September 6, 2000

This, that and whatever

Stephen Bassett

                     “In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

               “In the future all columnists will write like Larry King for 15 minutes.”

Washington, DC    Daniel Sheehan will come to be known as one of the most brilliant, complex and controversial individuals to ever plunge into the UFO/ET field and the politics of disclosure…........……Joe Firmage [] turns up in the Big Apple this week accompanied by a scientist working with ISSO.   Both will address the Millennium Summit being held at the United Nations.    Envy, like jealousy, is one of the junk emotions, has no merit and should be avoided.   But it’s difficult to think about a person who stands on the brink of a new century and new millennium, who is young, brilliant, extremely wealthy, attuned to the most provocative and likely most important issues of our time or any other time, and has an unlimited array of options as to how to approach the coming paradigm shift – and not feel just a touch of the green…....………Art Bell had a radio presence and charismatic voice few could match…........……Mike Siegel, Bell’s replacement on Coast to Coast AM [] turned up as the guest of honor at the recent Bay Area UFO Expo dinner and was very well received.   Bell didn’t have much use for the television camera or public personal appearances.     Siegel thrives in these situations.   Look for Mike, who will never replace Bell in the minds of some fans, to be making many such outings and adding a new demographic to the past C to C audience.     Long-term prospects for the show are excellent…….........…..Turns out People Magazine was also at that Expo dinner.   Look for a People Magazine article of one approach or another soon – could even be a cover piece!……....…..Hoagland, as in Richard C., presented to an SRO crowd in San Jose, as always.   The NSA sent in a containment team to keep him under control.    They sabotaged the air conditioning system and scheduled a Chinese wedding after Dick’s workshop.   Didn’t work.   Hoagland ran long (you are surprised?), did a room shift and everyone went with him.   Could have been a missed opportunity.   Had he held his ground and refused to move, it would have made for one hell of a wedding…….....……Larry Bryant, long time CAUS member and paradigm warrior, had his day in court in his law suit against Governor Gilmore of Virginia.    He was looking for justice for two experiencers (both women) who were less than pleased with their circumstances.   The judge dismissed the case but did not ask for sanctions.    Larry got a remarkable amount of publicity this time around.  In an interview with Channel 8 News here, Governor Jim Gilmore was quoted as saying, “The problem is not alien abduction, it’s that the wrong people are being abducted.”    Fife Symington would have appreciated that laugh line.   Come disclosure time, don’t even think of standing behind a politician – you’ll be run over by the back tracking……............….Mark Zaid, accomplished D.C. attorney who specializes in intelligence/national security cases, has a new client, Mohamed Al Fayed, father of Dodi Fayed.    Zaid, who has filed numerous UFO related FOIA lawsuits, will be filing FOIA’s seeking information in U.S. intelligence files regarding the death of Dodi and Princess Diana.   Probably a good time for Mark to get out the television talk show wardrobe…….....…….Just got around to seeing the movie, Gladiator.    Loved it.  A lock for special effects Oscars.    Next time you catch this flick pay attention to the politics – many similarities to the reality today in the West….....……….Since we’re writing like Larry King, [] why not talk about him?    King did a great special program on the UFO/ET issue back in October 1994, which was held near Area 51.   Steven Greer, Stanton Friedman, Kevin Randall, and Glenn Campbell were featured.    After that, almost nothing on the subject.   Your columnist on today’s flight has made numerous attempts to get a segment on King with no luck.    Think Larry got a visit from the MIB?…….....…..Speaking of your columnist, he will be presenting at an upcoming conference in Santa Fe, NM later this month (Sept. 29, 30, Oct 1).   Info will soon be posted on several web pages [], and a phone number (1-877-267-5973) is operating now……....……Ted Turner’s TNT was behind that special.    It is rumored that Turner, one of the most outspoken progressive liberals in the nation, is not a fan of the UFO/ET subject.    Don’t know why.   Maybe someone should ask………….And don’t you just want to give Charles Huffer a big kiss for the now legendary CNN UFO question to George Bush on camera.   Now, if a dozen more good citizens would do the same…….....….. Got to musing about the Vietnam anti-war movement.   As a political process, one could make the case it was a failure.   The formal effort against that war went on longer than the U.S. involvements in the Korean and First and Second World Wars combined.   In the end a corrupt Nixon administration declared victory and withdrew with nary a nod to the movement.   However, along the way the American worldview was irrevocably altered; a generation was transformed; two Presidents were damaged; lawsuits were filed; confusion often reigned; infiltration and counter measures were instigated; television pictures captured the public’s attention and changed minds; a conservative, older generation was confronted with inexplicable behavior by their own children; congressional hearings were held; national security was used for CYA; lying was going on everywhere; the MIC danced in the background; and no one was satisfied with the outcome.    Sound familiar?

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