January 1, 2001

An Open Letter to George Bush

by Stephen Bassett

"Then I looked, and behold, a whirlwind was coming out of the north, a great cloud with raging fire engulfing itself; and brightness was all around it and radiating out of its midst like the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire. "
                                                                             Ezekial, 1-4

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“And an angel still rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm.”

George W. Bush (inaugural address)

[On the basis of its timing alone, the recent presidential election may turn out to be the most important in the history of the nation, or for that matter, the planet.   America has been consistently blessed with aspirants to leadership who genuinely wish a better world for all.  It would not be a stretch to say, that had every American election been won by the chief, losing opponent, the nation would most likely be in the same position it is today.

Beginning two years ago, heaven and earth was moved to achieve the election of a most unlikely candidate to the presidency.  Major power brokers lined up early and raised hundreds of millions of dollars.  Other candidates, some with extraordinary life histories and accomplishments, were brushed aside.  Every chit was called in, every string was pulled. The religious right, still bitter, ambitious and contemptuous of a centrist platform, held its tongue.  The most famous military leaders of recent times stood shoulder to shoulder on stage.

And when the final outcome was forced to pass through an unprecedented denouement, every stratagem was applied, regardless of the deferred cost.  It is not nice to fool with Mother Nature, and it is political suicide, if your are a Republican, to galvanize the Democratic base.  That has been effected in spectacular fashion.  The mid-term election in 2002 will likely be a Republican bloodbath with the Democratic Party taking clear control of the House and Senate. [Note: due in no small measure to the extraordinary events of September 11, 2001 and the aftermath, this did not happen.]

To all of this, the ultimate question remains unanswered - Why?  The American people, and by extension the world's people, will soon find out.

Sometimes a new president makes history and sometimes history happens to him (there have been no hers) in dramatic fashion.  It is in the latter instance when the holder of the office is tested beyond precedent.  This could be such a  time.

If so, thanks to the modern, multi-tiered media structure, and in particular, the ascendance of the internet toward global ubiquity, every action of every aspect of the new administration will be followed more closely by more people than ever before.   There will be no lack of input from those on the outside looking in, and no better time to start then now.]

Washington, DC –  Mr. President, you were elected by one of the narrowest popular vote margins in the history of the nation.   After hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign expenditures, the Senate is now in the remarkable status of a 50/50 party split and the Republican majority in the House has been reduced.  So by merest virtue of the vice presidential tiebreaker the country has chosen unified government for only the fourth time since 1969.

Of equal importance, you campaigned from the getgo as a “uniter” not a “divider.”   You said you would end the bickering and gridlock.  This is a laudatory goal for which the American public has expressed a clear desire.   Your timing is excellent as there is an unprecedented need for bipartisanship in Washington.

That need?  The executive and legislative branches of the United States government must delay no longer the direct engagement of the 50-year suppression of the truth surrounding the presence of extraterrestrials in our world, now.   

The long term implications to the nation of social security integrity, prescription drug benefits and gun policy may be of importance – the resolution of the UFO/ET cover-up and the reform of the military industrial complex is of a monumental importance only a fully bipartisan effort can address.

It is notable that during your campaign a gentleman by the name of Charles Huffer asked if you would as president get out the truth concerning UFOs.  You answered that you would do so.  It is worth mentioning there are tens of millions of American citizens eager to see you keep that promise.

As you consider your course of action toward this issue, permit the expression of some particular concerns. 

There is ample evidence the last two Democratic presidents, Carter and Clinton, were personally interested in the UFO/ET question.  The Clinton interest was partially fueled by a substantial and directed  initiative funded by renown philanthropist and conservationist – Laurance S. Rockefeller. 

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Jimmy Carter

Bill Clinton


Both presidents made investigatorial overtures, but were rebuffed with extreme prejudice by their agency heads.  Further, there is a developing sense the military leadership in the nation has a “favorite” party – the Republican Party.  During the campaign you stood on the dais with retired generals Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf.   From the beginning of the Clinton administration the contempt of the military for the sitting president was severe enough to require disciplinary action.  Within the UFO/ET research community there is growing consensus some presidents are permitted full briefings on the UFO/ET question and others are not, and this policy has for some time been split along party lines.

In the eleven years since the symbolic end to the Cold War (dismantlement of the Berlin Wall), the United States has executed several successful displays of overwhelming military power, dramatically expanded its economic influenced and extended its strategic alliances.  Inexplicably, this has not resulted in optimism for future peace and stability.   Rather, the incoming administration, the armed services and the intelligence agencies have fostered a foreboding sense of an incipient, paranoia driven militarism.  During your campaign there were repeated references to dissatisfaction with the nation’s role in “peacekeeping” vis--vis a renewed emphasis on “warmaking.”   You selected a former Secretary of Defense as Vice President for the first time in history.  You selected a former Secretary of Defense as the new Secretary of Defense for the first time in history.  You selected a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as Secretary of State for the first time in history.   Major new spending, massive new war technologies and aggressive new postures appear to be in the offing.  And embedded in this process is the militarization of space, which has been advancing with scant comment by the Congress and meager awareness amongst the public.

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Vice President
Richard Cheney

Secretary of  State
Colin Powell

Secretary of Defense
Donald Rumsfeld

In the five decades following the end of WWII, the nation turned itself upside down.  A reasonable interpretation of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other founding documents show the United States was to be a country in which the government would operate in the open on behalf of a private citizenry.   The opposite is now the status quo.  The government is immersed in a cult of secrecy - drowning in classified documents, programs and personnel.  It operates underground facilities; controls vast, classified military/intelligence reservations; stonewalls every investigative or accusatory assault on its actions by journalists, veterans, congressional members; hides its illegal activities behind the National Security Act whenever it wishes; conducts illegal experiments on civilian and military persons; subverts Constitutionally protected research and investigations by private citizens; conducts illegal surveillance of ever increasing sophistication, both home and abroad, in support of an ever increasing list of “crimes” headed by a failed “war on drugs” criminalizing millions; and builds a national identifier out of the Social Security registration number and uses that ID to create credit, medical, employment, and personal activity profiles of every citizen within an electronic framework riddled with holes and abuse.  In contrast, the “private” citizen’s life has been splayed open like an autopsied corpse, the “public” citizen’s life placed under a microscope to be mined by pundits and stand-up comedians for new material in the service of ridicule.

These are ominous trends which the UFO/ET research/activist community know to be connected.

Returning to the core issue:   while there is obviously a firmament of questions that could be raised regarding the extraterrestrial presence,  there are three primary political decisions to make:  1) whether to hold a disclosure event or continue the cover-up, 2) how comprehensive and truthful the initial information disclosed will be, and 3) whether to create a military, hostile posture toward the extraterrestrials acknowledged in this disclosure event.

For the past ten years a growing political movement has targeted the politics of UFOs/disclosure.  All levels of the media have received extensive materials on the subject.  Former members of the U. S. military, former astronauts and many other government employees have been speaking privately and publicly in unambiguous terms regarding the extraterrestrial presence and a government cover-up.

Significant political events targeting the UFO/ET cover-up are being scheduled for the first year of your administration.  A growing portfolio of documentaries will highlight the facts.  Investigative journalists are now targeting the political realities and articles are working their way toward the top media outlets.  Other nations such as France and Mexico are moving to assert there hegemony in this matter.  

Pressure on the U.S. government to end the cover-up is only going to increase during your administration.  Yet, there will be advisers who will encourage you to disregard this growing movement and play the cover-up game out until such time as certain non-elected military/intelligence personnel give you the green light to proceed – if ever.  You will be tempted to take this advice.  Don’t.

Each day the UFO/ET cover-up continues and each new revelation of abuse of power by this or that government agency further erodes the fundamental trust the American people hold in their government – and benchmarks for trust in government are at all time lows.

If you truly wish to unite the country and begin a new era of cooperation, you must engage an issue of transcendent importance.  That issue is at hand.

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Copyright 2000 Stephen Bassett

"There is ample evidence the last two Democratic presidents, Carter and Clinton, were personally interested in the UFO/ET question.  The Clinton interest was partially fueled by a substantial and directed  initiative funded by renown philanthropist and conservationist – Laurance S. Rockefeller.