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Publisher:  Citizens Against UFO Secrecy/Peter Gersten
Webmaster:  Keith Rowland

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CAUS is an Arizona based, public interest organization which is formed upon four principles:
  1. CAUS believes that this planet, and the people on it, are interacting and in contact with a non-human form of intelligence;
  2. CAUS is against any and all secrecy surrounding, involving and relating to this contact;
  3. CAUS believes that the people have an absolute and unconditional right to know about this contact; and
  4. CAUS believes that it is through the judicial process that the truth will be set free and secrecy ended.
Under the management of Keith Rowland, a webmaster who specializes in developing websites targeting UFO/ET and other paranormal phenomena, the CAUS web home has grown to an extensive, content driven center servicing a growing number of CAUS members and the interested public.

Above all, this site represents the work of Peter Gersten, the best known attorney in the world seeking legal redress for the UFO/ET questions.  Gersten helped W.T. Zechel and Brad Sparks found CAUS a quarter century ago. 

Amidst an array of information, some with a light touch, resides the largest archive on the internet of UFO/ET based legal proceedings targeting the government.   CAUS is the legal arm of the disclosure movement, and now has a website worthy of its history and importance in this historic process.

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