July 25, 2004

Open Letter to the Candidates

Stephen Bassett
Executive Director
Paradigm Research Group

Washington, DC – The next President of the United States will take office during the 57th year of the public’s awareness of a government imposed truth embargo on the fact of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet earth and the human race.  This awareness began with the withdrawal of the “retrieved saucer” explanation by General Roger Ramey and the substitution of a “weather balloon” to account for the events in early July 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.   Later that year the superstructure for this embargo was created with the passage of the National Security Act and the assembling of a management team titled Majestic-12 Group.

This truth embargo has left a massive hole in the worldview of every living human being.  It has created two parallel realities – one with an accepted extraterrestrial hypothesis and one without.   It has broken the social contract, compromised the mission of NASA, eroded trust in government, withheld life and environmental enhancing technology and warped the relationship between two branches of government (executive and legislative) and the military/intelligence community.

The extraordinary requirement to service this embargo while simultaneously prosecuting the Cold War, a 45-year ideological conflict unlike anything the world had ever seen, resulted in the creation of a “Secret Empire” – the intelligence components of the military/industrial complex.  It is an empire because it is vast in size and power and no part of it is elected.   It is composed of fiefdoms run by career managers who are replaced internally when they retire or die.   While agency directors are publicly appointed by presidents, the directors of corporate intelligence operations are not public and operate in a hybrid world of government classification and corporate proprietary self-interest.

The public interest oversight of this complex - larger (on the basis of its “known” budget) than the total military spending of every nation on earth except the United States ($420 billion in 2002) - lies with the House and Senate Select Committees on Intelligence.   But as the Secret Empire has grown, both the effectiveness and public trust in members of Congress and Congress as a functioning institution have diminished.   Committee members are quick to say they “have things under control,” but each year fewer Americans believe them or for that matter care or pay attention.

Organized citizen efforts toward “secrecy reform,” while well meaning, have been minimal with little or no funding.  Attempts by the Executive Branch to reform, restructure or limit the Secret Empire have been, inadequate, misdirected or disdainfully rebuffed.    Ironically, the sheer size of this complex has contributed to numerous failures to “take care of business.”  While the Secret Empire has successfully tended its own agendas, kept its own secrets, managed public opinion and conducted domestic campaigns of surveillance, subversion, misinformation and propaganda, it has often failed in matters of its primary function to protect and defend the United States.   When you have millions of people with multi-levels of clearance to assign and track, hundreds of millions of documents to classify, thousands of overt and covert projects to manage, vast underground facilities to build and maintain, equally vast above ground facilities to secure, it would seem that foreign enemies of the state “slip through the cracks.”  These instances have been well documented and don’t need to be addressed here.  The response to each intelligence blunder is the same – demands for more money, more secrecy and more power – size begetting failures begetting greater size.

There are four men still campaigning for the presidency who are high profile, “mainstream” candidates.  Two have a chance to win, and two are trying to either make a statement or influence the election.  None are likely to say anything, nothing, about the Secret Empire or take any position on real secrecy reform beyond, “mistakes were made pre- and post-9/11.  This issue, like many others, is off limits, and the willingness of the American people to accept limited debate and exposition is now a threat to the nation.

But there is hope, because millions of Americans have become aware and informed of the actions and implications of the Secret Empire through their interest in extraterrestrial-related phenomena. They are increasingly networked and now form a substantial voting block.   They are educated, well read, cyber savvy and many have military backgrounds.  They are starting to put pressure on candidates to take a position on the most controversial and implicative issue in the world today.   

On their behalf the following open memos to three of these four candidates are posted - Bush and Kerry because either could win and Kucinich because his worldview already embraces the possibility of an extraterrestrial presence.  Nader is left out because he can’t win, has no interest in extraterrestrial-related phenomena and has rebuffed every approach to inform him on the subject.

Dear President Bush: 

The day you stepped into the White House as the 43rd President of the United States you stood on the threshold of perhaps the greatest legacy offered any head of state in history.  Ten years after the end of the Cold War you could be the leader who ended the truth embargo and informed the nation and the world of the extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet.   You could be the “disclosure president.”  

Millions of people around the world then watched closely to see if you would deliver on your promise to Charles Huffer during an exchange at a 2000 campaign stop in Arkansas.  CNN recorded the moment. 

Huffer: Half the public believes that they are real. Would you finally tell us what the hell is going on?
Bush:  Sure, I will.

(Gesturing toward Cheney) This man knows. He was Secretary of Defense.
And was a great one.
Later Huffer encountered you off-camera in the hall. You recognized Huffer and unsolicited said:

It will be the first thing he (pointing to Cheney) will do. He'll get right on it.
Will, will you really?
Yes Sir.  

Truly, it has been a difficult three and a half years – a tough time for the nation and your administration.   History has called upon you in other ways with other challenges. 

But the disclosure legacy was and still is yours to claim in part because your father was held in the highest regard by the military and intelligence communities – the exact opposite circumstance from the intervening Clinton administration.   The election this November is now problematic.   If you do not take up the disclosure mantle, it may be lost to you and your party forever.  The truth embargo cannot last four more years.  More ranking military and agency employee will come forward.    The media complicity will end.   History calls, Mr. President.  Answer the call.

Dear Senator Kerry:

The television talking heads that analyze your campaign repeatedly refer to the need for you to “define” yourself to the electorate and “separate” yourself from George W. Bush during an era when a significant segment of the public sees little difference between the two principal political parties while referring to “republicrats.” 

Should you choose to take this good advice, you might begin by repudiating your membership in the absurd and dangerous secret society, Skull and Bones, rather than laugh off or refuse to answer questions from the press regarding this cabalistic organization, which exists for no other reason than to network power among selected elite. The American people no longer find this funny or irrelevant. 

More importantly, while it is inconceivable, given the restricted and scripted nature of the modern election campaign, you would speak to or seriously answer questions about extraterrestrial-related phenomena, there is something you should know.

The truth embargo (or cover-up) preventing a formal acknowledgement of the extraterrestrial presence (disclosure) is unraveling due to the emergence of military and agency witnesses since the end of the Cold War.   Should you take office on January 21, 2005, this truth embargo becomes your concern, and the legacy of the “disclosure presidency” yours to claim – or reject.  Do not accept a “need to know” explanation from the DoD, NSA or CIA for their refusal to give you the information you need to make a disclosure decision. Each day of your term that passes without you stepping forward and ending this 5-decade charade, that legacy will slowly fade away and you and your political party will begin to “own” the cover-up.  A new year, a new president, a new world.


Dear Congressman Kucinich

Six high profile Democratic Party candidates in the 2004 presidential campaign have fallen away, but you continue because you believe you have something to say to the American people and to your party convention.   Your supporters and staff have worked very hard to give you this opportunity – to have an impact. 

You are clearly a man apart.  There is no one else in the United States Congress like you – no one who thinks further outside the box.   Consequently, you have brought many innovative ideas and positions on issues into the campaign.  Of particular note are your views regarding war, peace, non-proliferation and weapons in space.   These are issues of great importance, which, if not resolved soon, may yet lead to worldwide calamity.  

And this raises a troubling question.  How is it remotely possible for the governments of the world to reach decisions about war, peace, non-proliferation, the weaponization of space and a host of other related matters, when the truth of an extraterrestrial presence is being kept completely out of the public discourse? 

Congressman Kucinich, you can make history.  Step forward and speak to this matter. Lift the curtain of ridicule.  Finish what candidate Jimmy Carter could not finish in 1976.  Be the first presidential candidate with a spot at the party convention to place the most important issue in the world before the nation.  Millions of people around the planet will stand and applaud true political courage.

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Copyright © 2004 Stephen Bassett

"This truth embargo has left a massive hole in the worldview of every living human being."
"If you do not take up the disclosure mantle, it may be lost to you and your party forever."
"you might begin by repudiating your membership in the absurd and dangerous secret society, Skull and Bones,"

"Congressman Kucinich, you can make history.  Step forward and speak to this matter."