein
1/15/2009 11:26 AM
I hope truthful information will be released on this subject soon . There are many of us dedicated researchers that have been waiting a long time. We need to come together not only as a nation but internationally as well , this phenomenon has not been regulated to the borders of just our nation. Open dialogue internationally would be advised.
1/15/2009 11:31 AM
Hey, here's a crazy idea:

If you really think that our ultra-competent government that never slips up can hold on to a secret for 60 something years, why don't you run for office?  What's stopping you; if this issue is so important, then shouldn't this be your ultimate mission in life?

Oh but what's that, now you say that they won't tell a State Rep or Senator about the supposed "truth"?  Well, then I'd hate to break it to you, but that pretty much a Q.E.D. that D.C.'s honest declaration won't be anything other than "we know of no alien life."

Optionally, if you run with the disillusionment belief that the military, which can't even supply our troops with enough bullet-resistent vests, holds the information in question, then enlist!  If you specialize in just the right skills, you can end up getting yourself into Area 51.  If you find that ET and Alf really do have a condo there, jack as much proof as possible and hand it off to a country that doesn't like us.
You can continue to wear a very fashionable copper-foil hat (cause only chumps use aluminum and tin. Now copper, that makes a fuckin' anti-brain control hat! ) while continuing to spout unsupported accusations with no ambition to actually use proper science.

...I think I know what's going to be the popular choice!
1/15/2009 11:49 AM
Mr. President,  I am almost 71 yrs. old since the late 40,s I have had an interest in the UFO subject. I have had 2 UFO experiences in my lifetime. I understand that there are millions of people in this country and around the world who have had similar experiences.  NOW is the time for full disclosure.  If any alien technology that has been back engineered from recovered UFO,s that can be used to make us less dependent on foreign oil sources would be of great importance at this point in our nations history.  Thank you for the chance to be heard.
1/15/2009 11:51 AM
Jon, Believe whatever you want, we will believe whatever we want.
As i said, if this site is sincere, you will know shortly, as will we.
Now won't we ;)
Hank Hill
1/15/2009 11:55 AM
It is time for disclosure.  The Men in Black need to be outed!
1/15/2009 11:56 AM
We the people deserve to know the truth!!  
1/15/2009 12:08 PM
The TRUTH, in it's bare naked simplicity, is ALL we can ask for. After 60 years... we now DEMAND it. Change in Washington begins with TRUTH in Washington...well Barack? Gonna keep your promise? Or was that just a campaign slogan and a bunch of empty hype? I guess we'll soon know the TRUTH, won't we?
1/15/2009 12:09 PM
...and maybe a start with the truth about your birth certificate too, while we're disclosing all this information.. eh?
1/15/2009 12:10 PM
The time has come for the government to come clean. The UK has already started the process. How many military pilots are we going to ignore?
1/15/2009 12:30 PM
"Jon Believe whatever you want, we will believe whatever we want.
As i said, if this site is sincere, you will know shortly, as will we.
Now won't we ;)"

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but did you just say that because of your belief in non-discrete alien visits, that the government must have something to show for it?  I'm sorry, but the contingency of our government having some sort of "truth" to disclose in the first place cannot be based on your wild, unfounded accusation.  It's unfortunate that you're putting so much weight of the sincerity of this site on the next administration affirming a claim that may not be true in the first place.

For instance, I shall declare that you are the one holding the "truth" of alien visitors.  Why are you holding out on the public? We have a right to know!  Don't deny it, because we know; we all know!  And we shall consider you a liar until you admit the truth!

Do you see the logical fallacy there?  In order for that paragraph to be true, the initial belief must be true.  But it's not a truth, is it?  It's just an unknown.  You can believe all you like, but the proof just isn't there.  At it's core, all there is with ufo paranoia is belief.

If this shows us anything, we cannot "just believe in what we want", because then we start making crazy demands to make others parrot those beliefs for our own sense of security.
1/15/2009 12:49 PM
Full disclosure in the UFO phenomenal is very important in restoring the trust of the American people.  Furthermore, declassifying this information will spark new-engineered technology by revealing how the UFO propels though the air.
1/15/2009 12:55 PM
Mr. President, two key points of your campaign were "hope" and "change". Well, we all "hope" you "change" what is told to us about extraterrestrials and how its told to us.
Mr. Proco
1/15/2009 1:03 PM
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
-Hamlet, by William Shakespeare
1/15/2009 1:09 PM
I too agree. It is long PAST the time for disclosure. Mr. Obama is in a unique position to do this because he hasn't been mired in the old trappings of the existing cover-up.
If not now, when?
1/15/2009 1:44 PM
Hello Mister President,
My name is Tom and i live in Belgium.  Most of our citizens are glad you became the new president of the USA.  I sincerely hope you can make things better around the world.  Hopefully you take the time to investigate the UFO-problem because many people have many questions about the issue.   "The truth is out there" , that's for sure!

Good luck mister Obama, with all our respect!
1/15/2009 1:47 PM
If France, the UK and various other countries can open their files, why not the US ? People are ready... period
1/15/2009 1:58 PM
It is time for full disclosure on this issue. Too many honest and decent citizens, I myself for one, have witnessed UFO activity. We must have access to this information so private citizens can research further that the Government is willing to and draw responsible conclusions far from the cloak and dagger restrictions imposed by individuals within the gov't sector.

An Oregonian for Truth
1/15/2009 2:31 PM
Simply put, I agree with all of you. The question lies in this fashion (I believe), IN INQUIRING INTO what exactly inspired the need for banding of the intelligence entity formerly known as "THE MAJESTIC"??!!??!
1/15/2009 2:39 PM
For those who don't believe in E.T....God was/is an alien.  He came from the heavens, right?  He was not human, right?
Full disclosure.  Do it.
1/15/2009 2:40 PM
Call it foolishness if you like, but that doesn't help explain what many many Americans have seen. It might even be an awakening for building new sectors of the economy, like energy and transportation. Don't call hard working, intelligent, professional American's that we're foolish, just because you haven't experienced this phenomena with your own eyes.
1/15/2009 2:55 PM
We are ready. Please let us know the truth . Perhaps they will help us save our planet.
1/15/2009 3:05 PM
In my opinion disclosing the information of intelligent extraterrestrial life forms and their technology which is presently held classified by the U.S. government and bringing this technology out into the public domain should be done ASAP. All other topics should be subordinated and should benefit from having access to this technology.
1/15/2009 3:12 PM
Please disclose this information
1/15/2009 3:23 PM
Despite the other issues Mr. Obama will face when he takes office,  the issue of Disclosure and the release of ET technology are THE MOST IMPORTANT
1/15/2009 3:35 PM
This is a total waste of time. 
Let's focus on real issues like environment, healthcare, and the separation of church and state.
1/15/2009 4:04 PM
Dear President Obama,

It has saddened me for many years to watch our nation's government and the military-industrial complex conceal the truth on the extraterrestrial presence from its own people.  Such fundamental knowledge should not be hidden from us.  Please fight for your people's right to this information.

Than you for reading this.
1/15/2009 4:33 PM
Jon, i like the way you speak.

Now you are spot on on a lot of subjects, because it is true in the eyes of the "believer".
for him it is true so i just place believer between "".
Now on this subject however, (as you will expect me to say), it is different.
But If you do any research at all on the subject as i presume you never did, judging from your statements.
The Roswell case was very odd, first the media said it was a flying disk recovered, placed by eyewitnesses.
Now the government says it's a weather balloon, then they say it's a spy balloon made to spy on the Russians.
Now if that doesn't make people doubt the words of the government i don't know what will.
There have been a lot of sightings in the world, and these are accruing every day.
Now these can be ufo's made by the government themselves, as they didn't acknowledge the stealth fighter to be theirs for about 10 years, and then revealed it as valid military aircraft they have made.
So i don't say ufo's are aliens, i'm saying i wan't to know the truth.
I hope you understand what i'm saying.
And if you still stick to your story, i respect that and encourage you to do some research before telling all these people you see in this thread that they are believers of something without any evidence.
Cause there is enough, it's just unidentified, and if the government has any more research done on this subject ( Alien or own technology ).
We would like to have confirmation to the subject.
And a worldwide disclosure, so that people who have been called crazy before are free of the ridicule.
And other people have to accept the fact there are indeed Ufo's, alien or own technology, Either way i will be happy
1/15/2009 4:37 PM
Sorry for the typo's

The Roswell case was very odd, first the media said it was a flying disk recovered, placed by eyewitnesses. ( placed in the papers off course.)
1/15/2009 4:39 PM
Xenu wants out of the volcano.  The Scientologists have locked him in there with a force field from a battery. DISCONNECT THE BATTERY. SET XENU FREE AND HE WILL TELL ALL.  Low level Scientologists have to pay to learn about XENU but you can learn about him for free on the internet. Google the words XENU and Scientology. Make the government tell you the location of the volcano so XENU can be set free to tell all. We need to ask him about  the agreement between the IRS and Scientology that violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment. Xenu probably can tell us.
1/15/2009 4:44 PM
I know what I saw fly over my head in broad daylight defied the laws of physics as we know them. I am not convinced that these craft are extra terrestrial. But please give the people some credit for having a little intelligence, unlike some past administrations. We have been given ever-changing excuses of flares, swamp gas, weather balloons and the like. I find it hard to believe that all of the lies that have been fed to the public really fall under the umbrella of national security. Mistrust of our government will continue to grow as long as the majority feel we are not being told the truth on this subject as well as others.  If we have this kind of technology we should put it to use NOW!  Thanks for taking the time to read this.
1/15/2009 5:04 PM
It is time that the world take the next step and that we as the human race evolve. The disclosure will allow the sharing of new alien technology and so many other possibilities, it will also in many ways help unite people and know that we truely are not alone in the universe and that there are greater things then the issues that take over our world, wars and other undesired things will seem less important when people look at the big picture and how silly these wars are in comparison to the universe and we can move on. There are just so many up sides to the disclosure of the UFO subject and I think America and the rest of the world deserve it and are ready.
1/15/2009 5:07 PM
Hey, enough with the ridiculous lies about things we KNOW are real. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY OUR TAX DOLLARS GO TO FUND GOV. AGENCIES THAT LIE TO & MISLEAD US???????? THIS HELPS NO ONE BUT THOSE THAT ARE LYING (look out for # 1 right?). It makes us lose faith in something we should believe in & support (government(s) perhaps?)... tired of the lies. We are adults - leave us to make decisions from truth not deception!! I personally KNOW they "exist" from previous experience as a child. National Security is a sorry excuse for deceiving the US population or the world for that matter. Other governments have come out to admit there is truth or possibility in this as the Catholic Church for example (who would a ever guessed they would before our own US government?) Thanks for the opportunity to voice my suggestion, please help us become educated, learn & grow to be "worthy" Galactic/ Universal citizens.
1/15/2009 5:21 PM
I just wanted to add a comment.
1/15/2009 5:26 PM
yes, please begin your disclosure process.  we cannot work as a whole together to achieve world problems unless we truly allow all people access to their own minds, and to this point, not all people have been allowed to do so.  this means that even those with the most power will lose all that power unless they loosen the attachment to their own information.   even the most powerful cannot understand their own structure without help from those they consider the weakest.  Because we really are all a part of each other.  We really need to start taking care of others in order to see better results in ourselves.  Real results not just faux ones.  The whole world is waiting.  The universe in fact.  We won't know all the answers but denying any person of the questions seems wrong in any 'system' of government... or religion... or structure of society... best wishes...
1/15/2009 5:50 PM
I wonder how long until everyone hear realizes most UFOs are natural phenomena. 

Probably never.
1/15/2009 5:53 PM
Mr. President:
You ran your campaign on...change. I, like many other Americans as well as citizens of the world, want a change from the lies and deceptions of the past and present. We want and hope for a future from you, that gives us THE TRUTH about the extraterrestrial presence on our planet Earth. 
1/15/2009 5:56 PM
I feel very strongly that now is the time for full disclosure of the phenomenon of UFO's. I feel the citizens of our country could handle it no matter what it is. Please come forward with the truth.
Dustin D.
1/15/2009 6:04 PM
@[Jon], most of the people visiting this site are believers, not scientists. While that bothers me it thankfully it doesn't mean that there isn't a large body of credible evidence supporting the fact that there's something unidentified in our airspace. Go to the first page and read the 4th, 5th, and 6th comments. That brief overview should give a you a good working knowledge of why this is worth the President's attention.
1/15/2009 6:08 PM
Other nations will disclose before us about UFO's and Alien visitors.  We have learned a lot about scientific advances and have reversed engineered much of UFO technology in our super secret military activities.  The secret application could bring us out of the world depression without putting our country into additional debt.  We should not disclose the mechanical and scientific advances to the entire world, but we need to use the scientific data to produce clean energy without investing additional TRILLIONS of dollars into a lot of worthless energy ideas.

The Skunkworks projects that we have already developed need to be brought to light, except for the secret military applications.

A retired contracting officer of the United States Army
1/15/2009 6:16 PM
I personally resent the fact that the government thinks we are a stupid society and treats us as such. We are a totally different generation and quite aware of whats being told and what is the truth.......and offended to think that they want us to believe whatever they say...I haven't believed any thing the government says in a very long time! 
1/15/2009 6:22 PM
Mr. President,
Giving all the people on this earth information about UFO'S?
1/15/2009 6:49 PM
I also support this issue and will do anything to help the truth come out .
1/15/2009 7:13 PM
An Apollo Astronaut revealed that the Govt knows aliens are real so come on, time to come clean.
Have a listen:
That's Edgar Mitchell himself!
1/15/2009 7:24 PM
To the people who support this suggestion:

Why go off on drunken rants about how you are being lied to by the government when scientology gets to blackmail the IRS into giving them a tax exempt status that is NOT given to any other religion, thereby violating the establishment clause of the First Amendment? What is so important about a bunch of  UNIDENTIFIED flying objects that is more important than upholding the validity and integrity of the Constitution of the United States of America? How are little green men more important than the highest law of the land that gives everyone the right to ask about the little green men in the first place? Priorities people. Destroying an evil cult hell bent on taking over our country before trying to get the truth about why ET had to phone home.
1/15/2009 7:33 PM
Dear President Obama;
You could  be remembered as the Greatest President in recorded history by disclosing technologies discovered in the 1930s&40s such as zeropoint energy, cold fusion, antigravity, and the fact that we have been visited by benevolent extraterrestrial beings willing to share their technologies with us in a way not to interfere with our free will but in an effort to help us preserve this beautiful blue planet and all the life on it thus eliminating the need of evil greed corruption and jealousy that plagues our world today.
                                                               Good Luck Our Prayers Good Will and Positive Thoughts are with You !!!
1/15/2009 7:34 PM
I believe that the honesty and transparency issue is definitely needed,  was there ever a time that it wasn't?  Regardless of what government faction is not being open the honesty  will always be needed.  There are so many issues and agencies that we have been misled and or deliberately lied to about.  I believe the Federal Reserve is the one who has lied the most. However the list does not end with them, need I list them all? It seems to be a neverending list. CIA, FBI, NSA,  if I were to keep going It would probably take longer than it's worth so  here is a link  for those that  are curious.

This list tells me that we have not been following the US Constitution for a very long time. Specifically since the 1870's when the Corporations started to believe they were human beings. I believe that we can get America back for all American citizens just by following the US Constitution. If a politician fails to support this sacred document then how can we believe in the politician? Many people have died while trying to support the document that they swore to protect. I demand that anyone who has defaced this document and America be fired.

1/15/2009 7:41 PM
  Everyday the government denies the truth is a day they diminish their credibility.  The cat is out of the bag and it is time to face the music.  The key figure to finally make this news official will go down in history and his words will live in infamy.  The words that will also live in infamy are those who gave false and misleading statements regarding the truth of an alien presence. It is time to pick how you want to go down in history, a liar or someone who had the guts to tell the truth.
1/15/2009 7:47 PM
xXx-BARACK--OBAMA-xXz   Just tell us the truth now, because we are ready to take in this truth, and America is not stupid we know we are being lied to. You are our hope do it for the people if you care, and that's just it I know you do care so just tell the us the American people the truth.
1/15/2009 7:48 PM
(if there out there they need to be found.)
in regard to UFOS why don't we send somebody
to the moon and mars, and get the ET'S input
on who they are why they are coming here too
earth and what they want.  the human race is in denial
of  people living in outer space and yes there are bad ones
as well as good ones. lets get there input from the ET'S
we are descendents of a extraterrestrial race. and there are
more than one kind of ET. about 75 races that we are in contact with
and millions more after that. lets send somebody openly no secrets.
1/15/2009 7:49 PM
xXx-BARACK--OBAMA-xXz   Just tell us the truth now, because we are ready to take in this truth, and America is not stupid we know we are being lied to. You are our hope do it for the people if you care, and that's just it I know you do care so just tell us the American people the truth.
Dustin D.
1/15/2009 7:56 PM
@twistedpuppet, it's all a matter of what issues are affecting peoples lives. If a person who votes for Disclosure hasn't been affected by Scientologists, but they believe they have been abducted it's very likely the person is going to make this more of a priority than they are fighting Scientology. Likewise if a person has seen a UFO and they're being told by friends and families that they're off their rocker, they're probably going to want some sort of explanation from our government because they've been telling us for the last 60 years that there's nothing to the phenomenon.

As for the Constitution we still have one right? Just because Bush abused his position and used signing statements as his personal get out of jail free card doesn't mean that the constitution is physically in tatters. It's simply weakened and that's something we can hopefully remedy by undoing what Bush has set in motion.

Just because this issue is being voted up doesn't mean people don't care about other problems facing the nation.

Just because you haven't looked in to this subject doesn't mean it's completely baseless. I don't personally subscribe to many of the theories that people are rambling about here (zero-point energy technology being hidden from us, aliens walking amongst us, etc), but there is legitimately something in our skies and based off military investigations it's clear that these things do exhibit some level of intelligence. If want proof of this go to the first page of comments and read the 4th, 5th, and 6th entries. That's enough to tell me we need investigators on the ground studying this phenomenon.

I have a really hard time believing there's a massive conspiracy. Rather I think the attitude of most officials when faced with evidence of non-terrestrial flying objects is simply, "it can't be therefore it isn't." So the issue is ignored, because who believes in flying saucers?

That has to stop.

We need a small organization in government that is willing to consider all theories. That doesn't mean they have to be nutters, they just have to be open to the possibility that down to earth explanations may not adequately explain what we're seeing.
1/15/2009 8:19 PM
1/15/2009 9:00 PM
Public disclosure of this important issue is long overdue.
1/15/2009 9:03 PM
I can understand the widespread curiosity about this subject but it is not so simple.

My brother in-law was a staff member of the DIA, during the 1976 Tehran UFO incident.

UFO-related information is classified for a very good reason. You do not want to know the full truth about UFOs (I wish I could once again live in blissful ignorance).

Full disclosure would endanger not only our own national security, it would potentially jeopardize all of humanity.
1/15/2009 9:06 PM
1/15/2009 9:08 PM
We those in the military know ET exists. We must have disclosure.
1/15/2009 9:11 PM
Disclosure now. This will push our economy in productive manner.
1/15/2009 9:56 PM
Disclosure will unite the people of this Earth like NOTHING ever before! We cannot continue into the future without this initial step. It might come as a shock to some, but we as a people can deal with this revelation. We will get used to the fact that we are not alone faster than most realize. We are an adaptable species after all ;)
1/15/2009 10:07 PM
Hmn . . . Maybe we can work something out. Do the little green guys play poker?
1/15/2009 10:22 PM
Since you are the one posting this and making this claim, maybe you could post the evidence we have that their are UFO's, so those that don't believe in extra terrestrials can see the evidence you base your opinions on.....

Also, just to clarify...UFO stands for "unidentified flying object." Just because you can't identify a craft doesn't mean it is an alien craft. Many of the airplanes we developed in the past were so ahead of their time, did things we didn't believe airplanes could do that observers couldn't believed it was an airplane. UFO sightings just means someone saw something they couldn't identify.

Nobody has produced credible evidence...What happened in Roswell was faked to sell t-shirts and increase tourism.. Even the mayor admits it.......

Sure some pilots in WWII saw things they called fu fighters, but others under that same stress and lack of sleep had all sort of other hallucinations..

The government can't control this level of secret...there are 1,000's of individual universities and research groups.....Real evidence could be very easily disseminated online....
1/15/2009 10:39 PM
The American taxpayer money is being funneled to organizations like NASA, who are to look for other life in the universe. We continue to give them huge amounts of money to help achieve this goal when they already have the answer.

UFO's are no longer unidentified, they should be referred to as IFO's if anything.

The answers are out there.
1/15/2009 11:11 PM
I am an ordinary citizen. A mom, a grandmother, once a wife and once a daughter. All the regular  "American" things like  baseball, apple pie, two cars in the garage and a mortgage. 
I am also a person who has had a close encounter of the third kind.  As have my children and as had my mother when she was a young mother.
I am not fringe.  I am a normal work-a-day person with a belief in God and country. It happened to me and my family and I believe the government knows more than it's saying.
Please, disclose what the government has known for decades so the country and the world will be convinced at last that we whom have experienced the fantastic are just ordinary citizens...mothers, children, American as apple pie.
1/15/2009 11:35 PM
Even in HOLLAND ( The Netherlands ) we want to know the truth ! We know something(s) are out there..

Please tell us the truth Mr. President.. We have the right to know
1/16/2009 12:01 AM
 We know that something is being covered up regarding the issue of unidentified flying object.  We need to know the truth. Please be the President that is remembered for telling us the truth, and the one to finally give us disclosure !.
1/16/2009 12:08 AM
The truth must come out, every person on this planet has a right to know!!
1/16/2009 12:12 AM
Mr. President!

I am from the Netherlands, and I agree that the truth about
alien life should be revealed.
I have seen ufo"s myself, and the numbers of sightings is increasing
all over the world!
Please let the truth be revealed all over the world!
I wish you Mr. President good luck and blessings for the future.

With regards,
Nathaly  from the Netherlands. 
1/16/2009 12:31 AM
@ Ron Paul(wannabe?)... i'm a bit disappointed by your view
I'm furious about this subject!
U don't want to know how much impact the release of all declassified UfO reports would be . Count for a healthy NWO

now it still doesn't make sense?
so do you want your people to live in a lie the rest of their lives? 
its your choice... if i had the opportunity to be a president i would share everything the people need to know. i would even give my life for it....
Bud Greene
1/16/2009 12:38 AM
    High ranking credible witnesses are calling for disclosure!     The airforce denied the existance of AREA 51 even as photos of it were circulated world-wide  by Russia!
". in recent years we're seeing many instances where people who have worked in high-ranking positions in the government are whistle-blowing (FAA Chief Callahan, Astronaut Cooper, Blue Book Dir. Ruppelt, Astronaut Aldrin, Blue Book Scientific adviser Hynek, Lt. Col. Daniel Mcgovern, Gov. Fife Symington, Vice-Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter [], etc) & they're largely being ignored even though many of them have publicly stated they're willing to testify under oath before congress. If this isn't enough to convince you something's happening in our skies research Big Sur (1964/09/16), the Malmstrom AFB Missle/UFO incident (1967/03/16), Iranian F-4 encounter (1976/09/19), 1909 plane stands still for 15 minutes in MA (1909/12/24), Denison daylight Texas sighting (1878/01), Discovery Mission 29"

 I myself have witnessed events which were beyond the limits of our known technology.
IM not claiming they were aliens, I'm claiming they were Unidentified Flying Objects, witnessed by multiple witnesses and denied by every governmental agency.

 This will put you down in history as the GREATEST president of all times.
 break the mold, Tell us the truth, we are hungry for it.
1/16/2009 1:10 AM
The new President seems to be an honest person and I really believe he is an idealist!
He will tell us the truth, I am sure! :-)
1/16/2009 1:38 AM
NOW NOW NOW..........REMEMBER WHO YOU WORK FOR....The citizens of this country have been kept in the dark for too long on the subject of U.F.O's. Members of congress, military personnel/soldiers have been reporting UFO sightings since the 1940's. The people of this country need to know the truth and I believe that you are the president that can make this truth known.

Thank You

1/16/2009 1:50 AM
people need to know the truth to life a life based on reality, people are no longer being fooled, we have to potential of being a star nation it's all part of our roots, this subject only divides people because one group knows from own experience like do i and the other is being used for all kind of disinformation

if we want unity the truth needs to get out, there is no unity if people are being kept in the dark

one planet one people let it be so greetings from holland
1/16/2009 4:16 AM
It is time for the nation to end the embargo extraterrestrial and UFO information.  The new era calls for disclosure and you can do it.  We want to know, the world wants to know, and we must lead the world.
1/16/2009 4:24 AM
I am from the Netherlands, and I think it's about time to partly DISCLOSE know-how gathered by military, CIA, FBI etc concerning ALIEN / UFO contact.
We as civilians founders and keepers of the democracy have the right to know.! 
Please Mr. Obama think about it.

Best regards, Rodo
1/16/2009 4:28 AM
It is significant that the Vatican recently make a public statement about ET's to the effect that ET's are real and they are part of God's creation.  If any group has a stake in this game, it has to be the Vatican.  The admission that the people on this earth are not the only beings in God's creation is quite a revelation.  The Catholic Church wants this issue to be revealed also.
1/16/2009 4:56 AM
The US Government has known about and has collaborated with extraterrestrial beings and alien technology for over 60 years.  Look how far mainstream technology has come since WWII - extremely fast computer processors, wireless, cell phones, etc.  Everything gets smaller and faster each year.

Now think of what has probably already been done with the alien technology over the same time frame.  Anti-gravity, manipulation of space and time, interstellar travel - all not just possible but being developed in black projects for decades.  With the type of technology that EXISTS TODAY in underground projects, our energy problems could be SOLVED TOMORROW. 

To keep this hidden and buried under the guise of "national security" is hogwash.  We're more unsafe now than we've ever been in our entire 200+ year existence!  If this information is released we can be the LEADERS and champions to the world and make a real difference for our planet.

I implore you, Mr. President, to make this a TOP PRIORITY.  I see only two other issues - marijuana legalization and online poker - that have more popular votes and more comments.  This issue has risen from page 5 up to page 3 over the last day or two and it will continue to rise more and more people become aware of just how important this issue is and what it would mean to every person on the planet if disclosure happens.

1/16/2009 6:16 AM
If the President doesn't know of the ET presence there is a problem. If he knows and keeps it from the people there is a problem. Mr. Obama find the truth and make it public.
1/16/2009 6:24 AM

If our government has had anti-gravity, space-time manipulation, and interstellar travel for decades, then why are we pissing away our blood and treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Why is our economy tanking?  Why are we still stuck on this one tiny pebble among the vastness of space?

It doesn't exist.  The advances we've made in the last few centuries and especially in the last few decades  were accomplished by the hard work of many smart and dedicated people.  Don't rob credit from us humans by believing that aliens did it all for us.

And aliens aren't going to fix our current problems either.  We have to do it ourselves.
1/16/2009 6:25 AM
This is the single most important issue of the day. It has the potential to address and solve the myriad of economic, environmental, and military flash points threatening our Republic, and the world.

There are going to be risks involved too; but Alan Cohen reminds us "It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power."

Keep the faith.
1/16/2009 6:52 AM
What are all of you True Believers going to say when Obama grants your request, and reveals that the government has absolutely no idea WTF you're talking about, there's no secret alien tech, no government contact with aliens, and no conspiracy or cover-up?

My guess is that you won't be satisfied until and unless the "disclosure" agrees with and supports what you already think you know.  You're not looking for truth--you're looking for the government to feed you fantasies.
1/16/2009 7:00 AM
I truly believe that we are not alone in the universe (how can we??). US government knows more than they tell us. Also, I believer there are possibilities to travel much faster than light. We will see...
1/16/2009 7:04 AM
Do it before some other country beats you to it, which won't be too far in the future.  Thank you. 
1/16/2009 7:05 AM
On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.
1/16/2009 7:29 AM
Dear Mr. President and Staff,

I realize that the UFO enigma, and its disclosure, would potentially bring numerous ancillary issues to the public eye due to the technology, psychospiritual and scientific, that would have to be addressed. If it is fear of mass hysteria that has kept the issue from the table, then we/you need to take into account that this or these obviously superior races (at least with known technology) could have created it on their own. They have not.

The American public has been gradually subdued by generally well-intentioned folk, or at least those who thought they knew what was best for us. Education and information allows us to make our own choices and it is time we are able to do so, freely and with unfiltered information. It is apparent that we, the public, can digest details with an informed intellect now. Maybe this is all in the ultimate disclosure plan. So much tension is release just by knowing the truth, even though tempers may flare initially.

There are conceivably thousands in the US alone that have been disenfranchised because of their personal experience; the denial and dismissal by and of 'authorities' that cause those very experiencers to question their own sanity. We know enough now that congruency in reality is our best foundation for communication. Truth, we are told, sets us free. We have a dream! Bridging worlds is difficult enough with divergent belief systems, yet reality-based systems dispel the separation and subversiveness caused by a lack of trust. It is apparent you are of that ilk, too.

As President Kennedy once said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." We need to restore our national image. It starts with telling the truth, even if it is less than full disclosure. There are so many underlying issues due to the psychospiritual technologies in play with these advanced races, let alone the hard science involved, that disclosure may help shift our abysmal decent into poor educational, fiscal and environmental management. The greatest minds in the country sure took us for a ride, so what if we were able to get some advice from outsiders? Opportunity abounds!

Again, I think many understand the implications of UFO and Alien encounter disclosure, but the capacity for accelerated change toward higher standards in public awareness could actually be extremely beneficial as exopolitics can be incorporated in a new world order that tends to the garden we've nearly destroyed by our selfishness. If we/you/America became selfishly selfless now, we might see a wonderfully regenerative quality appear in society. Yes, we do have a dream. It begins with the truth.
1/16/2009 7:39 AM
All in time.
1/16/2009 8:16 AM
 It is obvious as our population in our Republic has grown we have lost our handle on our ability for effective representation in the halls of "government". Government as seen is but a puppet stage upon which the sham elected play their seemingly  beneficent roles while in many cases, not all, increasing their largess in power and wealth. The real government lurks in the shadow world hidden in tiers of power structure and wealth not to be challenged and protected by plausible deniability .
That being said, Disclosure should be as possibly the technology involved could resurrect our dying economy that has lost a great deal of its productive base to globalization and a society of debt and consumerism.  While Disclosure should happen it will not except on the terms of those behind the scenes who really write History and only to their advantage. Sorry for the pessimism  ,this is one puppet who has cut the strings !
1/16/2009 8:50 AM
Thank god for this briefing book. I believe that most if not all of the issues brought fourth in this Citizens Briefing Book can be answered by focusing on this issue. If the US were to give the world the gift of ET and UFO disclosure then we could use some of the technology (free energy, propulsion system, information technology) to completely renew our infrastructure and way of life. This gift would in turn spread across the globe and help humanity in its most challenging time.
1/16/2009 10:59 AM
Those of us who have witnessed alien craft know what it is.  You can actually feel their presence.  It is not swamp gas or imagination.  I saw aliens introducing something into our atmosphere from several thousand feet up.  Jimmy Carter promised to reveal the truth also; until he got a visit from special ops. They told him the elected government is not the real government, and if he wanted to stay alive so he could build houses for humanity, he better keep his mouth shut.
1/16/2009 11:03 AM
Mr. President.  I have known for years our Star people are here.  Please tell us   the TRUTH so we can get on with our lives and Global Warming.  We can only fight EVIL with your help and the TRUTH.
1/16/2009 11:05 AM
Mr. President,

Please disclose the entire UFO Cover-up.  The people need to know the truth, it will unite us and cause real change for a whole earth.  The technology and the ideas that will be revealed are needed for hope.

Best of Luck,
1/16/2009 3:17 PM
 Aliens ROCK ! Give us the truth Barack!
1/16/2009 4:16 PM
GEPAN / SEPRA-The French official government sanctioned UFO research organization.

The repeated conclusion is that among the investigated UFO cases, enough cases have been found in which there are strong evidence allowing the conclusion that there exists a number of cases in which there are flying machines directed by an intelligence with performances are far beyond anything conceivable in the current state of human aeronautic technologies.
1/16/2009 5:38 PM
 The only UFO's I know are the Federal Reserve and the Owners of Private Banks controlling it.
1/16/2009 7:09 PM
Let us get it done and move on!
1/16/2009 8:12 PM
There seem to be stories of literally hundreds of UFO and other alien life events.  Yet, there is not one single shred of physical evidence to support ANY of them.  

I echo what an earlier commenter said, that if we had captured and exploited alien technology, then why are we still using petroleum fueled engines to get around and why are we still sending rockets into space with basically the same technology we've been using for the last 45 years?

If aliens were visiting us, don't you think they would have landed?  Perhaps left their ships and made some kind of contact with people on the ground?  Instead all we hear about are fleeting glimpses and stories of dead cattle in the field.  They traveled all this way to Earth just for a good steak?

I am convinced that intelligent life exists, even in our own galaxy.  I am also convinced that they have not visited the earth.  We are separated by far too much distance to make any bridging practical.
1/16/2009 10:34 PM
I (and many, many other people) witnessed an unprecedented display of ET craft in Washington DC on January 1, 2000, at 1:15 AM.  The media had absolutely nothing about it, and UFO reports made to Internet sites were deleted almost as quickly as they were posted.  So, not only was I suddenly introduced to the reality of the ET presence on Earth, I was also introduced to the massive cover-up.  They're quite good at what they do; I have to give them credit for that, I suppose.  But enough is enough.  The display that we witnessed that night seemed to make it quite clear:  they want contact.  Period.  And we desperately need their help; we are so screwed otherwise, in my humble opinion!
1/17/2009 2:40 AM
More and more people are becoming aware of what has been going on for many many years. It's time for disclosure. Enough with the question marks. Time for answers! True answers!
1/17/2009 7:45 AM
Our planet Earth is like a grain of sand among all of the sand of all of our beaches in our 3 Dimensional manifestation that we can perceive; there are numerous countless dimensions we don't know. Some extraterrestrials are way far from us about these concepts, technologically and SPIRITUALLY. They are many species of them, some of them more evolved than others SPIRITUALLY and physically. They have been here since the beginning of the history of humankind, as they have been at other planets too.  Aren't we as Human Race trying to expand our horizons to subsist as a race, researching about other planets conditions and possibilities for us to evolve?...Extraterrestrials have done so long. We limit our understanding to our perceptions of the 3D and that's all we can do, we cannot comprehend more than that we have limitations on our understanding. Life is Eternal, we are Eternal Spirits, Reincarnation does not EXIST it merely a human created limitation to justify our actions and choices. Some Extraterrestrials are SPIRITUALLY evolved and have an extraordinary knowledge that surpass our understanding; some of them know about the Divine free agency that we were granted, and that we are the ones that have to strive and struggle through the challenges of life in order to find out who we are, and which is our role in the Universe, with them. We are just taking the first steps of the beginning of a Historical and transcendental moment for our Human race. Greed, power and control will prevent us from evolving; the worst sin of Humankind is ignorance it will never allow us evolve to an extraordinary, wonderful and bright Destiny. We have too many problems to solve in our countries, in our planet and within ourselves, everything is tangled and linked, and so does these Extraterrestrial matters. There are wonderful righteous people in here already dedicating their lives to research and find solutions for what is about to come; fanaticism and wickedness will lead to destruction so to speak. Real leaders are the ones that have a profound love for our race and for our planet; they are the ones that devote their lives to serve, not to be served. Elected President Barak Obama , we all know that we have to clean our house first, then we will be ready to have visitors without taking for granted their presence in here, might God bless America, lead you and bless you.


1/17/2009 8:03 AM
I agree
I'm from Poland
1/17/2009 9:12 AM
I fully agree with you. I think this case is just really important to the people around the world. In my opinion, people are even more scared if they don't know the truth about this.
1/17/2009 9:52 AM
Mr. President: [Former University of Chicago Professor of Constitutional Law]
Full disclosure with all logic, would end the wars that the world is presently engulfed in. Once we acknowledge this higher level of consciousness, the zealots and their religions will take a back seat to reality. Whose god will be the official god when  the truth of a higher extraterrestrial form of life is fully disclosed?
Daniel A. Lauing - Benchmark Investigative Group, Inc.
1/17/2009 10:05 AM
Mr. President,
The Vatican has spoken about the possibility of extra-terrestrial visitors. May you have the courage and wisdom to disclose what is known.
God Bless You
1/17/2009 10:58 AM
I agree, tell the world about the UFO´s
1/17/2009 12:35 PM
Mr. President.

The Folly is: "the People do not know the truth."  Any intelligent person, considering the vastness of the Cosmos, cannot help but consider that there are other life forms out there somewhere. 

Are these life forms intelligent, self aware; possessing technology capable of traversing the stars?  I can only guess, "Yes, there are some or many."  Just because we are still a primitive species, incapable of "sharing" does not mean that others do not exist which do have this trait.

Openness is the only way Unity of thought and purpose can be achieved.  If we harbor secrets from those who could help advance our society or our planet, then we run the risk of those who are not "fit" to make such decisions, taking control.

Money and Power do not wisdom make.  Corruption is usually the end result of such.

Many humans possess an inner strength and knowledge totally devoid in those who proclaim their worth, and thus the cure to the ills which society and the planet need to spring forward in Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being is never realized.

You, Sir, have an opportunity to raise this country to new heights, release the suppressed intellect and allow humanity to take it's rightful place in the Cosmos.
Yes, Many of us Know the Truth.  We have lived it.  But for the multitudes who have not, I humbly request that you take a courageous stand against those who would continue to "dumb down" the mass' s for their own veneration.

The running theme in this country for the past 60 years has been:  "Tell your friends and you tell your enemies."  That may have been true at one time, Sir, but Technology has changed things to the point that your enemies know what you know whether you tell your friends or not. 

Why continue to make your enemies aware of truths and keep your friends in the dark?

1/17/2009 1:03 PM
I'm in Poland.
1/17/2009 1:05 PM
Lemme play Devil's Advocate here.  Just imagine if Obama "came out with the Truth".  And the truth is, the government knows NOTHING about ET's, crashed space craft or Sasquatch.  What a bubble burster.
1/17/2009 3:20 PM
When Bhutros Bhutros Galli was Secretary General of the UN, there was a secret unofficial ET Welcoming Committee  there.  Members included himself, President Carter, Nelson Mandela, Dr. John Mack, Chief Standing Elk/Golden Eagle, and others.

We need to prepare an Office of Extraterrestrial Affairs to manage our interactions with members of the Intergalactic Universal Civilization, such as representatives from the Intergalactic Confederation.
1/17/2009 3:25 PM
Please come clean with the world, steep up and make us a proud truthful nation again, Lies only he-rt, there are way way way to many top notch credible people who will go in front of congress and tell the truth, so help them God. Give us a reason to trust our Government again .
1/17/2009 5:23 PM
      Like many others, I've had  personal proof that benign Extraterrestrials are here and have been unobtrusively observing us for many years.  
     I hope President Obama will lead our government  to reveal the truth about ET contacts and  how these visitors from other planets would like to help us overcome our many problems if we ask them with good intentions.    Now is the perfect time for full disclosure so a new more positive future can unfold for everyone on our planet.
need the truth
1/17/2009 7:00 PM
You would be surprised to how many people are abducted and they do not even know about it. It is so common and is effecting the lives of millions of people around the world. So yes, we have the right to know what is going on. For those of you looking for the truth, read Allies of Humanity by Marshall Vian Summers. this will shed some light on the mysteries of the alien agenda. This is posted free online for everyone to view worldwide  in 6 different languages


Don't count on the government to reveal the UFO-ET presence in the world. And if they ever do,  they will never tell you everything. We need to take this into our own hands and really do the research on our own. There are many misleading information on the internet leading people to believe that ETs are here to save humanity and are benevolent. If you really do a thorough research you will find a more disturbing reality on what is happening in the world. Yet the pieces finally come together when sobering answers are provided. Use your discernment when seeking the truth please...there is much stuff out there which is comforting or misleading, yet the truth is not always what we want to hear
Planetary Freedom Fighter
1/17/2009 8:08 PM
Photographic and video proof of the extraterrestrial reality engaging the human race is available at:

Interdimensional Angels


Plasma Orb Light Entity

Randy Kitchur, Official Spokesman for Interdimensional Angels
1/17/2009 11:14 PM
Let's just do it.
1/17/2009 11:39 PM
Disclosure regarding ufos, alien technology, reserve engineering and free energy is being embargoed from US, the taxpayers. No More Secrets please. We demand the Truth above all else. Otherwise, we just continue to live a lie ... as a nation.
The world is looking towards you. THIS is the most important story in our history.
Please make public hearings open to all. Please allow the Truth to prevail ... for the first time.
best, Dan
1/18/2009 10:13 AM
Check out the following web site for detailed analysis of UFO sightings 
including official sightings that prove there SOME UFOs are most likely
actual Alien Flying Craft
1/18/2009 2:04 PM
The American people need to be told the truth and the United States needs to take the leadership role in disclosure.  We need full disclosure now!
1/18/2009 2:20 PM
It's time to stop government secrecy, all the way around; from the fraudulent setup of the Federal Reserve to the assassination of JFK;  to the truth about 9-11.  If we are to truly trust our government, ever, it has to end the lies in all areas.  UFO's are just a part of that secrecy.  We also need to get back into space exploration and develop a viable planetary defense system against NEO's.  John Kennedy had the vision to start the exploration, I believe that you have the courage and imagination to continue that vision.  Thank you for the hope and excitement you've brought to all American's. - jdsx
1/18/2009 2:56 PM
Dear President-elect Obama,

Please offer an unconditional amnesty to all who have participated in concealing what they know about UFO's and ET's (E.B.E.s). That way thousands of expert Scientists, CIA. and other Government officials will come forth, no longer afraid of prosecution for telling what they know in front of Congress and the American people. PLEASE do it as soon as you can, because time is running out to share the truth.

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